Elephant in the Room


I don’t talk much about it, but, the church is an essential part of my life.

Today, stepping foot inside a “soft target” was unnerving for me, but I went just the same.  When someone does something that causes you to change your behavior, they win.

I have an LTC.  There were hours and hours of training on different things regarding this subject, including merely unholstering the weapon and being ready to pull the trigger if the situation called for it.  I was saddened to wear as part of my Sunday go to meeting clothes, a gun.

We live in a time when we can no longer expect others to defend us. Last Sunday when so many died at the hands of a madman, my heart broke.  Unfortunately, you know that there will be copycats.  Church’s are traditionally soft targets.

Nothing in this world is sacrosanct when it comes to lunatics hell-bent on destroying our way of life.

If you are able, I would encourage you to get your license to carry.  Once you get it, take the training to become very proficient with it.  Know the laws in your state or country and then live your life!

In the USA we have laws which are somewhat arcane when it comes to civil litigation.

I have written about this in some of my books as part of the story.  Some lawyers are worse than the shooter themselves in that they would seek to fatten their wallet by finding survivors of the killer and convince them to take the “hero” to court.

The lawyer would find pictures of the person when they were younger, perhaps in scouts or some other school-sponsored athletic event and paint the picture of that kid as a good kid; and not the person who shot and killed 26 people in the church and injured 20 more.  They would paint this person as a saint that had some issue and did not disserve to die at the hands of vigilantes.

That is the tact he would take. He would paint the heroes as red necks or vigilantes. He or she would use the high-speed chase as an adrenaline-charged cowboys and Indian game, that the red necks engaged in.  There was no longer an imminent danger, and yet they chased him down and killed him in cold blood!

Happily, for them, the shooter killed himself, taking the cowards way out.

While the shooter’s actions are indefensible, this lawyer would do his best to try and create a more human picture of the bad guy, flipping the story around making the heroes the bad guys. He or she is working on a contingency basis.  The heroes will need to hire attorneys, or the lawyer, in this case, the knuckle-dragging, greedy, asshat of a lawyer, could get a judgment against the guy that stopped the bad guy with a gun.

Lawyers, trial lawyers are actors.  They should have an award program for them like the Oscars or such as they can make the jury “feel” like they should side with them.  I know many and trust me, they can act.

I use the word “feel” because that is how you and I are manipulated.  They use our emotions or an emotional appeal.   Heaven help them if the perpetrator is black and the good guy is anything else but black, because then it will be all about race.  People use the race card when nothing else will work, or merely as insurance.  If the Devil were black, some race-baiting activist would defend him. If you are not going to the satanic church, it is because you are racist.

There needs to be an oversite of such cases.  If the guy is clearly in the wrong, there should be no way that the good guy or hero should have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend him or her self in some civil litigation trumped up by greedy lawyers.

Churches, like all soft targets, should have a plan in place to defend their occupants from such lunatics.  Having said that most don’t.  It is up to you to protect yourself and your family.

It takes on average eleven minutes for the police to respond to a 911 call.  Where will you be in eleven minutes after the shooting starts?

Much Love -TW


Author: AuthorTWScott

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