Holiday Nightmare

So boys and girls, in my humble opinion, don’t have this in your house! 

If you are like me, we drag out the decorations from the basement, attic or closet and begin the task of deciding what we are going to do.

Some of us might get things from the internet thinking it is easier to buy new stuff, than store it.

A newly acquired strand of decorative fairy lights was already in place when one of the strands did not work.

Not only am I a writer, and a forensic technologist, but I am also a fair engineer. Admittedly, I can figure out why a string of lights did not work.

So boys and girls, in my humble opinion, don’t have this in your house! 

Ok, now this is not fluff, what I am going to share with you could spare you a house fire, or worse.

These things came directly from China, most probably through Amazon.

Examining the strings of lights, I found no broken wires.  That was my first suspect, as those are the things that are moved around the most.  It would be relatively easy to dislodge a connection.

Taking a look inside the control box, caused me to gasp audibly.



If you look at the tiny circuit, you will see that there are no fuses anywhere.


The two wires on the right are indeed the 110 volts only a slight hair away from each other.  The thin wire, if shorted would light up like a Christmas tree, as it turned white hot.


Yes, that is your 110 with no fuses anywhere.


Poorly engineered will most certainly cause a fire if it malfunctions.

I wanted to reverse engineer the rest of it to discover what the voltages were on those other strands, but since there are no fuses, I suspect any kind of short could be catastrophic.


This is all of it, three transistors, a bridge rectifier, and one lone capacitor and two resistors.  There is some kind of control circuit with a dab of epoxy on it to make things blink.


Take a look around your house, and see if you or your kids have such things.

If they do, make sure that the UL label is on them.

This crap from overseas is so poorly engineered; I doubt that they have them in their own houses.

Examine the pictures for your amusement, and then take action to make sure you don’t have anything like this in your house.

If you are of a mind to share this with your friends, and family, you might save a house, a Holiday or a life or two.

Much Love- TW


Oh, and have a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Holiday!

Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres.

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