About TWScott

As a published Author, Writer, and Artist, creativity, is second nature.  Reading everything from the classics to modern day mysteries, science fiction and yes romance I yearned for something with a little more zing.

Much like watching a movie or reading a novel, have you ever thought; wouldn’t it be good if they had done this or that?

Years ago I watched Stargate Universe and frankly loved the writing.  When it ended abruptly leaving me wanting more, I tried my hand at fanfiction.  Delving into it took only hours before I realized that this was something I could do.

Scrapping the idea of saving Rush and his crew from certain demise at the “hands” of the death robots from hell, I changed direction.

My first Novel “Under Roswell” was four years in the making.

roswell resize 1mg
Under Roswell

A quick click to WWW.AuthorTWScott.com  Will lead you to a virtual cornucopia of novels all written by yours truly.

My current project is a series of books known as the “Hole In Time” series.

This has been an interesting ride thus far as we explore the galaxy through the eyes of Captain Ben Smith and his crew of all women.

My work is sold worldwide through outlets like Amazon, Apple, Barns&Nobles and too many really to mention.

The Hole in Time Series is exclusive on Kindle Unlimited which is a free read for you who use that service.  I wrote these as lunchtime reads for those of us who read at lunch.

Update 12/6/2017

As the year 2017 draws to a close this blog has been in existence for just a few months.  I have many new friends and I want to thank you for taking your time to visit.

The Hole in Time series was a hit with many reading it all around the world on #Amazon #kindle #unlimited for free with Prime.  The Pilot is the only book in the series that you will need to purchase for a really inexpensive price.  The reasons for that are this.  If you put anything on Kindle unlimited they have an exclusive.  The Pilot is on several servers all over the globe, not just Amazon and not on the unlimited program.

In marketing parlance, I need to get maximum penetration and that means as many different sites as possible.

I notice that many follow me from all over the globe.  As a way of reaching out in the comments below if English is not your first language come teach me how to say “hello and welcome” to you in your language.  Some I know and some, of course, I do not.

I would love to greet you to this blog in a personal way and I know of no other way than to great you in your language.  The diversity of thought is paramount to the literary process and we can all learn from one another.  Let’s start with Hello!

Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting!  -TW

Update 4/28/2018

Since the creation of this blog, I have created several more novels for your consideration.  Hole in time continues to be a success.  My other novels skirt the slightly naughty side of life to science fiction which is my first love.

My newest project which I am currently formulating is about ghost and lost love.  Wait till you see what I do with this story.

Update 8/9/2018

#31 was published last week.  Presidential Assasins

112 thousand words of page-turning excitement.

As I strive to rise above the fray of the media and politics in this country and beyond, I could not help but notice that our Mayor Pro-Tem has pled guilty to taking half million dollars in bribes, tax evasion, and wire fraud..

Years ago when Al Lipscomb was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, his defense was “Everybody does it!”

Finding some sympathetic judge in Louisiana he got off.

Now Dwaine Caraway has been caught.  Will he say “Everybody does it?”

When people will spend millions to get a job that pays diddly, in comparison, you would think that the American public would be smart enough to figure it out.

I cover much of this in, Presidential Assassins.




Stay tuned for more details.  -TW

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