For Mom

Three sons left home, said goodbye to their dear single mother, went out on their own and prospered. Then one day, revisiting together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly Mother on her birthday. They all loved her dearly, and each wanted more than anything to give her something she’d truly love.

The first said, “I built a mansion for our mother. 26 rooms and a huge back yard filled with trees and flowers. A house that is fit for royalty, and will give her all the space she never had.”

The second said, “Well I bought her a luxury car, and not just for her to drive, no. It comes with a private driver that’ll take her anywhere she wants to go She’ll never need to drive again, and he can help her carry heavy things back to the house.”

The third smiled and said, “I’ve got you both beat. You remember how Mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can’t see very well anymore. I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took the Elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He’s one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it.”

The three agreed that all gifts were well thought out, and were sure their mother would be amazed and delighted.

Soon thereafter, their dear mother sent out her letters of thanks: “Milton,” she wrote the first son, “the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house.”

“Gerald,” she wrote to the second son, “I am too old to travel any more. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I stay most of the time at home, so I rarely use the car, my dear. And I must say the driver is quite rude!”

“Dearest Donald,” she wrote to her third son, “you were the only one to have the good sense to know what your Mother likes. That chicken was delicious!”

Open letter to Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins

Do you want government employees teaching your children about sex and gender identity?

For those of you who are not aware, the British government is considering the transgender narrative, (her words) force-feeding it down the throats of 4 and 5-year-olds in the UK.

Below you will find my response to her.  If you read my blogs or novels this should not be surprising.

Dear Katie,

I could spend an entire blog gushing about how great you are.  Truly, darling, I do think you are magnificent, and I wish you every success in the world.

I wanted to address your stance on the government-teaching children about sexual things, in specific the LGBTQ way of life.

We have a conundrum in our world, and that conundrum is the elephant in the room.  We have the internet, which is unfettered in countries, which are post 17th century.

I was involved with technology before Bill Gates purchased DOS for $5K and then licensed it to IBM per copy.  I was also around when Steve Jobs was still a criminal, selling blue boxes from his garage.   My point to this is; back then, our lives were much simpler.  We only had Hollywood to worry about infecting the minds of our citizens.  Even journalists back in the day were still journalists.

You would never have known that Walter Cronkite was a liberal, as he just reported the facts.  What a novel concept.

Young people with smartphones have more than a window into propaganda. These devices are also a portal into the underbelly of the internet, where women who rail against objectification, pose nude on webcams for money.  I use the word pose loosely, as they are actually performing for their “tips.”

As soon as mommy or daddy give the child any sort of device connected to the internet, the infection begins. I could say indoctrination, but it is more like cancer than brainwashing.

While Stalin was correct when he said the most potent weapon in war is the written word, that lesson has been lost on society as a whole.  Tearing down statues is only one step away from book burning. History will be lost. History is now mailable, as it is now wiki something or other, and can change with a keystroke. If megalomaniacs like Stalin had the internet, what damage could they have done?

We are finding out as the social media giants are now the megalomaniacs with delusions of grandeur. They know better than you or I what is relevant for the world to know and that is where the bulk of the news comes from.

Progressive networks parrot the same talking points, and the kids hear enough of it to nod, listen, and regurgitate the relative disease filled talking points as if they were indeed the gospel.  AOC is a perfect example of the brainwashed generation that will soon take the reins of society.

“God Help Us!”

If you have listened to her brainless rhetoric for more than five minutes, you realize what a sad state we are in.

Since the internet is rife with “adult” situations, what are we to do?  Children have no clue how to process this information, never mind the LGTBQ ideology.  How can they even grasp common decency with the warped world view being cast upon them?

While I agree with you that, the government is probably least qualified to address the issues of sex, one good thing is happening.  People are talking about it.

I noticed that the Church of England no longer requires Sunday service.  Is this too a sign of the times?

Is church the standard bearer for common decency or are they now irrelevant as they don’t embrace the progressive agenda being foist upon the world?

I am certain my cousin, Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave.  I too weep for the UK and worry for the US, as many feel like the UK is a model for what we should be doing.

When journalists are activist, and Actors are militant, we as a society, lose.

Keep ringing the bell my Darling.  I too feel like that lone voice in the night, but I hope the silent majority will soon be quiet no more.

Much Love -TW


Holiday Nightmare

So boys and girls, in my humble opinion, don’t have this in your house! 

If you are like me, we drag out the decorations from the basement, attic or closet and begin the task of deciding what we are going to do.

Some of us might get things from the internet thinking it is easier to buy new stuff, than store it.

A newly acquired strand of decorative fairy lights was already in place when one of the strands did not work.

Not only am I a writer, and a forensic technologist, but I am also a fair engineer. Admittedly, I can figure out why a string of lights did not work.

So boys and girls, in my humble opinion, don’t have this in your house! 

Ok, now this is not fluff, what I am going to share with you could spare you a house fire, or worse.

These things came directly from China, most probably through Amazon.

Examining the strings of lights, I found no broken wires.  That was my first suspect, as those are the things that are moved around the most.  It would be relatively easy to dislodge a connection.

Taking a look inside the control box, caused me to gasp audibly.



If you look at the tiny circuit, you will see that there are no fuses anywhere.


The two wires on the right are indeed the 110 volts only a slight hair away from each other.  The thin wire, if shorted would light up like a Christmas tree, as it turned white hot.


Yes, that is your 110 with no fuses anywhere.


Poorly engineered will most certainly cause a fire if it malfunctions.

I wanted to reverse engineer the rest of it to discover what the voltages were on those other strands, but since there are no fuses, I suspect any kind of short could be catastrophic.


This is all of it, three transistors, a bridge rectifier, and one lone capacitor and two resistors.  There is some kind of control circuit with a dab of epoxy on it to make things blink.


Take a look around your house, and see if you or your kids have such things.

If they do, make sure that the UL label is on them.

This crap from overseas is so poorly engineered; I doubt that they have them in their own houses.

Examine the pictures for your amusement, and then take action to make sure you don’t have anything like this in your house.

If you are of a mind to share this with your friends, and family, you might save a house, a Holiday or a life or two.

Much Love- TW


Oh, and have a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Holiday!

What if Donald Trump had been a Democrat ?

Would we be more pleasant with one another? I wonder.


Tearing the fabric of our country to pieces is a process, and it starts at the top.

If you can observe without getting emotional, one can learn plenty.  When your emotions are triggered objectivity is lost, and the end result will close poorly.

History is fraught with example after example of how evil behavior leads them into war.  Today we have given the most juvenile troublemakers a megaphone, and those miscreants can hide behind a pseudonym while spewing their hate filled venom.

Some of this propaganda is coming from outside of the US.  There are reprobates in other countries who use their power of the pen (keyboard) to inject hate into an already inflamed situation.

Dialing back the rhetoric, if you talked with everyday folks who are not glued to The View or CNN or Fox News or those horrible night time activist, you would quickly learn that everyone wants the same things.

  • A Safe country
  • A nice place to live and raise their family.
  • A job that pays a reasonable salary
  • Entertainment without politics
  • Good affordable healthcare
  • Sensible energy and food cost
  • An economy that works for the American people first.

I am confident that I am missing things in this list, but the point is we all basically want the same things.  This same list would apply to the folks in Russia, Africa, the UK and of course our good friends down under.

Now imagine if Trump were a Democrat.

Stirring up emotions is what they do. What if they tried spreading some love instead of hate? Would people watch? Do we watch them so we can feed our hate demons?

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The View, and late night comedians (activist, including Bill Mahar) would be singing his praises.

They would all be talking about his accomplishment and how feckless the Republicans were.

Even If President Trump were a feckless moron, the MSM would be defending him and calling out the naysayers as evil pawns for the antagonist (insert Russia or pick a country.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Saint Petersburg

Trump, however, has decided to Run on the Republican side of things.  This made it easy for the MSM and their toadies to launch a full out assault on him.  Their rhetoric did not stop there, however; they took it several steps past the politicians, and they went for the supporters of Trump.  They cut off their proverbial lifeline to sanity and went after every day mom and pop and their children.

Now we have a personal attack on half the country by people whose gravy train with biscuit wheels is being threatened.

“If you become rich as a public servant you are a crook.”

Without too many exceptions that statement you can take to the bank.


Why is it that the wealthiest counties in the whole country are around DC?  Even the lamest most math-challenged individual out there can put this formula together.

This animus created by people who are not looking very far down the road is resonating with people.

The first people this resonates with are people who are not that well informed.  They hear snippets here and there of the propaganda, and it sinks in.  CNN pays good money to have all the airports play their propaganda 24X7 at all the airports.


cnn airports
This is straight out of Pravda. Control the media to control the people!

Why would you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to airports to play your news channel?  They could make the argument it is for their advertisers, but you would have to be a fool to believe that is the only reason.

98% of their coverage of this president is negative.  Even with the recent North Korean Summit and pathway towards peace in Korea, they put a negative spin on it.  Those that sit hours on end in the terminals hear this propaganda over and over.

They then go to their end destination and most probably parrot what they heard.

kim trump
This is worthy of the Nobel Prize and CNN and others are calling it lame and foolish. They went so far as to say that KIM is taking our president as a fool.


Had Trump been a Democrat we would hear how wonderful he is, and I am sure that Fox news would be dissing him.

This my friends and fellow Americans is where we find ourselves.

Where does all the animus come from and what effect does it have on normal Americans, you know the Deplorable.

Is He Punchy?
This is a sad way for his career to end. Keep in mind that their talents are to be able to read and remember a script and emote. Rocket science and common sense is not a requirement. Case in point intelligence seems vacuous in some. You’re out of the Circle …

The hostility exuded by not only the press but the elite snobs in Hollywood filters down.  Where does it filter to?

  • Mass shootings?
  • School Shootings?
  • Shootings in general?
  • Attacks on Senators playing ball?

Obviously, there was more to it than pure vile rhetoric but, did that contribute to it?

After the Florida shooting CNN hosted an event allowing emotionally fraught children to address the world.  One young lady “Selena” was given a script by CNN and Democrats who hate Trump. Her message or purpose for being there was to tell the world how this was Trump’s fault and that he is personally taking millions from the NRA.

Conveniently they did not mention this shooting.  Did Obama take millions from the NRA too?


People listened because we will focus on an emotional outburst like a moth goes to a flame.

This young lady was so disrespectful to a sitting president it floored me!  When I watched more closely and saw the senator from Houston behind her, and it became crystal clear.  From Day one this man has wanted to impeach Trump and has been slapped down even by Pelosi.  His hatred for Republicans is monumental.

“Never let a good tragedy go to waste.”

This is the mantra of the left. Instead of trying to heal a nation they, in fact, poured gasoline on the fire while exploiting children to further their “destroy this country agenda!”  Not just children mind you but truly victimized children.

florida missteps
It is easy to blame the NRA but here is where the failure started. Why not go after the root cause of the issue?

The debased behavior of the media and Hollywood is culpable for the volatile environment we have in this country today.  Their actions are tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theatre!

Trump is a polarizing figure, I get it.  Look at what he has accomplished in spite of the obstruction from the left in his first 500 days!

It would seem to the people who don’t let their emotions control them that the left would be ok with Nuclear war if it destroyed Trump.  They would be ok with China taking over the world if it hurt Trump.

ratings chart
Is this the driving force behind what we hear and see on TV?

This is the way it seems to fair-minded people who look at both sides of the story.

The discourse in this country is in part the media and the Hollywood Elites fault.

When Icons of the Silver Screen stand in front of a crowd and yell Fuck Trump that resonates with other haters.

Their ratings are sliding into the abyss, should they think about being funny instead of attacking the president of the United States and half the citizens that voted for Trump?

If I throw a pebble into a pond, the waves will eventually have some effect on the shoreline.  If I toss in a boulder, the waves will overwhelm the shoreline.  If I have a meteorite crash into the Gulf of Mexico, we will have another ice age.

Every action has some effect on others.  that is the point of that paragraph.

Artist depiction of what killed off the dinosaurs.

The Loony behavior of some are everything from pebbles to boulders.  Hate is like a virus, it is catchy.  Love is also like a virus as it is catchy.

Which will you spread with your actions today?

Much Love -TW



A word about Hugh.


I myself have or had little use for or knowledge of Hugh Hefner.

I have read through his magazines over the years as some of the articles were, well written.

As an artist, I found his models posed for the most part in a respectful/artistic way.  Unlike the porn we have today which is hard not to stumble over on the internet, Playboy was rather bland in comparison.

As a mature person, I remember some of the early magazines with clover leafs over nipples, and what have you.

If a (person) makes a conscious decision to model for a magazine like his, who are we to say anything? Our first lady was a model of impeccable taste.


As many of you know, I worked in the Advertising industry for years.  Sex Sells!

We, humans, are geared for sex. Men are more visual creatures and I can tell you that the advertising industry knows that all too well.

მაგარი ქალი და მაგარი მანქანა

Hugh knew it too and made his fortune selling the sizzle and not the steak.  Hugh sold the fantasy and portrayed that fantasy in his silk robe and pipe.  That fantasy sold millions of magazines and to be absolutely fair, started many young ladies careers.


The Religious folks are now trashing him on social media and folks, his sin was no worse than theirs or mine or yours. Sin is sin is sin!  Unless you are Jesus Christ himself, you are a sinner! If you feel differently, you clearly don’t understand sin.

To judge this man is not their job, that job is reserved for God.

To judge me, or other writers who might write some tawdry novel is not your job, or theirs.  It is gods Job, and I am ok with it.

I talk about marketing and what sells.  Sex sells not only in a visual medium like the centerfold, but it sells in my novels where I paint a picture with words that are what?  They are a fantasy for you to enjoy.

Some folks are so hypocritical.  One of my friends was upset with her husband because she caught him looking at pornography on the internet.  Sticking out of her purse was a copy of 50 shades.

50 shades

To me, that is like having a diet coke with a slice of German chocolate cake thinking that will help with your diet.

I can paint some pretty graphic pornography with words as can many of you.  Porn is porn and your sin is no less sinful than his.  Men are visual and women well, like their porn too, they just like it disguised in romance novels.  The idea of being held down while the burly stranger that you have been teasing with rips your silky panties off you is…porn.


I am reminded about casting the first stone and me for one live in a glass house, as do you.

Hugh lived a life that most men only dream of, I would guess.  He had 7 girlfriends at one time and I would bet it was not all peaches and cream.  I can say that because I have read the bible several times and King Solomon had several hundred wives and several hundred Concubines.  Can you imagine what his household was like?

Judge not should be all of our mantras, it is certainly mine.

Whether you are a “religious” person or not, judging others is not our job.   For the religious right to call him the names that I am reading is just wrong.  My theory is that they are jealous of what he had and what he did in his 90 odd years so they are using the bible to beat their chest while being a bully to those who don’t know all of the facts.  They are wrong on many levels, and it is sad.  It is actually a sad day for Christianity as it is a terrible role model of what Christ was about.

I understood Hugh did many good things with his wealth while he was alive, so again, judge not.

God has this….

I for one believe that one day we might meet one another. I will shake his hand if he/we indeed have hands in heaven.

If you just muttered under your breath that we will meet in hell, man, examine your soul!

RIP Hugh.


Much Love -TW

The Meatgrinder from Hell, or Smashwords and the Writer…

Yesterday instead of writing on my latest novel I took time to assist other writers and authors with what I have found regarding Word and Grammarly.

Tonight, instead of working on my 26th book I thought I would spend a little time to assist my fellow authors with Smashwords.

Firstly, Yuck!

Ok, I am better now, Smashwords was the first e-publishing site I used and the first to sell my work of more than 6000 words.

To break into this field, I think writing for magazines is a good introductory torture test.  Before that, I wrote for newsletters, and I wrote training courses for technical stuff.

After the premature death of Stargate  Universe, I was pissed.  I loved Rush and most of the characters on there, but more than that, I loved the concept.

If you followed the series, the writers were hitting a dry spell, and one could tell it.  It happens in the best of series, and it is evident when the episodes start to mimic each other over and over again.  I would bring in new writers often to keep something going, but what do I know?

Wait, I know a lot, I worked at an advertising agency which was also a PR firm.  All too often we sought the counsel of others outside our teams.

Fan Fiction started me writing more than stories of 6000 words.  I was so upset with the way that they ended the series that I decided to breathe new life into it. I did.  As I started on the ten thousandth word I thought, man; I am wasting some good juice!

File, Close, don’t save, were my next actions.

Under Roswell started that night.

Four years of working on a novel while working a day job was a challenge.  Under Roswell up till recently has been my number one seller.  The Saga of the Starduster has passed it by a huge margin, and a quick thank you to those of you that are one of my readers.

Twenty-five and a half novels since the end of Stargate Universe and I am still a creative beast.  We writers spend much time in our little worlds and those of us who have a family, know this to be true.

Smashwords is not one of the easiest places to publish.

The process by which your material is blended with their program to make a cohesive manuscript is cumbersome.

I use the latest Microsoft Word for editing and creating my books.  I tried some programs sold by people who think that they know what you need or want but, either they did not work as promised or were kludgy to use, or were not stable.  I won’t mention names but, save your money and stick with Word.

No program for $39.95 is going to compete with Word.  Prove me wrong, and I will write a blog about how great your program is.   To date, I have looked, and it is not in existence.  Full disclosure, I have not tried the “free” office programs.  If you have, tell me (us) about them.

As far as Smashwords is concerned here is the easiest way I have found to get your stuff published without too much of a headache.

Create your document as if you were going to upload it to Amazon.  Use your heading1, so you have a way to navigate quickly to your chapter starting points.  Smashwords tells you not to do this. Bunk!

Here is the trick…

Before you start the arduous task of creating the TOC, per Smashwords…Save your document as word 2003 version.

From that document, now open it up, take your table of contents that you created with Word, highlight it, CTRL-X, and paste it into notepad.

Now CTRL-C it, from notepad back to where it belongs in your document.  This will clear out all of the crap that word stores in it.

Now, Using your navigation tabs that Smashwords does not want you to have, create bookmarks to every chapter heading.  Without your navigation aids, you will have to scroll through your entire document which I found can make one dizzy.

Insert, Highlight the heading, click bookmark, and type some abbreviation to the chapter heading.

Do not use CH1 or 2 or so on as once again, they tell you to do.

Once you have bookmarks created, that you recognize as the chapter headings, then go to your TOC and create hyperlinks.

From top to bottom, create a hyperlink from the TOC to the corresponding bookmark.

If you follow their advice about CH1 through X  all too often, you will get confused, and the chapters will not match up with the correct bookmarks.  Your mileage may vary but in 20 odd novels what I just did, works well.

Now, when you are happy with it, save it once again with a different REV number so if there is a screw-up, you can go back to the previous version.

Once uploaded to Smashwords and it tells you congratulations yada yada go and download your creation to an  EPUB.  It will open with Edge probably.

Go to your TOC and check the links to make sure that they all work.

With this last upload of Saga of the Starduster only the first few links worked.  Hmmmm

They all worked in word?

I did the creation of the TOC in word 2013 instead of the 2003 version of the document.

There were no hidden anything in the bookmarks, which is something else to watch for.

Going back to the start, I did the process I just told you about in the 2003 version, and it worked fine.

Now, juxtapose this upload with Amazon… Are you ready?

Too many try to get authors to pay them to do this for them.  I can understand the frustration especially with the meatgrinder from hell but… Amazon ????

Create your manuscript as you normally would.

Create your TOC as you normally would using the references tab.

Save your document as Webpage, filtered with the name of the book and rev number.

Upload it in your normal way.  Viola works every time!  The first time it works!

Now, Amazon might come back and tell you that it found a misspelled word or two but you can choose to ignore them if you like.

I cannot, I go and fix them and re-upload.

Smashwords does not tell you if you have misspelled words.  Smashwords will tell you if it does not like your formatting or any number of other things that did not work right for one reason or another.  In short, the sigh of relief takes hours, if not days with Smashwords.

Draft 2 Digital, a competitor to them, takes your work in just about any format and creates all that stuff for you.

Why am I taking the time to elucidate on this?

Firstly, I am doing it for you my friends, followers, and fellow authors.  If I can make life easier for you, and your efforts, I am happy to do it.

Secondly, Smashwords started me on this road to self-publishing, and I would like them to ramp up what they are doing.  If Draft 2 Digital can take my raw manuscript and make it look good with little effort on my part, that leaves me to do what???? Write, and not try to figure out why the meatgrinder pooped out my document to now resemble El Torro De Poopoo !

Amazon is responsible for 70% of all e-publishing sales.  Smashwords will not upload your books to Amazon until you sell over $2K worth if that has not changed.  You can upload it yourself and beat the crowd.

About 85% of all my sales are from Amazon or Kindle Unlimited.

Barns and Nobles and Apple along with Smashwords make up the last 15%.

The founder of Smashwords rightly points out that a new author may not sell $10 worth the first year.

Your pen name is your brand, and you must get your brand out there.

I actively market my work on social media and that is what I am working on when not working my day job, or writing.

If you like this information guys, follow me!  Share me (or my work) by clicking on one of these buttons.

I will be expounding on marketing later, and I would love your input.  To make this worth my time and effort, I need many more followers, so do your part!

There are many pearls of wisdom here, and we can talk about so many different aspects of writing or publishing or what have you.

Those of you who are following me here, Thanks so much!

If you have read any of my books, Thanks!  They are selling nicely worldwide but, to quit the day job I need at least one of the 25 to go viral.  If one goes viral, many of the rest will follow.

Those of you who have contacted me through the website know that I really care about working with other authors.

Join me and the others, as we struggle to make our mark on the world through the literary process!

Much Love  -TW