Harvey and no, Not the pooka of Jimmy Stewart’s movie Harvey

Update 8/26/2017 17:13 EST

As you can tell by the map the storm has moved inland as predicted.  Now a tropical storm rain and tornadic activity are the main worries as flooding will be problematic in the areas that the storm has already been over.

I have searched social media retweeting tweets with pictures and updates which you can find over on the right side of the screen.

This storm is held in a restricted area by two upper-level high-pressure areas that will most likely not budge.  Rain fall predictions in the area are grim, to say the least.  Houston is basically flat with so much concrete the water has no place to go.

Rockport and Aransas Pass took the brunt of the storm thus far.


Update 826/2017 01:44 EST the eye passed right over Rockport Texas.  Damage reports have been sparse as there are few with the ability to get information out of the affected area.  Some buildings have been damaged including a hotel and a high school.  I am certain once the sun comes up there will be much more damage.

As the storm stalls over the area, copious amounts of water will no doubt be the concern of many for days to come.


Update 19:10 EST Now Cat 4 130 mph gust still 155mph  17 miles wide, the eye of the storm.

45 miles east of Corpus Christie

Update 18:04 EST  Cat 3 winds 125 mph gust to 155mph  35 miles off shore …

In Texas, terms Hunker down if you are still there…


Update 15:02 EST Winds 120 mph gusting to 130mph Some reports are predicting up to 35 inches and one report suggested over 50 inches possible.  Landfall sometime Friday night 8/25/17 or early Saturday morning.

The Euro computer model is predicting 53 inches of rain for the next few days in that area.

If you elected to stay behind you are asked to write your social security number on your arm.  If that does not wake you up, nothing will.  Your window to evacuate is now very narrow.

Update 2:14 AM EST  winds are now 100mph…

I have set up some tweets in hopes that some in the path will see them and possibly they will help them.

While I would not stay through another hurricane as one was enough for a lifetime, many will.  Harvey looks to be a different animal in that it might very well bobble around on the coast causing massive amounts of flooding up to 100 miles inland.

I lived through Alicia.  Three weeks without power, or water well.  I had planned for it so I had food and supplies but what I did not have is air-conditioning, water or a way out of the neighborhood as trees blocked the roads.  Mosquitoes and other insects made living like camper miserable, but at least I am here to write about it now.

Had I had it to do over I would leave.

With two or more feet of water in a short period flooding will be the largest threat to life.  The high winds and cloud to ground lightning will certainly be part of this, but flooding is the greatest threat.

Most people who lose their life in such a storm are found dead in their cars for driving through a flooded street.

Currently, at this writing, Harvey is a category one Hurricane with 85 MPH winds.  The part of the gulf it is over is warm which will provide adequate fuel to strengthen the storm.  Some time Friday if things hold this storm will make landfall.

The storm surge could bring flooding to the area to the tune of several feet.

When a mandatory evacuation is called for as it is on the coast if you stay behind you are on your own.  Only after the storm has passed will they look for you.  If you have injured, you or a someone else who stayed will have to do their best for you.

While I mention several things in my tweets that one might need there are surely list on the internet that can guide you.

Leaving with your family and pets is the best course of action, so medicines, food, and clothes for three to seven days are standard advice.

I would plan for longer as this storm I think might be different than the others in the past.  There are no steering currents a loft which is one of the main things they are looking at.  A high-pressure area will slow it and possibly stop it from going inland which is what they are concerned about.

Get out of dodge folks.  Better safe than sorry.


Much Love -TW

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