Is The American way of life under attack? Is yours?


I despise politics and politicians.  I loathe them all.  Why?

When they spend millions of their own dollars to go after a job that pays a $100k a year in Washington DC one has to question their sanity.  Who does that and more importantly why?  Who can trust anything that they say?

I am also not a fan of the Puritan leftovers from the founding fathers.  Puritans are not flexible, much like some of these protestors who will quite literally beat you to death with their signs, indicating that they are all about love.

The far left’s agenda is indefensible, period.  That is why there is shouting and anger because it would fail logic and common sense. Anger and personal attacks are all they have, which is just stupid.

Our Ten Commandments were under attack as was Christmas.  “Happy Holidays!”  Yeah, bullshit!

If you are a Christian, I respect your view and wish you a Merry Christmas!  I think they call that tolerance. If you tell someone Merry Christmas they too should be tolerant, even if they don’t celebrate it.  If I am told to have a nice Kwanzaa, I think I would take that as a compliment and a sign tolerance.

If you believe the 23 and me stuff we may all be from Africa so possibly a Kwanzaa celebration might not be that far-fetched.

We have people wanting to change their sex.  How about race?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to change your race for the last half of your life?  Would you?  If so, which race would you pick?  Why?

I love Neil Diamond and I loved the Jazz Singer.  Early in the movie, he entertains in an all-black club. He has in fact disguised himself as a black man and the audience loved him.  Raising his hands to get everyone to clap along, the palms of his hands were still white.  Oooops!

After the riot and subsequent arrest, Jesse finds himself being bailed out of jail by his father, the cantor.  He looks at him with the black makeup on and says the best line in the whole damned movie!

“Isn’t it tough enough being a Jew!” You would really need to see it for yourself to appreciate that line as much as I did.

I don’t want to beat this subject to death, we are not all racist.  For some reason which escapes me, it would seem that the last eight years have set race relations back to the Rosa Parks Era.

I grew up with friends of all races and we got along fine.  I went to their houses they came to mine, and I lived in Dallas!  I enjoyed learning about their cultures and why they did or do things like they do, such as lighting a menorah.

I was happy Obama won.  I thought it would be great, as now we could finish bringing the races together.  It was white people that voted for him as well as Hispanics and blacks and others.  We soon learned that if you disagree with him, no matter what, you are a racist. Again Bullshit!

America was built on values and mores and I get that.  They came from England and they are ingrained in our society.  We get to practice freedom of religion and that can mean freedom from religion too. Whether you believe in a divine almighty God, or think Darwin was a great guy and smart, that is your call.

When we talk about DC and those cretins who think they know better than you or I how we should run our lives, I have a problem with that.

Our privacy is under attack not only in the digital world but with our healthcare.  Your medical records are supposedly sacrosanct but guess what, that is smoke and mirrors.

Satellites with powerful optics can most probably see what you are reading if you happen to be laying out in your back yard with a book. Google has a record of everything that you ever searched for or read, they might very easily have a copy of everything on your hard drive.

If you pull up task manager and go to the network setting and actually look at how many different IP addresses that your computer is communicating with, it would amaze you.

There is a free packet analyzer called Wire Shark.  Anyone that is tech savvy will be amazed at the information going from their computer in those tiny little datagrams. When you trace the addresses, they are all over the world.  Most of them belong to Microsoft.  What is Microsoft gathering from your computer?

Do we have any reasonable expectation of privacy?

When you go through the airport, your nude frame is examined by god knows who.  Does that bother you?

We don’t need more laws; we need less.

A local city here has instituted a law banning the use of handheld communication devices within the city limits.  It is a college town.  Several colleges, as a matter of fact, reside there.  The fine is up to $500.

Who is the largest segment of the population that use cell phones and drive?  If you said college age kids that would be a good guess. It seems to me that might be profiling but who am I to speculate such a thing.

I said years ago to simply make the apps unusable when the car was in motion.

“TW, that is not fair, what about the passengers?”

I eat out a lot; I happen to be a foodie.  I wish I could cook better than I do but hell, you can’t be good at everything, can you?…  That was a joke; you can laugh.

Eating out as much as I do I see this, and I know that you do as well, everyone at just about every table is doing what?  Come on you got this…. Effing with some damned device or posting a picture of their food on Facebook.  We are addicted to those stupid smart phones.  (like the oxymoron?)

Back to the car issue, here is a thought, how about carrying on a conversation with the driver?  How about learning to communicate in sentences that are longer than 140 characters, complete with inflections?  While you’re at it how about saying “Thank you, Mom, thanks for taking your time to take me here or there, I love you!”

Are we under attack?

I think technology is getting the better of us.  With hundreds of cable channels and some really lame programming to fill those hundreds of channels with mind numbing crap, yes I think humans are under attack.  Brainwashed by lies, that if said often enough will be accepted as truths, even though they are indeed fabrications by those with an agenda.

These smart phones captivate our attention.  Even when we are at the dining table as a family, the smart phone is there, and text is scrolling across the screen as your son or daughter tells you, I can do two things at one time.  They offer that as an excuse for his or her bad manners.  It is your fault by the way.

We Americans live in one of the greatest countries on the face of the earth!  Sorry you others, I am somewhat biased. Still love you, I am addressing Americans with this paragraph.

As we march forward, like some grand crusade against the past to remove statues that depict our history, we are actually going backward.  Third world countries do that shit, not America!

History is replete with stupid things that we should know about, so we don’t repeat them.  If we don’t learn about them, we will most certainly have to repeat them once again to learn from them.  Is that what you want?   Do you really want another Stalin or Hitler?

A young college graduate was voting for Bernie.  She was pontificating to me about how great he was!

I asked her to tell me what Socialism was.  She could not.  She pulled out her smart phone while I waited and then after a few minutes she thoughtfully said to me, Not that part of it ,we just want the good parts of socialism!

She has a student loan that is crushing her, working a job as a security guard making less than $15 an hour and cannot find a decent job.

By the way, for those of you who may agree with her, there are no good parts to socialism!  Many voted for Bernie who might have run against Trump had Hillary not cheated him.  Those are facts, by the way, you are not triggered, are you?

We need a twelve step program for technology. 

Just possibly the Amish could assist us here.  This is a business idea that they will never see because they don’t have the technology. But here it is anyway.

In the day there were things called dude ranches.  A city person could go out there and pay money to learn to a be a cowboy or cowgirl.  That was a niche market that worked for many.

What if the Amish created an environment where they welcomed our poor, our wretched, our ignorant progeny, who only know how to communicate through text; and they embraced them.  They showed them the Amish way of life, and that would include farming, and building things as they do.  We have a national resource that might be the answer to our future, and we might find it in their culture.  Can you imagine yourself or your kids being deprived of their technology, and cable for a few weeks, or hell even an hour!

Would you go?

Would you send your kids?

I don’t think they would do it because it would pollute the minds of their culture, which is a culture within a culture.    Who knows, maybe they each have a thousand dollar iPhone sticking out of their back pocket too.  Those buggies go pretty slow, so texting on those would probably be ok, the horse is leading it, right?

To know where you are going you must know where you have been.  History is the key, and it should not be rewritten to suit the special interests groups, or the mobs.

My thoughts are for your consumption and are a way to share with you the readers of my blog.  If you agree or disagree, tell me so, and why!

Remember, I want to know why.  More importantly, my friends, you want to know why?  Once you know why, you are one step closer to enlightenment.

While you’re at it go read some of my books, would you?  I cover so many different genres, from LGBTQ to Science fiction.  I am even going to write a children’s book.   With 25 novels out there on Amazon and Smashwords, you should find something that interests you.  Some are on Kindle unlimited so that you can read those for free!

Thanks for following me, and sharing my thoughts with your friends!

Much Love -TW


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