Are you sad when you finish a manuscript?

Joan had a secret that she was afraid would run off her friend.

Hello, my pretties!

Are you sad when you finish a manuscript?

I don’t know about other writers or authors I can only respond for myself.

YES…A resounding  YES!

Perhaps I am Cybil and should be locked up in some sanatorium reserved for the mentally deranged. You know one of those old black and white places where they still use shock therapy… Ok, maybe not. Shock therapy would not even make a useful BDSM trope.

Having written over thirty novels, all of the characters are known to me.  When I kill one off it kind of hurts in a way, they each have their own voice.

This latest novel Kitties Titties and Winks is such a precious novel full of humor and love and yes emotionally charged moments.  I love how each character has their own personage.  When you read the narrative you don’t have to guess who is talking, you know by their vernacular and the cadence of their speech pattern.

This novel should be a 20 dollar novel, and it is a shame that I will end up giving it away at $3.99 a copy.  That is the plight of the independent author.

I could price it at $19.95, but I doubt anyone would spend that kind of money.  It is not until you are EL James and everyone is talking about you, will someone drop over $4.00.

I wish I could convey that message to new or want to be writers.  I talk with so many who believe that all they need to do to secure their financial future is to “write a book.”

I have over 30 out there.  While I enjoy many deposits from different countries to my bank account, allow me to be the first to tell you, I still have a day job.

It is not my goal to dissuade anyone I merely want to set your expectations in reality.

This latest novel is tender and touching and humorous and naughty all in one book.  93,000 words of fun.

I will be releasing it when I get it back from the editor.  Currently, I am going back and forth with this or that fix.  I am in hopes that this manuscript will be more professional than those in the past which required different revisions.

At $3.99, I will have to sell a butt load of them just to break even.

If you are one of my followers on Twitter or WordPress thanks for following me and telling others about me.

If you are one of my readers…Thanks so Much!

It means a lot to me every time one of you buys one of my books.  Even at $2.99, it is an affirmation, and that inspires me and others like me to keep writing.

Much Love–TW




Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres.

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