Are you your brother’s keeper, even if he or she is a total idiot?

Novel by TWScott

The last thing that I am is judgmental.  What you do with your life is your business as long as it does not affect me or others that would suffer some detrimental consequence from your actions.

Having said that, some of you are just plain crazy!

This is not the first time that I have seen this, but certainly, I wish it were my last.  While going to lunch today someone of very limited intelligence sped past me going in excess of a hundred miles per hour on a motorcycle.  This person on a two wheeled rocket was weaving in and out of traffic as if he or she owned the road.

The noise of the vehicle I did not hear until it passed me.  I was about to switch lanes as I needed to get to one lane on the interchange to get where I was going.

So here is why I call this person a complete idiot.

  • Going at least twice the speed of traffic.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Doing so at an interchange where people would be changing lanes to get into the exact lane for the precise road that they wanted to take.
  • Doing so at the lunch hour when the roadway was super busy.

I am sure I missed something, but you get my point. We all know that motorcycles are just damned dangerous anyway.  In many people’s mind, when they see them, they don’t see them because they don’t register as a car.  It is much like playing Russian roulette.  Instead of one chamber containing a bullet, three of the six are loaded.

There was a study not too long ago that stated a third of the drivers on the road are driving under the influence.  Let that sink in.  33% of the drivers or one out of three is not all there.  Now add to this the wonderful smart phone.

In Texas, we just enacted a law stating that texting while driving is a ticket able offense.   The phone manufacturers could have fixed this by crippling certain apps when the vehicle or phone is in motion, but they elected not to so the government had to step in.

So you have a third of the drivers under the influence and how many more drivers are screwing with their phone?  Now you add the motorcycle into the mix.  They are not as visible as a car; many drivers do not register them as cars ergo ignore them and, you have the idiots trying to get their fix of adrenaline.

Much like the phone, someone is going to get smart and outlaw motorcycles.  “They would never do that TW.”

Give me a break.  Every time some loon shoots someone we hear people screaming about gun control.  Please, Mr. Government we are too stupid, we need you to protect us from ourselves!  BS!

If he had clipped me, he most certainly would have been killed, and it would have been his fault.  Somewhere he probably has a family that would have been missing his stupid carcass. Whether it was his parents or god forbid a wife and children, his death would have adversely affected many, including yours truly.

What about me?  How do you think I would feel if I had some small part in the death of a fool?

What can we do?

Think like the idiot adrenalin junkie.

When you are on the road, you cannot see idiots like these as they are moving twice the speed of traffic.  You cannot hear them until they are past you.  So if I were that damned stupid and had a death wish what would I depend upon.

Everyone else on the road must be predictable.  That means that you use your signals.  That means that you don’t make a last minute correction to a lane you need to be in because that fool idiot may be whizzing past you at any second.  That means that you should probably be going less than the speed limit leaving plenty of room around you on either side and in front of you.  In short, you have to think for the damned fool that is not thinking.  I believe they call that defensive driving.

You cannot afford to be on auto pilot.

You must be focused on your task which is driving.

You cannot be distracted by anything.

You must act like the motorcyclist should act, in that you should drive as if everyone is out to get you.

It is not a matter of if, but when, that guy will be a grease spot.  Sometime in the future, that guy will be meeting with the grim reaper, and someone’s family will be having a really bad day.  Don’t let it be you that is part of his or her poor decisions.

One last bit of advice is this.  If you are passed by one such idiot be very careful not to switch lanes or make any sudden movements.  Stupid generally travels in pairs or packs.

I think that a dashcam might be a good idea.  If you are involved with such an idiot, there are some subhuman life forms out there they call ambulance chaser attorneys that would seek damages from you in civil court on behalf of the idiots family.  They work on contingency, so it cost the family nothing.  You, on the other hand, would need to hire an attorney, and it might cost you up to five thousand or more to protect what you have.  There is payback for looking out for the idiots so yes, you are your brothers or sisters keeper.

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