Do ads work?  My Sunday afternoon thoughts.


A young father learned over this weekend that one of his commodes was not working.  Using the plunger as one might think to do, soon a toy came floating to the surface.  One more flush and still water did not go to where it should have, instead, it flowed over the bowl and onto the already overly wet tile floor.

Not happy about this, the next trip was to the hardware store to buy one of those snakes that you twist and crank while the wire makes its way through the clog.

Once again another toy is retrieved via the snake.


Do ads work?


Yes but not always as intended, you see this ad targeting parents to get insurance for such events planted the seeds of an idea in his young children.  While I am certain that his children were not upset with their toys, the idea of them transforming in this vortex of liquid, disappearing into the void of pipes under the house was inspiring to their young minds.

They may have never thought of that idea without the seed planted by the advertising firm.

When Dumb and Dumber was released, people actually were killed pulling some of the stunts in the movie.  Admittedly this was the “hold my beer and watch this crowd.” It is a sad fact that some people need a keeper.

Some ideas are so stupid that anyone with a brain should know not to do it.  While you cannot blame the children for mimicking something that they saw on TV, you can most certainly hold those young people from high school up, accountable, they should know better.

There was a story circulating on Twitter where people were dressed in women’s underclothes parading around a freeway blocking traffic.  Soon you see one young man dancing around in a bra and slip when a large green bus takes him out of the picture, “Exit stage right!”


Was he hurt?  We don’t know.  It probably did not feel too good to have a large bus hit you and remove you from the freeway.

When people do stupid things who are accountable for their actions, should the drivers of cars and such be criminally liable for hitting such people?

Should the creator of that ad for insurance be responsible for flooded bathrooms everywhere that toys made their way down the commode as a response to children seeing it?

Should the folks who hit those men laying on the freeway as they did in dumb and dumber be held liable for their part in the deaths of those idiots?

Darwinism has some major truths to it.  Survival of the fittest is how it works  The “hold my beer and watch this crowd” could become an endangered species.  “You can’t fix stupid.”

Yes, ads work.  Sometimes they work a little too good in that the message gets lost in the actions of actors.

Have a great rest of your weekend, Enjoy the eclipse tomorrow if you are where it will be visible, and by all means have a great week!


Much Love -TW

Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres.

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