Hello, Denmark or Hej!

I need to get back to Episode 9 of #HoleInTime !


As you know, I just started this site.  I find it interesting to see where the latest check-ins come from.  Denmark has either excellent taste, or they are bored!

Thanks for checking in with me today!

I hope you find something interesting on my site!

When I first started offering my novels on Smashwords and then Amazon, I was amazed at how many folks in Europe are reading my manuscripts!

Spain has been busy on this blog as well as Australia, Canada and of course the US.

So hello Spain or Hola

Stop by and give us a chat.  Won’t bite, hard anyway…

If you read my writings, feel free to give me some feedback!

I always love to hear from those who read my novels.  Especially if you find a typo.  Ghastly things typos as our illustrious president just discovered Covfefe yes that one.

We love Trump.  The only way that this could be better is if Biden had won and ran unscripted.  Trump tweets what is on his mind and Uncle Joe just lets anything out of his mouth.  Actually, I find that honest and refreshing.

Won’t do political stuff here, wouldn’t be prudent!

Other than to say I think I will put Covfefe in one of my books.  It could be anything, and only those of us who have made typos before would appreciate it.  Oh wait, that is everyone on the planet that has ever crafted a sentence on anything using the written word.

This country is pretty much divided straight up the middle.  No matter what you say, half the country is going to be pissed at me if I say something one way or another.  LOL

I was thinking about the difference between politicians and tics.  While a politician is really about governance, I believe that we must redefine the way we think about it.  Let’s spell it differently, shall we!


Now we have a closer definition of the truth of the matter. Poly as in many and tics as in blood sucking creatures.  See, an equal opportunity offender.

I need to get back to Episode 9 of #HoleInTime !

The people have spoken, and I am here talking about bloodsuckers!

That is not true; I was saying hello to my friends in Denmark, Spain, Austrailia and everywhere else!



Much Love  -TW


Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres. www.authortwscott.com

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