I was out at a restaurant which I go to on occasion.  This particular place is family style dining complete with homemade pie.


Once I sat at the table after ordering, I noticed on the wall next to me was a post card from a patron.  The card was rating the place.  Surprisingly, the patron excoriated the place for having a picture of Katy Perry hanging above it.  Their claim was it was offensive, and it should be taken down.

Folks, I saw nothing offensive about it as a patron or an artist so what they were talking about I had no clue.

If you are like me, you talk to multiple people daily.  Some are simply curmudgeons and are lost.

Something triggered this person who did not put his or her name on it.  I can only guess that it has something to do with her stance on LGBT issues.  They run askance of the Christian “be like Jesus” bubble and therefore some might find her picture offensive.

Firstly as Christians, we are called to love the sinner, not the sin.  That in and of itself should absolve the issue of her picture being offensive.

Secondly, on this issue, God knew exactly what she was going to do when he formed her, and did it anyway.  Since he has a habit of turning good from not so good, I would think placing their trust in him should be enough.

If I had to guess, I would suppose that was the trigger for the comment.

Ignorance on their part does not constitute a boycott of the restaurant, and for that reason, I will go there more often and make a point to get on Yelp and say nice things about them.  Their food is great, and the people are really super friendly folks.

If you find yourself in the Dallas, Texas area, look up Mammas Daughters Diner and give them a try.

Save your fork as you will want some pie!

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Started work on my 26th novel today.

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Witches Warlocks and Dragons…Oh, My!

I have introduced spirit guides in my latest novel.  Do witches have a history with them?  As it turns out they do.

The picture above is from an earlier novel that I wrote about witches.  It is a fun read.

Voices from the Past


Witches Warlocks and Dragons…Oh, My!


I love writing about magical things.  Firstly it is so much fun to allow your imagination soar to wherever it wants to take you.  In the world of the writer, there are no rules.  Physics just does not exist unless of course, you write Sci-Fi.

As a science fiction nut, I am often displeased when I go to the movies and see that the writer failed to take the simplest of truths into account when creating his or her film.  People who understand physics and such should be hired as they do on Big Bang theory.  Most of those things that they talk about are well founded in fact.

House with Hugh Laurie was researched, and indeed some of those were actual cases.  The success of the program in part was due to the writers taking the time to get it right.   Now I love Hugh Laurie, and I would forgive any fopaux as long as he was doing his best.

Guess what, books about witches and warlocks and dragons must have some “authenticity” as writers over the years have developed standards.  They have in fact developed their own facts much like vampires that cannot go into the light.

If a vampire put on sunscreen could he or she then go into the light?

In Back to the Future they had the Flux Capacitor which is a plot device with no credibility what so ever and no history.  Time travel, however, does have accepted norms so the paradox of killing your grandfather is something that the writer must consider.

I have introduced spirit guides in my latest novel.  Do witches have a history with them?  As it turns out they do.

Many today believe in some sort of spirit guide.  We all have that little voice in our head nudging us in one direction or another.  A perfect example of this is the following.

Years ago I was headed to some town to meet with a client.  Time was pressing as it often is with our hectic schedule.  Before we had GPS and cell phones, I was driving to the location when I got the strongest of urges to take the loop around the town.  The town was Houston, and the loop is a good distance out of my way.  Following that nudge, I took the loop.  In those days we listened to the radio that gave traffic updates.  The truck that I had been following full of drill stem, had jackknifed a mile past the exit to the loop.


Had I not listened to that little voice, I would either have been severely affected by a time delay or maybe involved in that accident.  I have learned to follow that little voice.  One could wonder if that was coincidental but, that is not the only time, and when I have not followed it, I suffered the consequences.

Spirit guide, angel, a loved one looking after me, who knows for sure.

I happen to love the lore around animal spirit guides so, in this book that I am working on; my witches have animal spirit guides.

I think I know how it is going to end and so far it is a cool ride.  I have twelve witches in our modern day world with the queen’s sister still in the 1300’s which might make up the 13th for the Coven.

How do I get her from the 1300’s to 2017?  Do I?  Do I send them all back to the 1300’s to defeat the evil dude?

What about the Queen’s betrothed who is also in the 1300’’s? What about his dragons?

Do I dare bring dragons into our world, in this day and time?

Can you imagine dragons mucking about with large passenger jets?

The story takes place near Salem which is not exactly rural.  Hmmmm …

As you can tell, I still have some things to work out.  Last night they had a ceremony in the woods where they met their spirit guides.  If you had an animal spirit guide, what would it be?  Why?

This book is coming along nicely.  I created a dragon which is rather impish and small in stature that is used to deliver messages.  He also can find things or people.  He has attitude, and I have named him Rex.

On the front cover is Rex… Wait till you see him!  He has this face that looks like your dog that just ate your purse and looks at you like, So?   I am a dog, I eat shoes and purses, what did you expect?

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