The Poison Within


We take it, we live it, and it kills us… What is it?

I don’t really care what side of the political spectrum you are on.  I hope that you are not so full of hate and vitriol that you cannot see the forests for the trees which are blocking your view.

I want to tell you straight up that I am not a Trump sycophant.  I just watch the news, read the reports, research the facts, so I know what is real and what is fake news, and I have come to some conclusions.

There is significant news this week which we all should be rejoicing.

  • There is a real chance that North and South Korea may not be at odds with one another. There is also a real possibility that they will denuclearize, which is enormous! Yes, this is because of President Trump. Sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth.
  • Our Gross Domestic Product or GDP is the highest it has been in years. Yes, Trump again.
  • The Stock Market is at all-time highs Trump…
  • Black unemployment is the lowest in all of history … Yes Trump
  • Poland and other countries are finally paying more into NATO yes Trump.
  • Factories are coming back into the US …ah huh…Trump.
  • If you are working, odds are high that you saw an increase in your paycheck..
  • Trade deficits with other countries are now not only on the table but are being addressed… Trump.

I could go on for this entire blog about how this country is in a better place, but yet if you listen to CNN or MSNBC, they would have you believe that we are on the brink of nuclear holocaust with everyone. They are so corrupt and so biased it begs the question of why anyone still watches them.

I think it is because it feeds their hate.  They want to hate. What CNN and MSNBC offer is food for the demon inside them that cannot accept the possibility that just possibly God can use someone like Trump to straighten up the ship.

In fact, the loons in fantasy land tell us that if you are a Christian, you are delusional and should be locked up.

Jim Acosta gave an interview regarding peoples opinion of the “free press.”  He lamented that because of Trump, people might become angry with them and want to hurt them.  He then went on to say that Trump supporters had elevators that did not stop at all the floors.  Did he learn nothing from the Basket of Deplorable’ s comment? Does he not understand that talking shit to half the country just might piss them off! Why he still has a job is fascinating.

Why did he say nothing about his news agency which prompted the DC shooter to try and kill the Republican senators on a baseball field?  That was the result of “Fake News.”

Yes, Jim when you mess with people’s emotions you can prompt them into action, and that is what fake news does. You feed their anger demon and stoke the flames of hatred.

The problem is, we Americans don’t want the truth.  We are happy being upset and angry because the shirts or the skins lost, pick your metaphor.  They have been told lies about the results of the election, and they think it is not fair.

The group ANTIFA, which oddly enough is a fascist organization consisting of spoiled college kids and loony professors out of touch with reality, cannot accept that the world does not revolve around them. They have been lied to by idiotic professors who have probably ruined their brains by smoking too much pot or just possibly they too are drinking the Kool-Aid of CNN and MSNBC or Marx.

This is not, however, a friendly game of dodgeball. In the end, we are all on the same team.  We, you and I are on the same side.  Only when we recognize that there is incredible bias in the media can we look at the facts and not what some talking head tells us to think.

It is as simple as this.  If you want to take over a country you merely take over the media.  You don’t allow outside voices in to distract from your message touting your agenda. You must, in fact, control the narrative while discrediting the opposition at all cost.

When the dust settles, we will learn that the FBI and the DOJ were horribly corrupt during this last election and complicit in the now current Russia probe which is distracting the president in terribly dangerous times.  We will find that those that are crying the loudest are most probably the most corrupt and they are afraid of being discovered, much like the Clinton dynasty or the Kennedy Dynasty was.

This will be about more than a blue dress but about millions of dollars for pay to play opportunities.  This will be about money laundering and a whole host of illegal activities by a class of people who live by a different set of laws than you and I. This, in fact, would be the swamp.  The swamp creatures protect their own and they are ensconced in the highest of offices in the land, and that includes places outside the US.  You can tell who they are by how they truly feel about the constitution. Not so much by their words but by their actions.

Currently, this is all about the mid-terms and polluting the voters’ minds with falsehoods and outright lies. I suppose this is politics, but I must tell you that it stinks! Americans are the victims of this false narrative.  The schism between family and friends who differ on political ideologies, most probably formed by what news channel you watch is real. Ask yourself why the coasts are blue and the heartland is red.

I watch social media and people that were once mildly interested in politics are now so easily triggered and are so polarized that they will spit on you if you disagree with them.  Whatever happened to social discord?  Why can we not openly and calmly talk about the issues?  The answer is simple.  When the facts come up, those on the extreme left only have how they feel about it, and the facts do not support their feeling.

I have been unfriended by some as I don’t hide my beliefs.  I have been called names by some which when it gets to that point it is because they don’t have a good argument, so they just call names. It is, in fact, childish and petulant and I have no time for such foolishness.

I am happy to debate the facts just make sure that you have them and not some garbage from the destroy Trump media outlets.

If you look around, you can see that things are better.  You can see that it is like a dark shroud being removed from over us while dismantling the lies from many past administrations.

When you discover that the wealthiest counties in the country are all around DC where the politicians live you would think that someone with more than a few neurons firing would ask how politicians get so rich?  If you are a public servant, and you are getting rich, it is because you are a crook!

No, we blindly go along not worrying about the lobbyists who purchase favors from those that we send to DC to represent us.  They don’t serve you, and they don’t give a damn.  They are power brokers whose sole purpose is to modify the tax code, so it helps those who the lobbyists represent.

They don’t really care about peace in the world because war is profitable.  If there were no wars, there would be no need for trillions of dollars of military stuff.  If there were no need for that then there would be little opportunity for those who grant the final say so on which companies get what bid, to be purchased.

When it came out that your tax dollars were being used to pay off sexual abuse complaints by your elected officials why did you not scream bloody murder?

You knew about the casting couch,  even Oprah who arranged for young girls to go to Weinstein’s hotel rooms said, “They were all big girls and knew what it was about.”  Why are you so shocked!? Why are you not demanding that those who do such things be impeached? Why did Hollywood turn a blind eye to all of the abuse of women and boys?  Why now are they saying hey, this is not right?  Will the pendulum swing back to the casting couch in the future?

How is it that Facebook and other social media can remove content at its sole discretion?  Did you know that a majority of Americans get their news from Social media?  In this country, we have the first amendment.  That my friends is free speech.  That means that you can stand on a corner and spew out fake news or hate speech and I can do nothing about it.  Indeed; I will defend your right to do so.

Isn’t it possible that is too much power in the hands of companies which are not held to any standards?

Here is the truth…Hate kills us!

Hate and anger are like a poison that you take in hopes that it will affect someone else. 

When the media and other pundits spew out hate, it has a ripple effect shortening your life. Hatred and Anger produce something called cortisol which is the fight or flight hormone.  The more emotional that you are “, the easier that you are triggered” hence, the shorter your life will be.

In fact, anger and hate really are a poison.

I watched C-Span yesterday for a bit.  Elizabeth Warren was asking questions of Secretary Mattis  “Maddog Mattis” She spoke to him like he was a first grader and she the teacher.

How he managed to contain himself from bitch slapping her, I have no idea.

The people that she was condescending to have more class in their little fingers than most of those senators who were trying to score political points.

How much of the poison will you continue to take?

These are my Friday Night thoughts which I needed to get out of me so I could be more creative with another task which includes writing something besides political stuff.

If you like this sort of thing follow me as I usually talk about things which are just over the top. If on the other hand, you follow me because I write really great books, I appreciate that as well.

If you have a comment about any of this, please feel free to do so in the section below.  If your comment is thoughtful and convivial, I will respond in kind.

Much Love and have a Super Weekend!




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