About TWScott

Greetings and welcome to TW’s Blog

As an artist and author, I find that I end up teaching many through different formats.  The same questions appear through e-mails, posts, and even Twitter.  Some take advantage of my contact page on my website http://www.authortwscott.com. You are welcome to do that as well.

Currently, I have published over thirty novels and counting.  If you are inclined to check them out you can find links on the tweets to the right of this page.  Feedback is critical.  If you like them please leave a comment on the site you bought it from.  Issues with them can be sent here or to my website.

I do it all from the cover art, layout, editing, publishing and oh yes, writing.  Not being an expert on any of those there is room for improvement.  That is the goal.  Either become an expert or attract some Agent who recognizes the diamond in the rough.

I originally created this blog as an artistic expression of my craft, to share with others for free.  This is my way of paying it forward. Many of you are on the same road.  Some of you will be ahead of me, and some behind.  It is still the same road.

Together through the exchange of ideas, it is my hope that this blog can serve as a vehicle of education, collaboration and yes friendship. Since the blog was started, many have joined in and I certainly welcome and appreciate you.

The ideas expressed in my posts are mine unless otherwise stated.  Under the fair use act, if you should desire to copy and paste, or otherwise redistribute my work, I only ask that you give me credit.

TW accepts no monies for the content of these blogs, and as stated, desires to promote the craft of writing, artistic endeavors including painting and photography as well as digital artwork and writing.

Comments can be directed via this blog or through TW’s webpage at https://www.authortwscott.com/

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