The destruction of America

Are you awake yet?

How is that Blue Vote working out for you?

If you want to destroy an adversary, one of the first things you do is buy off the media.  In years past, the way to conquer a country was to destroy the press by blowing up transmitters, burning newspaper outlets, or killing or locking up anyone who said something contrary to the new narrative.

This is how Hitler rose to power and why 17 million Jews were exterminated.

Communist countries strictly control the media or entirely state-run propaganda when anything is sent out into the ethos.

Along comes a media that pays every airport in the world only to play their station. So as people travel around the globe while waiting, they might get two or three hours of opinions put out as facts. We would call that propaganda.

These opinions are almost always emotional triggers.  This is how they control the masses. If you are angry, you will not think objectively. Could they be lying to you?  No, you won’t know because you are triggered.

I had a house guest recently who called every Trump supporter the worst kind of racists that could be.  The media she absorbs has her believing that Alveda King is a white supremacist. In her mind, if all Trump supporters were rounded up and exterminated, that would be just fine. In case you don’t know who Alveda is, she is the niece of Martin Luther King and an ardent Trump supporter.

Of course, none of this nonsense peddled by the media is true.

The demise of the Jews under Hitler had nothing to do with anything they did. Instead, he needed someone to blame for plundering the treasury and the country suffering through hyperinflation.

The Jews were better at business and they did well for themselves as they had a work ethic.  They were easy to set up as privileged.  It is an age-old ploy, the have’s vs the have nots. ‘It isn’t fair.’

The US is heading down that same road under this administration. If this administration gets their way, the country will be 40 trillion in debt in just a few years.  In debt to who?  China.

The media is still peddling anti-Trump rhetoric, including the infamous insurrection. But, they are hiding the truth of it from the public, making you believe it was worse than D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and 911 all combined.  They are lying.

Of all of the people that died that day, only one died of a violent act. That person was an unarmed woman who a cop shot in the neck.  The others either died of heart attacks or strokes.  These were middle-aged or older folks who had enough of the lies.  These were people whose lives had been decimated by the pandemic and were not getting any assistance from their government.

Many of these folks are still sitting in solitary confinement in a DC Jail for Trespassing.

There was no violence by the protestors.  It was not a riot. Trespassing hardly equates to what the media is selling.

Along with the media is social media.  They, too, are carrying water for someone, but who?

Someone in Congress needs to grow a pair and stop what is going on before we are all forced to learn Mandarin.   I have no issues with any people of any country.  It is their governments that I have problems with.

Our government is under assault by those same forces who answer to the almighty dollar, not what is best for the American People.

If you are angry, you are being triggered.  It is that simple.

Trump and his supporters are not what the media is portraying them to be.  Think about that. For the last few years, the press has been dehumanizing Trump and his family, and his supporters.  When in our history have we stooped so low as to sway the results of an election?  

Would you stand idly by while our boys in uniform rounded up 74 million fellow Americans and sent them to re-education camps, aka an American version of Auschwitz?

One of our news anchors was on a late-night show musing about how we re-educate 74 million folks. 

My last houseguest would stand idly by and watch. She is that much of a believer she would turn her back on them, believing that they had it coming.  

To be that willing to believe the worst in folks, there already has to be a certain amount of hate in your heart.  I think my friend is more of a racist than she thinks she is.

The German folks of WWII did just that as their once neighbors were stripped of their businesses, homes, and personal belongings and sent to live in slums while concentration camps were built to house them. The press dehumanized them, forcing them to identify with that yellow star.  Maybe Trump supporters will be forced to have MAGA tattooed on them.  Where are we headed?

It was a redistribution of wealth from the Jews to the German people. Does this sound familiar? 

We are not a racist country.  It is those who put a color in front of people that are racist.

What can you do?  Firstly you need to have a dialogue with those that don’t see things as you do. You need to understand why they feel the way that they do.  As stated, some of it is just innate human nature.  Get over it.  Skin color does not make you any better or worse than the other person. 

PR firms use science to create this bigotry to herd the masses.  They understand human nature, and they know how to craft a narrative that will motivate people in one direction or another.

Hate, Fear, and Anger are three robust tools for nudging people.  What’s wrong in the world, and who is to blame for it.

The country is broke, you live in misery, and the Jews are to blame for it.  That was all it took for the German folks to allow 17 million Jews to be slaughtered. 

This tax and spend administration is raping the treasury, and they will somehow blame Trump and the GOP for the problem.  We went from energy independence in just four months to total dependence on another country. Gas is now where it was pre-pandemic; Russia and the Emirates are now back in control of the oil supply and price, yet it is Trump’s fault.  How do those in the media sleep at night?

By the time you catch on that your dollar just doesn’t go as far, it will be too late. All of the prices of goods and services are skyrocketing. Your votes will be replaced by the millions pouring across the southern border.  Why are they coming here?  They are fleeing their repressive corrupt governments. Will they figure out why they were allowed to invade this country?  Nope…they will vote for the party that allowed it.

I hate to say this but, I would go after their advertisers and hit them in the pocketbook. Money is about the only thing these people seem to understand.  We could call it EQUITY.  PFFFT!


Author: AuthorTWScott

Author, Writer, Artist, Graphic Artist ... Over 32 published novels crossing many genres.

5 thoughts on “The destruction of America”

  1. Totally agree about China being behind all this, but the tire boogeyman trope of Hitler is where you go wrong. Communism (ie Russia & China) is the mega slaughterer of the 20th century. Hitler’s Germany’s number of 6 million Jews killed is equaled by non-Jews killed in those same camps (ie undesirables, mental defectives, gypsies, Christians and anti-Nazi party intellectuals with the courage of their convictions). Don’t know where you got that 17 millions Jews number, but that is way inflated. And even if you keep the 17 million, it pales in comparison to Lenin, Stalin and Mao’s total of over 100 million of their own citizen-slaves killed. We’ve all been trained since early childhood to look at Hitler as the dictator deserving the title of most evil when it’s been the communists who take that title (and are on the verge of world domination now since US is crumbling to their will) easily and with aplomb. You’ve got the right idea, but would be more effective and consistent if you stuck with the real destroyers of humanity that were and still are the globalist communist cabal that is operating in every country on the planet right now while Nazism as a viable enemy was destroyed 75 years ago, but is still held up as if it was the monster about to come around the corner and eat the world.


    1. Hitler pulled in Jews (and undesirables) from other countries as he expanded and those did not get counted in the original six million. I talk about Hitler because that is the only name that younger people might recognize. His numbers were and are all over the map with 12 million being a ‘standard.’
      If we were to speak about Mao 49 to 78 million, they would not know who he was.
      Your right about the other genocides in history. History being the operative word. I have blogged about those in the past. When Time Magazine honors Stalin well, what are they teaching today?
      Those who openly vote for Socialism not understanding that is a stones throw away from communism one has to wonder what is in those school books.
      There is something they China are doing called Belt and road initiative that is troublesome. I have heard nothing about this on our media.
      This woke mess that is occupying the airways is just another distraction so we (the people) wont look at what is going on. (Everything is fine, nothing to see here, wear your mask and be good little boys and girls.) Pffft

      And then there was this little goodie that they are trying to scrub from the internet or at least talk down.
      The media must take ownership of this hate.


  2. Yeah. But focusing on Hitler for our historic boogeyman needs to stop. We’re about to be buried by communism, which never stopped subverting the West, partly because everyone’s distracted by the threat from a dead ideology destroyed around the turn of the last century. It’s all part of the devious plan, of the subversion. Anyhow. We’re on the same team. We’ve got to stand up and fight for our right to Republic now or become just another subsidiary of the CCP. Epoch Times newspaper writes a lot about the Belt and Road and how it’s putting many African nations into eternal debt to the CCP so they become just more subsidiaries of the creeping blob of communism.


    1. I agree with you, yes we are on the same team. This woke stuff and racial crap is nothing but a distraction from communism. The most racist person I know is my recent house guest and she is unaware of that fact. It would seem that only white people can be racists. Again crap. -Best


  3. It is true, forces outside this country entered our institutions and took over (i.e. government, government agencies, education, corporations, media, books, and more.), but to a great degree, we allowed it to happen. Every time we looked to others to solve our problems, we didn’t take on the mantle of responsibility. By sending our children to propaganda camps, of course they would grow up believing in strategic propaganda. What we do, individually, in our families, and with others determines what happens tomorrow. Most of us don’t know real history, are reactive, and can’t think through problems, seeing real answers.


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