About TWScott

As a published Author, Writer, and Artist, creativity, is second nature.  Reading everything from the classics to modern day mysteries, science fiction and yes romance I yearned for something with a little more zing.

Much like watching a movie or reading a novel, have you ever thought; wouldn’t it be good if they did this or that?

Years ago I watched Stargate Universe and frankly loved the writing.  When it ended abruptly leaving me wanting more, I tried my hand at fanfiction.  Delving into it took only hours before I realized that this was something I could do.

Scrapping the idea of saving Rush and his crew from certain demise at the “hands” of the death robots from hell, I changed direction.

My first Novel “Under Roswell” was four years in the making.

roswell resize 1mg
Under Roswell

A quick click to WWW.AuthorTWScott.com  Will lead you to a virtual cornucopia of novels all written by yours truly.

My current project is a series of books known as the “Hole In Time” series.

This has been an interesting ride thus far as we explore the galaxy through the eyes of Captain Ben Smith and his crew of all women.

My work is sold worldwide through outlets like Amazon, Apple, Barns&Nobles and too many really to mention.

The Hole in Time Series is exclusive on Kindle Unlimited which is a free read for you who use that service.  I wrote these as lunchtime reads for those of us who read at lunch.

Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting!  -TW

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