Imagine if you can….

From my era was John Lennon.  While I am not a pacifist, I do appreciate his wistful way of looking at things.

Everything he espoused is antithetical to the human condition. 

We find comfort in stuff.

Since we cannot count on each other, governments, or even Mother Nature, we must rely on ourselves.  Yes, you can throw God into the mix, but one has to wonder how many of those drug-addicted people living on the streets, defecating on the sidewalks also believe in God.

Some of my values in life came from black and white movies, where morality was still depicted.  Many came from books, the classics.

When the chips are down, the only person you can count on is that person looking back at you in the mirror.  We stopped teaching people that sad little fact.  This is why so many adults are still living in mommy’s basement or their 11′ X 11′ bedroom, escaping reality through video games.

Politicians promise these people the world for their one thing that matters, a vote.  Once they get it, like Stalin’s millions of citizens, he let starve; you too will end up on the sidewalk using discarded newspapers as insulation against the cold. And think; you voted for it.

It’s not your fault; you were not taught the simplest things about economics, nor were you educated on things like honor or country.  You were taught you disserve it because everyone gets a trophy.

My tax dollars were squandered on chair warmers, teaching you to the test.  The test was as useful as those promises from the rich and powerful, who live in ivory towers behind gated communities hiring out of work cops to guard them against you, the barbarians at the gate.

I think John sent many down the wrong path.

There is no world without war, as there is no world without greed. 

We must have a war so salespeople can sell weapons of war to different countries where those who want to live in peace, are convinced the only way to do so is to defeat the enemy.  While the weapons point in the direction of like-minded people on the other side of the DMZ, the leaders know the truth.

The enemy is thee.  The enemy is ignorance.  The enemy is putting faith into a system of pure corruption, which includes the media, who are bought and paid for by the folks who make war weapons.

There is a reason that all of the counties around DC are the richest in the country.  Politicians who we place faith in, go there with a salary of 120K a year and suddenly are multi-millionaires.

We don’t even think to question why someone would spend 19 million dollars of their own family fortune, to try to get elected to a job that pays $120K a year.  Man, are we stupid or what?

We ignore that fact; we don’t want to hear it.  Ignorance abounds as the schools that cost an arm, and a  leg to get through while promising riches beyond your wildest dreams.  They are peddlers of communism. They are Lennonites.


Imagine a world where they taught you the truth instead of peddling prevarications so the rich could get richer.

There is no secret, the wealthiest people in the world own the politicians, the lawmakers.  When Trump, who I know you despise, began donating every paycheck to charities, he sent a message to the corrupt.  The message is ‘You cannot buy me.’

Those in power hate this. Everyone has a price.

If you are a politician, you have a price, or you don’t get to be a politician.  They will destroy you if you try to disrupt a system that has worked since Mao Zedong murdered 45 million people. MAO’s Great Leap Forward was his Green New Deal.   Sounded good, until everyone starved to death.

John Lennon would have liked this president.  If he did not buy into the propaganda that the ‘fake news’ is peddling, and saw him for what he has done and not what they claim he is doing, he would have written a song about him.

No, Trump is not about socialism; it has never worked in all of history, as it is a flawed concept, you see …man is involved.

History and individual accountability are what the schools should be teaching.  Instead, they are preaching what kept people on the plantation for their entire lives. We will take care of you.

When a man was caught digging up a potato during MAO’s regime, they chopped his legs off, and then put a red hot brand on his back. Feeding yourself was not part of the Great Leap Forward.

Did you learn of this in college?  

Yes, imagine… The only way John’s imaginary world would come to fruition is if some stupid bastard actually pushes the button, believing that one could win a thermonuclear war.

After the blinding flash, there would be no greed, no hunger, or no religion too.  Just Imagine…

Just possibly, this Virus is a weapon from a new era.  Taking out over a million people so far, without one shot fired. Will it catch up to Stalin, Hitler, or perhaps MAO, the all time winner of mass murderers?  Will CNN ever fucking tell the truth?

Possibly someone will create a video game that involves loving each other instead of killing, robbing from, and or blowing up our’ enemy.’

Where have all the flowers gone?

The real enemy is willful ignorance, and part of that is erasing history.  Just possibly, the things that need to be burned down are not buildings where industry happens but those communes where ignorance pervades through pot smoke-filled halls. 

It is the home of haunting tunes from the sixties that still echo through the minds of addled pedagogues’ who cannot let go of flawed philosophies—cool man, totally tubular.

While expanding their minds through magic mushrooms or the harmless green herb sold to distract the youth from reality, we spiral into the abyss, waiting for another salesperson to lie to us.

When the students at Berkley were destroying their campus while throwing a temper tantrum when someone dared to espouse a differing opinion, just possibly, we should have let them.  


Take care my lovelies. 

I will be focusing on NANOWRIMO in a few weeks. My world will be among the stars, with the gods,  Pixies, and Fay, who still are among us. Angels and other mythical creatures will guide my Quill through the next concatenation of vowels and nouns with the indelible adjective here and there.

Much Love -TW

Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres.

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