Hole In Time

Universal Police who seemingly have the Earth’s best interests at heart. They don’t!

Hole in time started out as an idea for a lunchtime read.  Often times some of us read at lunch. Yes, I realize that some of us are just unsocial and we should be talking about who did what, and who is wearing last year’s shoes but really!

Some of us really want a reprieve from the noise of the day.  Some of us want a mental vacation from reality for forty-five minutes or so!  Is that a bad thing?  TW does not think so.

Reading a standard book can last several lunch times and often the chapters are lengthy enough that we end up stopping before we want to.  Not to get too graphic but it is like coming to the peak of the cliff, if you will and then not jumping.  You know, not getting that little scream in, or that shudder that makes life worth living! …. Yeah, that!

TW came up with the idea of lunchtime reads that you can easily read while eating that salad pretending it is a burger with fries and maybe even that milkshake.  MMMMM I digress…

Hole In Time is a story about a crew of folks that take on a new mission for a private company after the military has been obsoleted by the rogue forces of an alien race.  These creatures are known as the Universal Police who seemingly have the Earth’s best interests at heart.  They don’t!

Ben and his crew of mostly women take cargo from one planet to another when they come across an anomaly known as a blue dwarf.  This anomaly to date is purely hypothetical.

Retreating from the anomaly after avoiding the destruction of their ship (The Brooking,) Ben discovers that something is amiss.   When they figure out that Betelgeuse ( a star that went nova years prior) is back, Ben knows that they are screwed.

From the Pilot to Episode 8 the story has gone very well on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  I believe that Amazon is probably the benefactor of my work.  I am not really sure how all of that works but…My brand is out there.  To me that is important.

I enjoy writing the story and you all have told me that you enjoy reading it as evidenced by the badgering I get about Episode 9… I say badgering lovingly, I do honestly appreciate you sticking it out with me.

I got this strange idea for a book called Diamond Joe and I had to stop everything and write it.  63K words in less than a month and it is a great story, which I am going to release soon!

An agent I queried is “taking a pass” so ef it, I am going to release it on Amazon.  Many of you have been asking about it so, I will let you get it…

I am in a quandary about Smashwords, as I truly think there is too much “stuff” there that things get lost in the noise. If you have a different idea, tweet me or leave me feedback!

Anyway, take a look at my website for Hole In time. There are links to the books.  The Pilot I think is the only one not on Amazon Unlimited as I wanted a broad spectrum of e-sites to carry it.

Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres. www.authortwscott.com

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