The Pussyfication of the United States.

Do you need a safe place with Teddy to go and Cry it out?


I told you in a previous blog that as a writer it is a mistake to watch the news.  Why?  It seriously messes me up.  My creative process goes out the window as I think about all the El Toro De CaCa being spread around by seriously stupid people.

I don’t know how you become so inept unless of course, you are playing by some Marxist ideology trying to destroy the country from the top down, bottom up and inside out.  Then it makes perfect sense.

So the choices are, either we are willfully stupid, or we are terrorists destroying the country from within.

The Crying Closet is the latest thing I read about that caused me to just about spit coffee out of my nose!

WTF people?

The idea of this “closet” is to have a “safe place” for college students to go to before exams or if they have been triggered by “I don’t know, maybe news of a crying closet,” to deal with it by having a good cry!

When I figured out that this was not a joke and indeed was a real thing; I just about needed one.

The Brits have a term for people who would create something like this, it is Cockwomble.  I love that term as it is, resolute.

I would demand my money back from any college who even thought that turning everyone into a pussy, was a good idea.

Tom Hanks came to mind as I read the story. 

I managed a team of software engineers and a group of network engineers at the same time.  More often than not the week was 70 hours long.  Most network modifications need to be made in the wee hours of 1am and 2am on Sunday Morning!  Payroll runs every two weeks and often goes into the wee hours on a Wednesday night which meant that someone from IT is there just in case.  Guess who that was… It is a terribly demanding job.  When you manage over 30 people and have 36 projects going at one time, with a budget of over a million dollars, the CEO and board of directors expect results.  They will not accept excuses, nor should they. Nor will I.

Can you imagine if one of my team members needed a crying closet?  Can you imagine if I needed a crying closet full of stuffed bunny rabbits or teddy bears?  You don’t get the corner office or the brass ring by crying about whatever is going on.  You get it by being the best at what you do.  You get it by hiring good people, and you get it by knowing more than your peers do.  You keep that office and that pay by doing more than your peers.

The H1-B staff from other countries are learning English much better and are learning American idioms and slang too. They even assume American names so they will fit in better.  Soon even Sales will be accomplished by well-educated H1-B folks who never heard of a damned cry closet.

There is no crying in Baseball and no crying in business.  What the hell are they teaching you kids or your kids?

Listen, if your kids are in such a school and you leave them there, you are more idiotic than the person that came up with that crap.

What if your kid goes into the military.  General Mad Dog Mattes or one of his people orders your kid and his team to take that hill.   What training does he or she fall back on?  Do they look for the cry closet and teddy bears or do they pull up their big boy or big girl underpants and get it done!?

Thurston Howel and Lovee and Teddy were fictional characters, are we inventing them for real now?

I expect kids in Kindergarten to cry when they are frustrated. I even expect them, not to be looking for their teddy bear, of their mommy.

When they get into grade school, I expect them to learn to reason and work out their anxieties and differences with critical thinking skills.  By the time they hit high school, I expect the grab ass nonsense to be over and for them to be serious about what they intend to do for a living.

Currently, many ex-college kids live in their parent’s basement eating pizza, residing in their underpants playing video games.  Is that sad enough? Is this your kid?  If it is, you failed!

ANTIFA is a perfect example of learning gone wrong.  The very thing they rail against is what they are, Fascist, and criminals!  What are those dope smoking “professors teaching them?” Try teaching them the history that was not written by some dope smoking Marxist!  Are you all insane!? 

Those mass shooters in many of the schools and churches were really good at playing violent video games.  As a matter of fact, they all had that one skill in common.  Where is the media on this? No, they are blaming the guns.  Why is the press so worthless?  Do they have cry closets? Are they all still sucking their thumbs or looking for mommies tits?

Do you realize that if we sent our military into combat with that AR-15, they would all die!  That gun is a pussy gun.  It is made to look bad ass to sell to those want to be warriors who sit on their fat ass in their overstuffed recliners yelling at the quarterbacks, while pigging down potato chips and beer.  It is a small caliber semi-automatic rifle that is less powerful than the average deer rifle.  It just looks menacing by design.  I am amazed at the media’s fascination with it!  Are they all really that stupid?

I don’t believe they are.  I think the media is pushing an agenda by playing to your emotions. Look at that evil gun, bad gun, bad gun, BAD BAD GUN.  Republicans want all of their sycophants to have guns and god and other foolishness. We, Democrats, are the smarts ones. We are for real change like letting everyone in the country to take your jobs because they all vote democratic.  FFS!   You on the other hand who are triggered by this is who I wonder about. The MSM or media hate Trump, ergo they try to tie gun violence to the NRA to the Republicans.

No, few voters will figure it out and will fall for their pathetic agenda. CNN will find more emotionally disturbed kids to put on prime time to tell you all just how stupid you are. And many of you will agree with snot-nosed kids who are still living at home with little to no life experience.    They only know what CNN tells them to say! 

Some loony judge just overturned the Voter Id law in Texas again.  An Obama appointee thinks that you don’t need to prove who are you to vote.  Just telling whoever at the polling place is all you need to do. “Are you a citizen.” “I must be I am here. Do you have a map to the other voting places that are close by so when I am finished here I can go there?”

“Oh sure, here you go American citizen. ”

Are you really so stupid as to think that you don’t need an ID to vote but, you need one to buy Sudafed, spray paint, register a car, get your car inspected, fly, buy beer and too many other damned things to mention but, not to vote?  Only Cockwombles and cheats would believe that!

If you buy a Corvette or some other sports car why, what are you going to do with it?  Yes, it looks really cool!  It looks like a penis doesn’t it?  Just because you have a car that can do 0 to 120 in five seconds, so the hell what?  Where are you going to drive it? It is a foolish waste of money just like buying an AR-15 when a good Deer Rifle will actually be more accurate, and more versatile, especially if you buy a 306.  Function over form.  Do they not teach anything in school?

The guy that shot up that church in Texas loved the looks of his bad ass AR-15.  If the members had been armed I am certain it would have ended differently.   I heard that 26,000 murders happened in Mexico in 2017.  I pray that number is wrong but wow! The cartels must not have got the memo to turn in their guns.  What do you think?

I rented a Mustang convertible at the Miami airport and went to the Keys.  I never got over 45 mph and actually got 29 mph because the whole damned 100 plus miles is a giant speed trap!   I rented it because I wanted the convertible but, I was in hopes that a zippy acceleration might be a bonus.  Nope!

Do you know that I had a cop in my rearview mirror over 90 percent of the time?  Even in Miami if they saw me, that pulled up behind me to see where the car was registered to.  Last time I ever rent a red vehicle, much less a sports car.  If you are smart and learn from this don’t waste your money on a sports car.  With all the idiots texting and driving buy a Volvo!

Do you buy a sports car or AR-15 because it looks cool or are you overcompensating for a lack of a bulge in your jeans? Don’t hate me, just curious.  Can you be honest with yourself? That is one of the things I learned in college back when there were expectations and the professor did not teach the best way to roll a joint or stand at the head of the class yelling “Black Power for over thirty minutes.”

Yes, it happened.

The male ego never ceases to amaze me.

These kids that play those violent games I feel actually suffer from PTSD and I am confident it can screw them up.  The problem is you are going to go up against a foe worse than the NRA should you choose to take on the real villain in this country. You don’t fight the gaming industry folks, they make the NRA look like a pushover.  There is real money in that industry.  Americans be damned, whatever sells they will create.

So here is the truth which nobody will tell you.

Trump is bringing in H2-B employees who will take the low skilled jobs that cannot be automated.

Microsoft and other large companies have lobbyist fighting for tens of thousands of H1-B workers who will give the few kids who take college seriously competition for a few reasons.

  • Companies get special treatment or tax advantages when it comes to H1-B employees.
  • They can pay them less than an American citizen.
  • They can terminate them at a moment’s notice no need to go through some process. They, in fact, have few rights when it comes to employment.

For my Indian friends who read my blog, I don’t blame you. In fact, I have hired many from your wonderful country myself. I also have hired Russians, which was fun.  I think you are better educated where technology comes in, and that is kudos to you and your country for not putting up with lackluster professors who think the greatest gift to mankind, is themselves.

With more supply, there is less demand.  If they still teach economics, that means that your expensive education will get you what you might make as a car mechanic.  That is of course if you paid attention and did not spend it in some plushy toy stuffed closet crying about how unfair life is, or that you had to get out of bed at 10 am to actually attend some class or to take some dreaded test.

The folks crying for $15 an hour to flip burgers are idiots!  Minimum wage jobs are for school kids to learn to work.  It is kind of an internship that teaches young people what it means to be at an appointed place at a designated time and perform some remedial task.  They were never designed as a career.

If this is the first time you read this, where the hell did you go to school?  What grade did you finish?  Demand your money back!

McDonald’s and other burger joints and fast food joints actually perform a service in teaching kids some modicum of work ethic.  I recommend that every child spend at least a year in the food services industry.  That is assuming of course that they do not all go the way of self-service and robots.

I was at the grocery store the other day.  Several employees were standing around doing nothing and they only had one lane open for checking out.  Now the self-service checkout kiosk had one lady going from kiosk to kiosk swiping her override card and that was it.  I went to the long line waiting my turn to be checked out.

Two different employees tried to get me to self-check.  I finally asked them, “Do you realize that you are encouraging people to do your job and if you are successful they won’t need you?”

The stunned and dumbfounded look on their faces was priceless. 

If you are one of these young adults that are sitting in some dank basement challenging your online friends to see who can kill the bad guys, or collect the most whores or even steal the most virtual cars, wake the fuck up!  (I don’t curse for the sake of cursing and yes I have an excellent vocabulary and command of the English language.  I do it for emphasis! It is a fucking shame that I have to explain that!)

I highly recommend getting your sorry assess into the military.  If they will even take you, then and only then maybe you will have a chance for some DI to undo the damage done to you by stuffed up colleges who’s professors’ are dumber or willfully stupid and/or more biased than you.

If this is not you and you are still in school don’t waste your money on some expensive liberal arts college.  Check out a trade school or junior college or one of these other professions. If you can think of others, please do so in the comments section below. Help your fellow human beings out, would you!?

Here is a novel idea, go to college in India! You might not only learn something but also experience a culture that is different from your own! You would probably be wise to learn Mandarin. If our education system does not get it together and Democrats bring their progressive, fuck America agenda back to power, China might look attractive, or Russia or maybe even India.

So here, check out these ideas.

  • Air conditioning repair.
  • ART graphic design
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Public transportation
  • Law enforcement
  • FBI
  • DEA
  • ATF
  • Airplane Mechanic or A&P
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Sales
  • Printer
  • Any part of the medical field
  • Pharmaceutical sales.
  • Pharmacy technician or pharmacist.
  • Pharmacology although Our Indian friends seem to be doing this in abundance.
  • Phycology
  • Magazine writing or editing
  • Journalism
  • Literary agent…. Not sure about this one…
  • Publishing…again not sure about this…


Yes, I know they are not all trades.  This is what I came up with, in three minutes of thinking about it. The idea here is that technology is being farmed out to the H1-B people and not even Trump can stop the large technology companies from screwing Americans.  Trump is a capitalist, and when they make an argument to that side of him, he will most probably lean that way.

They already have him convinced that you will not be a janitor or trash collector “sanitation engineer” or heaven forbid, work on a farm.  Is that true?  Are you really too good to do those jobs?

When I was young I worked for a company that cleaned offices at night.  I must have vacuumed twelve miles of carpet a night and emptied countless disgusting ashtrays.  I then got up and went to school.  I bought my first car with the money I earned.  No mommy and daddy did not buy it for me.  If I were young again, I think I might like to learn agriculture.

The bottom line is industry is automating everything that it can.  Partly because the idiots calling for $15 an hour to flip burgers.  That is more than they make in the military by the way.  Robotics would be a good field to be in if you are in another country and wanted to come to the USA for a while on a visa but, if you live here, you might already be too stupid or too greedy or certainly behind the curve.  That is their thinking, not mine.

With the Cry closet making news, I can see why they might think this.  Can you? Can you understand why countries like India are doing so well with your jobs? Can you grasp why HP took their sorry ass helpdesk offshore?  It was horrible beyond the pale but it was cheap.  “Think Economics.”

Have you noticed that tech support even in countries that you never heard of is much better?  When will all call centers be in other countries?

I cannot assist you any more than try to encourage you to realize that if this is you, make a legal U-turn and re-evaluate your life.  If you are coasting, you are going downhill.  It is that simple.  Mom, Dad, if you have an adult kid in your basement, evict them!  You would be doing them a huge favor! It is called tough love!

Give them a month and then throw them out!  Even if they have to live at the Y, they will eventually get it, or they will learn to live in a cardboard box and figure out that newspaper makes good insulation against the cold.  They will also not be so picky about leftovers, and they might even clean their plate if you invite them to dinner.

There are few if any reasons for a college grad to be living at home.  If your kids are still in school, set your expectations with them now!  When they are out of school, they are out of your house!

Sadly, I interviewed so many kids that must have slept through their education.  I hired people like ex-grocery store managers who wanted to learn, rather than take some spoiled kid that expected the corner office and a six-figure salary because they could spell Wharton.

The real world does not have cry closets.  If Google seriously does, I would find another job ASAP! I would also sell my stock in a company so screwed up.

Construction workers, if they read this, I would love to be a fly on the wall if this is the first time they heard about what kids are doing in colleges.  Trump is spending mega dollars on infrastructure, go to A&M and learn to be a Civil Engineer!  You can make tons of money.  If you are too lazy for that go hold that sign that tells motorist to slow down.  I bet even those guys make over $15 an hour.

How many do you see holding one shovel while one guy works?  Those guys are making more than $15 an hour holding one shovel, smoking cigarettes while taking their union breaks every little bit.

Don’t work for the toll roads, those guys actually work.  Ever wonder how a government project takes decades and a toll road is built overnight? Is it better cement you reckon?

I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I really do care about you and the generation of kids in school today.

I have a demanding day job, and I write novels.  I have written 30 books while working more than 50 hours a week.  My taxes are more than many people make in a year.  Not bragging just stating the facts.  I bust ass, what are you doing?


Much Love, and I mean that!  -TW


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