Lady Chips?

Food for the sexes? Really?

I find the concept of food designed for one sex or the other slightly repulsive and sexist.  Am I alone in that feeling?

PepsiCo floated the idea of developing Dorito chips that had a little less crunch and less powdery flavoring that usually causes one to lick their fingers after they finish the snack.  “Ladies don’t do that you see…”

Some feminists find it more repulsive than I do which is unique.  PepsiCo will probably never do it as the reactions on social media have been met with similar responses.

Honestly, I think it was a brilliant way to get lots of free publicity all over the radio, print media and even cable news.  In a time when the stock market is low why not do something to boost your image with free publicity?

I watched an interview with a feminist who I am not sure yet if I like her or not.  Her take is that women are equal to men and should be allowed to be just as gross as men are.

I don’t hang around with gross anyone, so maybe we should try raising the bar just a little.

She also argued that if men dipped tobacco that they should and so on.

To those who feel that there are no differences in the sexes try this one on.

  • Why are men the ones who fix the garbage disposal?
  • Why are they the creatures who pull the pee trap out and remove long strands of nastiness from decomposing hair that have plugged up the sink?
  • Why are men the ones who take the trash out?
  • Why is it ok for the man to deal with the cars both gas and mechanical stuff?
  • Why is it the man who gets up and investigates the noises in the middle of the night?
  • Why is it the man who cleans up the dog poop?
  • Why is it the man who deals with the really messy icky jobs by default?
  • You see we are different. We must agree that we are different and then celebrate that difference.

Gandhi believed that everyone was the same and nobody should be excused from doing the dirty jobs.  I do think that men should know how to cook.  I believe that they should understand how to do the laundry and yes know how to clean a house including mopping the floor.

I also think that women should know how to change a tire.  I don’t buy it that women should be willfully ignorant where mechanical things are concerned, such as the car.  If you drive one you should know enough about it, to take care of it.

Having said that I think that little boys should play with toy guns and GI Joes.  I believe that they should also play cowboys and Indians.  Boys should be boys, and yes girls should be girls.  We are different.

Places should be available for young men to learn how to be a man.  That starts with allowing them to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes.  Ideally, we should all learn from our mistakes and own those mistakes and admit them.

I think that making pussies out of young men does a disservice to the women who are their peers. When those ladies marry those same boys, as men, they will have no clue how to be men, to change an electrical outlet or repair a leaky toilette.  There is more to being a man than knowing how to use your dick!  (too crude?)

There is an ad that talks about fixing leaks where her husband says, “I could do that.”

She looks at him and says “no.”

He should be able to do it and this pussification of the male species is partly to blame for it. Here is the kicker, you ladies out there should also have some clue how to go about fixing it or at the very least know how to shut the water off coming into the home.

No ladies, you step on your own spiders.  You take the pest out or flush them, and then let’s talk about being equal.

While they used to teach home economics, I would like to see a part of that course that teaches basic home repairs.  So many young people do some pretty stupid things as they were more worried about messing with their self-confidence then dealing with life.

One of my friends (single lady) purchased a home, made in the ’60s.  There was this nipple with a handle on it sticking through the wall.  It was blocking a place that she wanted to put her couch.

Had she taken a course or two on homeownership she might have recognized it as a valve and turned it to see if it were live or not.  Taking out a wrench she started the task of removing it from the wall.  As she made the last turn, there was a hiss.  The unmistakable smell of Sulphur permeated the air.  She had removed the valve from a gas jet, and now she was letting copious amounts of explosive gas into her home.

Had her class taught basic home repair she might have known what she was doing and figured out that it was a bad idea.  With a house full of gas she called 911.  She was lucky that she did not create a spark using the phone.

If there is ever a gas leak inside your home, exit the house and call 911 on the phone from outside the affected area.

Our plumbing does not define who we are as people.  Whether you are a woman or man makes little difference when it comes to pay.  Can you perform the same job with equal competence as your other gender counterpart?

As far as the lady chip goes, FFS! I don’t eat messy things in public and I sure as hell would not lick my fingers in public.  Of course, I would never drink out of the milk container either…  How about we teach etiquette in school as it appears to be a dormant topic in this world we find ourselves.

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Much Love -TW

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One thought on “Lady Chips?”

  1. Quite a valid point there. Me and the missus switch roles, and we laugh about it. She is the one who takes the car, and drives around. I have no issues about it. Similarly, answering the door early morning is her forte.. I prefer not to interfere. I will be told if my intervention is needed. I feel I have a better hand at doing the dishes (I not only wash the dishes well, but would also painstakingly arrange them in their respective folders/cabinets) and folding sun-dried clothes from the laundry. We agree and accept our differences and things work fine. So I feel food products wouldn’t promote sexual identity unless it tampers with your hormones. 🙂

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