Slave Mind

Since when do we ban people for an opinion?


I watched an interview with a fellow by the name of Andrew Tate. I had never heard of him until that interview.

His feud with social media intrigues me. His story at face value makes social media companies appear the bad guys on steroids. I won’t debate the points as I have no first-hand knowledge.  

What impressed me with this man is he is incredibly articulate and well-spoken. In my opinion, he is almost certainly a narcissist. That last statement I can only surmise from his interview. I would love to be proven wrong on that point.

Setting his faults aside, he used the term ‘Slave Mind.’

His terminology strikes a chord with me. Many of my conversations with folks I disagree with are of that slave mind mentality. The last thing they hear on TV is what they believe and espouse to their friends in person and on social media.

An opinion piece written for clicks will get their attention, and they skip over the part that is someone’s opinion garnered through the lens of bias.

He didn’t use critical thinking in his interview, but that is what he meant when he said ‘People don’t look into the mirror and admit they were tricked.’

In many of my writings, I encourage mirror time. Be willing to admit you made a mistake and then go about learning from it, and making it right if that is appropriate.

I would encourage you to look him up on Rumble.

The tech giants have attempted to silence him.

In the US, we still have free speech. Until the voters totally obfuscate their sanity for the promise of money or safety, he, like you and I have the right to be heard.

Early in the history of the US, there were slaves. Those slaves were kept on the plantation by different methods. One important strategy was to keep them ignorant. It was illegal to teach them to read.

We still do that today but not by the color of their skin. The poor are kept poor, and the very rich keep them poor. A different version of the golden rule applies. ‘Those who have the gold make the rules.’ How, you might ask? Through complicit media disguised as news or public radio.

There are two sets of rules. Unless you have the gold, you are a plebian and treated as such.

Andrew’s argument seems to be that masculinity is under attack. If you dare to be manly, you will be labeled a misogynist. Men don’t like labels and seem afraid of confrontations with feminists.

The takeaway from his thought process is this. Surround yourself with successful people. He, unfortunately, worded it poorly, which offended the feminists.

Paraphrased ‘Don’t hang around with low-class people. Men who do drugs and play video games are not the kind you should associate with. The same is true of women. If they are low class, distance yourself from them.’

Low class does not mean poor; it means questionable turpitude.

He said it badly and was banned from all social media. Again, we have free speech. I think the ACLU would be hopping up and down to correct this.

You live and die by the sword or, in this case, the written word. In his interview, he said he used some locker room speak in his jokes.

While nobody is perfect, I remember the locker room speak from Trump that was the shot heard around the world.

If you are an influencer which he is, jokes are something you should weigh carefully. His point was well taken regarding video enthusiasts trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame by distorting what he said.

Dissecting videos to prevaricate the truth is commonplace. You clicked, so it worked.

He mentioned that kids need someone to look up to, a superhero. He purports to be that superhero. (Hence the narcissism comment earlier.)

Mother used to say, if you lay down with the dogs, you will wake up with the fleas. That is really all he said, which offended some dogs.

Tilting at windmills is a fool’s errand. Some folks are just too stupid to come out of the rain. Cudos to the ones that do.


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