Lost In Space II

Would you trust Dr. Smith?

Ok, I did it, I binged watched the season with my company. This is the most TV I have watched in twelve months. The cats in my lap made it bearable.
I still love the characters. I like how they are being developed.
The writing is still too predictable…There were no surprises for me as I knew what I would do as a writer.

  • Have you watched it?
  • Were there any surprises for you?

Breaking the laws of physics with the alien thing is a great way to invent your “flux capacitor.”
I actually try to stay within the confines of physics so the plot will be more interesting to those who are nerdy enough to understand that sort of thing.
Until season II is released I guess we can sit back and pontificate on where they will go with this story.

  • I give high marks to the special effects crew.
  • Again I love the characters.

If you have Netflix go and watch it and tell me what you think.

Much Love -TW

Response to an E-mail

Should we move the second hand on the doomsday clock?

“Wow TW, you don’t think much of humans do you?”

Yep, that was from an e-mail.  This person took objection to me comparing humans to cockroaches.

“At least we know some people read my blog and think to send me a note…” 🙂

Let’s try and put this into context for them, shall we?

If you are comparing apples to apples some are tastier, better looking and even more resilient when it comes to resisting bugs than others.  Comparing apples to oranges gets a little bit trickier.

When you compare humans to each other some are definitely more stable, intelligent and wiser than others.  That does not make them any better necessarily it just makes them different.

The average IQ of the average human is around 100.  Anything above 100 is, of course, your thinkers, your higher level strategizers and so forth. Stephen Hawking, rest his soul, was right up there with Einstein which I would guess to be close to 160.

Anything over 160 borders on insanity…fyi…

I personally do not put much stock into the whole IQ thing as it is a way of assigning a number or value to people, putting them into a hole if you will.

In Saga of the Starduster, I talk about humans coming into contact with a race of very intelligent people with high IQ’s.  How does that work out for them?

So, compare humans to a race of folks who can build an interstellar craft, alter time, and shift in and out of this reality at will.

Now compare the thinkers and philosophers to people who spend their countries fortunes on building a bigger and more powerful weapon that is capable of blowing up the planet.  They starve the very people that they need to work the farms and provide the resources for their pitiful excuse of a government to function.  Short-sighted does not even come close to accurately describing them.

Then you have the class of folks who want everything for free until it is their turn to pay for “everything” for others of that ilk, and then they wake up.

I think comparing some individuals to cockroaches might actually do a disservice to the cockroach.   Do you realize that if one of these “leaders” actually touches off a nuke and kills us all, the cockroach might very well be the lone survivor?  It has evolved into a pretty good machine.  Putin was just quoted as telling the UK not to threaten a Nuclear Power.  Are we moving the Doomsday clock closer to midnight?  Even he knows that those are toys you will never get to play with.  If that Geni gets loose again there are too many others with those kinds of toys who would not want to play too.

“The meek shall inherit the earth…Are cockroaches meek?”

Stephen Hawking was a personal hero of mine.  I wish I had met him. Not only was he very smart, thought outside the box and did not let others browbeat him but, he was a survivor. Last night when the news broke that he had passed, some person was quick to report that he used to run over the toes of those that he did not like with his wheelchair.  Why they felt it necessary to besmirch the character of such a great man minutes after his death boggles my mind.  Some people are very small indeed!

Had he run over my toes, I would have been honored just to be that close to him.

As far as science, physics and Quantum physics go, Stephen was a giant!

While I may be in hot water with one of my readers, Stephen called us once an advanced breed of monkeys.  Think about that one.

I hope that clears up my comparison.  No, I don’t think humans are dullards or cockroaches.  I do know that we can be self-serving, lazy, petulant and downright idiotic. We can also be benevolent, brilliant and beautiful, which are you?

By the way, since I have finished the Nudists series for a bit, I am back to work on Gods and Insects.  Several more chapters sprang to life from my nimble fingers the other night and I like the way that it is coming along.

Look for more updates soon.

Much Love -TW

Ghost Signal from Colorado Springs

My latest release! Ink is still wet!

Number 26 is published on both Amazon and Smashwords!!!!

After three months of toiling away over a hot keyboard, I put the finishing touches on it last night about 2 am!

Folks this is amazing!  I love how this book unfolded and how it turned out! “So will you.”

I believe that there is a niche market where science fiction and romance conjoin to make a good story.

I love romance stories, and l love Science Fiction.  It seems only natural to write a story that has both elements in it.

Unlike Saga of the Starduster, this one is YA.  Yes, there is implied sex but, nothing explicit. I think a young adult can handle that.

So let me tell you a little about this novel.

In a galaxy far far away …” too much?” There is a planet that is orbiting a binary star.  This binary sun is getting closer and closer to the other sun which they fear will Nova taking out the solar system.

What they do not realize is that Nova is not what they need to fear, if the two become one it turns into a magnatar which is deadly for the entire area. Not just that one solar system.

Anyway, they send out ships to find a new place to live.

There is a catch… A race of advanced beings with the weaponry to back it up have dubbed themselves the universal police.  They have laws which forbid contact with worlds that are pre-space.  Yea, I know that trope has been used before, but it is a good one.

The first race, the Bindane find the Earth.  Landing they find cave dwellers.  These creatures look little like what we do today.  Smaller brains, much hair, no verbal communication and oh yes, they will eat one another if they are hungry.

The Bindane are in a quandary, do we stay here and work with them, or keep looking…

They had been in space for many years.  Some of the Bindane leave without permission and have at it with the locals.  Flying around in their smaller ships, they explore much of the world and conquer it.  Having sex with who they choose soon human Bindane hybrids are running around.

Humans with an IQ of 60 and Bindane with an IQ of 250, you can quickly see what is going to happen.  The hybrids all of the sudden can solve puzzles, invent tools and find more efficient ways to kill.  This is why the Xylars, (other race) forbid this kind of activity.

Intelligence without wisdom and empathy make for smart evil people. Unless love is the foundation for who or what you are, the rest is meaningless.

Without giving away the story, it is an inexpensive read! $2.99 from either Smashwords or Amazon!



This book is well worth your time and I encourage you to check it out and please give me feedback.

I was going to write about Grammarly but I think writing about my newest release is a better use of my time.  I have some new tricks with Grammarly I am going to share with you in the days to come.  Is that a tease or what?

Yes, I want you to come back and I want you to tell your friends or family or even your mother In law!

You might like your mother in law… LOL

I will love your mother in law for some feedback… 🙂

We writers cannot rest on our laurels, however.  I already have an idea for #27 and I have an idea for a screenplay.  Which should I do first?

Much love -TW

Hole In time

Just when you think you have it figured out, physics changes.

Sitting next to folks at lunch or the local Starbucks I noticed that many of you read.

Carving out a slice of time from your hectic day to take a small mental vacation, I came up with this series for you Sci-Fi buffs

Episode 1 through 9 are on Amazon Kindle Unlimited meaning you can probably read them for free.

The Pilot episode is on your standard Amazon, Apple, Barns and Nobles and so on.  Since it is the pilot and pulls the story together, for marketing sake, it needed to be widely distributed.

The series took about six months or so to create, the feedback has been awesome and the readership rather robust.   If you are one of them, Thanks so much!

Ben and his crew of the Brooking haul cargo from one stop to another while traversing the galaxy. After picking up some rare mineral on Treglia, a planet in the outer reaches of the universe, things take unpredictable twist and turns.

We meet earth’s early ancestors as well as ancient Martians as we float through each episode.

Ben finds himself the last human male alive on a ship full of women.  Does the race die off or does Ben and his crew think outside the box?

These are all lunchtime reads so let me know what you think!

The artwork was created on an IPad Pro, with different art software currently available on Itunes.
The story is a product of an overactive imagination always asking “what if” and Red Bull!

While there, check out my other novels.  Currently, I am working on a novel with Dragons, Witches, Shamans, Pirates, and Sirens  …