Enough is Enough!


If you have paid any attention to the news in the last two years, you undoubtedly have picked one side or the other.

Trump is a natural person to dislike, and the reasons are apparent.  Few, if any of us like bullies.  Trump most probably was, and might still be a bully, as is, and was Biden.

While Biden invited Trump to the back of the school Gym, I feel that Trump would have, and could have done the same.  Biden is most probably lucky that Trump did not take him up on his sophomoric stunt for the media.

Here is the catch; Trump is our bully fighting for the American People. His arrogance, hubris, and sometimes caustic attitude are actually tools he uses to put America First.

Still, many just see those attributes as negatives.  No matter what he does for this country, the left focuses on Trump being the new bully on the beach.  The left were the bullies, and they piss on everything, taking ownership of it. Now Trump is pissing in their pond, and they don’t like it.

Two years and 25 million dollars later, their insurance plan has failed.  Mueller protected his own reputation after becoming rich on American Tax dollars by speaking the truth of it.  While not entirely exonerating the president as his last act of defiance, he found no legal wrongdoing.

This man and his minions hate the president and are the uber-powerful left.  Unlike the false evidence created by those in the justice department, and the other pond scum, he was not willing to fabricate things to further destroy this country.

The media has successfully done their bit to degrade the fabric of this country making us vulnerable in so many ways, including spreading dangerous lies as facts. Some people are so blinded by hate they want to believe the propaganda spewed by America’s enemies, (the media in bed with big business) and will never accept the truth.

In fact, the hateful folks on daytime TV, as we speak are calling this verdict round one. They are pushing Democrats to further divide this country by encouraging them to bring in more voters who will vote democratic. The left cannot win a fair fight, so they don’t even try.

We are victims of the left, and their thirst for power, as they play their lies to those that will listen.  Anyone blinded by hate would rather hear lies than the truth.  This is how Satan works, and this is how the left is working.

I have rejected Hollywood by not watching them in the movies, TV or even listening to them on social media.  They are so hateful that what I see of them ruins any illusion they might try to create on the silver screen.  If and when I see them, who they really are is what I see!

Further, I have rejected the MSM as they too are hauling water for the powerful, who can be purchased by the lobbyist for special interest.  As we watch Venezuela deteriorate, caused by corruption at the top, we should be mindful that corruption by people like these in their country is what caused it.

Someone owes the taxpayers 25 million dollars, and someone owes the American people one hell of an apology.

Yes, Trump is a bully, but he is our bully.  Without the bias in the media, if you just look at the facts, you cannot help but see it.

If I were advising him, I would tell him to get a dog and be seen with it.  He needs to show the non-bully side of him to the public.   I would not mind seeing that dog curled up by the fireplace in the Oval.  Even Patton had a dog…

Our first lady is a class act, I would like for her to convince him to show more of what she loves about him, to the people.

This man needs a PR Firm and just possibly they should handle his twitter account.

It is past time for the country to be healed.  We need to reject the hatefulness of the left wing media and the Hollywood elite who must be controlled by the same special interests, which have corrupted the process of how we run this country.

Politicians will tell you they must have a divided country to win elections.  If everyone were for the same things, which most of us want, what details would we use to choose to make decisions?  The two party system is flawed, and by nature, it pits us against one another.  Much like the shirts and skins in high school sports, politicians make it life or death games.

The left has taken this to the extreme with corruption at the highest levels of our government, and we the people must take a stand.  Either go the way of Venezuela, rejecting what we know to be right, or put on your big boy or girl knickers and tell your representatives that enough is enough.

There must be an investigation of the wrongdoing by the left, and people need to pay for this.  Justice requires no modifier, and we the people deserve to see those that have perpetrated this fraud on our system of government, prosecuted, to the fullest extent of the law.

I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, Justice for all should be your standard.  If Trump were wrong and guilty, I would want him behind bars.  Now we know he is not.  Justice for the American people is necessary. Those who perpetrated this hoax must be held accountable!


National Association for the Advancement of White People

How far could a white person get starting an organization just for white people?




You can’t do that!

Why not? 


Folks, if you follow me here, you know that I rail against political correctness. Why you ask?

Here in the US, we have this thing called the constitution.  Some would love to chip away at it which those of us with a brain will fight tooth and nail against.  Many countries don’t have such a luxury of freedom of speech.  We do and you nutjobs are not taking it away!

Political Correctness is a way to do away with your free speech.  Without changing the constitution you are being subjugated by bullies.

You are willingly giving up your god given right to speak your mind.  Don’t do it!

So, here are my thoughts.

I am a white person.  I make no apologies for my lineage, DNA, gender or sexual preference.

I have been maligned by some as I don’t take crap from folks.  Life is too short.

Driving around today I heard an interview with a person referring to Girls in the Boy Scouts. The argument was vapid as was the person making it.

Some liberal-leaning person is pushing this agenda for reasons that I can only guess are to shake up everything that you think you know.

Turning everything upside down in the ordinary person’s world will take their attention away from the more significant clandestine activities that the MSM will not report on.

We are always bombarded with red herrings like girls in the boy scouts or boys in the girl’s showers.  If they rile up the masses on “PC” issues than you will not be paying attention to the other skullduggery like the corrupt department of justice, or the top officials at the FBI breaking laws to undermine the president of the United States.

If you know anything about a magician, “magic” is almost always accomplished with a form of distraction.  Those high up in the government learned this a long time ago.

Never watch the shiny object, look at the other hand.

The same is true regarding girls in the boy scouts. Unfortunately, they are destroying an organization which young men today genuinely need.  With absent fathers, these young men need guidance from other Men that would be a mentor for them.  Instead, this will work against the fabric of this country by destroying the young person’s ability to connect with men of good moral character.

The simple facts are that young people today who grow up in a dysfunctional family without both parents around look to older kids for mentoring.  If these older kids who also grew up in this environment are not of good moral character your child is screwed.  The child is left without too many options. Yes, the culture in Black neighborhoods is especially hard hit and that is a sad state of affairs.

The NAACP should fight this.

Where the hell are they?

While I would offer to you that is one more step in making boys less virile, I think it might blur the line a little where sexuality is concerned.

If there needs to be an organization where both sexes can play and learn together for god sake, don’t let it be the Boy or Girl Scouts.  How about just Scouts of America.

This question really rises from the ooze of political correctness when one asks if there should be any organizations which are sacrosanct?

Either there is, or there is not.  If there are not, I as a white person want to join the NAACP.  White is a color, isn’t it?   Has the NAACP lived past its usefulness? Has the BSA lived past its?

If you want to do away with racism how about leading the charge and do away with organizations that cater to one skin color or sex.  If the NAACP is ok then, why not the NAAWP  (National Association for the Advancement of White People.)

Who would stop me, or you?  

Do you realize that many folks of color who read this will immediately dredge up visions of white men with white sheets and burning crosses?  How sad is that?  The KKK was a Democrat formed entity BTW.

The NAACP was created in 1909. Do we still need it?  We had a black president what else do we need?  How about the Black Caucus, what if we had a White Caucus?  Do you see the problem here?  Do you see the huge double standard?  Fix it!

White people are being silenced by racism through the PC culture.  Screw that!

It would seem to me that one way to defeat racism or prejudice would be to do away with all such groups who are not inclusive of all people.

I just wonder what the backlash would be if I started the NAAWP? The PC police would brand me as a heretic or a racist or both.  Neither is true, but the loudest voice would be that of the NAACP and Al Sharpton or Van Jones the communist.

CNN would have something to talk about other than Russia!  At least that would be refreshing.

The double standard is glaringly blinding. With left-leaning groups destroying the fabric of the BSA I hesitate to think of what the unintended consequences will be.  Maybe the girls can get the boys to play Barbie or Dress up with them?  I fear this will lead to yet more PC Pussyfication of the men in this country.

  • Boys need BB Guns.
  • Boys need Dogs.
  • Boys need to learn to work out their differences with others without mommy around.
  • Boys need to fish and hunt and yes know how to carve with a real knife.
  • Boys need to rebuild some old beater with Dad assisting them instead of getting a brand new car when they turn 18.
  • Boys need a job so they can have pride in what they buy vs expecting mommy or daddy to provide.
  • Boys need to take chances and learn from their mistakes.
  • Boys need to do manly things before the PC police tell them that we don’t keep score.
  • Boys need to feel the satisfaction of victory or learn from the sting of defeat.
  • Ladies, if this is your doing you are messing up.


I will undoubtedly get some pushback on this blog, and that is ok.  If they are fair-minded they will know what I am saying is fact.

If not, I can ignore with the best of them.


I just don’t know what is happening to men in this country.  Is this that way where you live?  Are men still men, or are they only heroes on the weekend in front of the telly?


  • Girls do not belong in the BSA.
  • Boys do not belong in the girl’s shower.
  • Boys do not belong in the Girls Scouts.
  • If you are not sure of your gender, take a look inside your underpants.
  • After you get out of schools where young people of both sexes are, and you are still not sure then, by all means, go have a sit down with a professional.


Don’t you even dare think that I am some sort of anti-gay person either?

If you have any doubts, read some of my novels, that will quickly dispel your preconceived ideas.

I have known too many young people who were experimenting, or confused, but after college decided that their birth sex was what they were. It was almost as if it were cool to be gay.  Today I am a girl and tomorrow I am a boy.

C’mon let’s not go there.

Experiment away from your peers.  We don’t need a lot of children with some PTSD from seeing a well hung young man showering or dressing with them.

What I am espousing is common sense, and this blog is a starting place for conversation and or debate.

Keep it civil, and we can chat.

Ok, I have other things to do so off with you!

Thanks for reading and following me.

Have a great Friday and super weekend, and by all means, take some time to brighten up the day of someone else.

I find that serving others helps me stay grounded in who and what I am.


Much Love!  -TW


What if there were no politicians?

What would it take to get the news media to just report the bloody news?

I have said it time, and time again the news is toxic. Everything you read or hear is suspect.  Are they just telling you the facts or are they practicing yellow journalism?

There was a reporter who I knew personally that years ago reported that the scanners at the airport were safe and not as invasive as the pictures were showing.

I know better, and I called her on it accusing her of practicing yellow journalism.

What is Yellow Journalism?

Basically, it is half-truths.

“Officer, did you try to stop the bank robber?”


“Did you pull your service revolver?”


“Did you pull the trigger?”


“And the bank robber still got away with the money?”


“Your excused officer.”


“Boy, I am sure glad they didn’t ask me if my gun was loaded.  I keep my one bullet in my pocket just in case.” He thought.

That is an example of yellow journalism.  Albeit fictitious and oversimplified.

My friend was telling the world via the news media that the scanners at the airport were safe and one would get more radiation at flying at altitude than using the scanner.

The lie or half-truth is that they are two different kinds of radiation.  Flying at altitude is cosmic radiation which is known to cause skin cancer.
Many Pilots get skin cancer from spending many hours above 30,000 feet.  If you are a frequent flyer, go see a dermatologist regularly.

“You really do get used to having people examine all of you…NA, not really!”  On my last visit, she looks at me in the face as I sat there with that flimsy paper gown falling off and shakes my hand and says. “It was nice to see you again…”  Think about that one.  She had just finished examining every nook and cranny.  Rude bits included. “Nice?” I know, I am overreacting.

The kind of radiation that the scanners at the airport use are ionizing radiation which penetrates your body much more in-depth and does more damage than that of cosmic radiation. Yes, your chromosomes and DNA can be messed with.  From cancers to who knows what.

What does that do to your eyes?  Can it heat up the internal structures of the eyes causing them to get cataracts or maybe stop functioning as they normally would?  I know, let’s ask someone in the news who has stock in the company that makes the machines, that will certainly get us the truth!

And then there is in some back room someone looking at everybody’s naked body one at a time.  While I would imagine that they would become numb to it after a bit, the powers that be, are lying to us.

Is the old Jack Nicholson quote true? “Can we not handle the truth?”

Goddammit, this is America, not some third world dictatorship!  Or is it?

What brought this to the forefront is the media and their complicit passion of assisting the liberal hooligans who want to disarm Americans and sell their poison using every disaster that happens as a wedge to pit one American against another.  Then you have paid operatives who stir the animus created on both sides to further the schism that they have created.  The chasm is already so deep that a Trump voter had best not tell anyone who he voted for.  Did you see the guy get pulled out of his car and beat up because he had a Trump/ Pence sticker on it?

Today there was a politician railing against guns.  He called the rifle “fully semi-automatic.”

I am sorry you ignorant moron, the non-shooting public may be traumatized by your rhetoric but the “truth” is, it is either fully automatic or semi-automatic.  I have no effing idea what a fully semi-automatic weapon is.  It is kind of like being fully half naked.  I am either dressed or naked, not both.

How about clam chowder soup?  It is either chowder or soup. 

How do they find these morons to interview?  Do they give them a script?

Lies and half-truths are to manipulate the voters.  They need to tie all gun violence to the NRA and the Republicans. Entirely a false narrative but so many will hear “fully semi-automatic” and say, “we need more gun control!” Not having a clue that what the moron just said was bullshit!

I really do want accountability in the press.  They should not be able to knowingly lie to you. In government parlance that would be collusion.

What are the long-term politicians afraid of?

Do you want to know who is crooked in DC?

I can tell you an easy way to determine who.  While this may not be 100% accurate, I bet it is at least 95% correct.

Those that are squealing the loudest like a pig stuck under a gate, foolishly not supporting our president are most likely the ones that need to go. Their gravy train with biscuit wheels is being threatened by a man who cannot be bought.

Do you realize how many people have run for office on getting term limits passed and it has never happened?

It is time for the crooks to be prosecuted and those long-term “politicians” to go home.

When the media is in bed with the snakes in the swamp, we the American people are the victims.

  • Is it time to look at how we elect our “rulers” and lawmakers?
  • It is past time to look into the appointed demigods who think that they know better than you?
  • Is it time to hold the press accountable for creating this rift between the American people?
  • Is it time to tell comedians that they are not funny when they poke half of all Americans in the eye with a stick?

If you want to take over a country, you control or dismantle the press. In war times they took out the transmitting towers. They jammed the airways keeping the people from hearing the truth.  Some countries do not allow any outside input to get to their citizens to keep them in line.  Of course, they also do not have any weapons, so they are entirely subjugated by the ruling class. We are headed that way, and our press is complicit with those that want to destroy this country.  Why?

  • If you voted for Trump, good for you.
  • If you voted for Hillary, good for you.
  • If you voted for Bernie, Bless your heart but, good for you.

At least you voted!

I would like to see legislation passed to hold the press accountable for knowingly spreading lies and propaganda.  Whether it is for ratings or some darker more nefarious purpose, it is time to stop the hate, and that starts with the media.

It should not make any difference which network you watch.  The news should be the news.  Journalism in our country seems dead at the moment, and I believe that the community organizing of one community against the other is to blame for it.

Like labeling on cigarettes, if some talking head is “opinion” based a label on the screen should alert the viewer “Caution what you are looking at and listening to is biased opinion and not necessarily the truth.”

Who is behind this community organizing?  Who is spreading so much vile hate and ugliness? Who is promoting these lies and myths at the expense of children?

Hold these people accountable.


That is all!

I am going back to writing fantasy as I create the rules, the settings, the relationships and I can kill whoever I want to! I can also love whoever I want to.  There is power in the pen, and that is doubly true for the keyboard and a fertile imagination.

Please check out my site, my tweets and most of all my novels.  The last one is selling like hotcakes!

If you have a comment, feel free to agree, disagree or just say hello.  Please keep it civil as I really am about stopping the hate.  Hate is toxic! 

Love will fix a lot of blunders and just stupid prejudices, and that is what I am about. There is no room on this earth for bigotry and hate, and it starts with you; Love someone.


Much Love -TW


The Gun Debate, A Solution.


Let me say this about that!

Did you ever just want to scream?

I am not given to fits of outrage.  I am just not.  I am old enough and wise enough to know that some people are just not as intelligent as their dog.  In fact, their dog should probably put them on a leash.

I could write this blog in one sentence.  I could save you the few minutes it will take to read it by just telling the American people much less the world how to solve this issue.  The answer is simple!  The problem is people.  People who think that they know better than you how you should live, think, etc.  That is the problem, and those people want to continue to be empowered to control you, so they muddy the waters with absolute bullshit!

Here, try this solution.  Put those signs in every school or every building that say “This is a gun free zone!”  It will work because it is a law!

Now, who among you thinks that will work?”

“If you think that is the solution you seriously need to read some history, not the redacted version but actual history.  Study the real unvarnished history of man.” How about the rise and fall of the Roman empire for starters, how many of you have studied that?

No, we have pansies walking around looking for things to be offended about.  Oh, my this history is so terrible let’s just take those statues down and remove them as they are horrible.  If nobody sets the people right, this country will fall without one shot fired.

There is actually something very dark going on in this world, and it has to do with destroying this country.  This country is the best country to live in bar none. Sorry, my international friends, I still love you but, where I live is the best place to be, so far.  It will be until the people that want to destroy it are successful in doing so.

I am not going to give you a history lesson on this blog as you would stop reading it, and that is a problem.  Don’t confuse me with the facts!

What would twitter or Facebook look like if it had been around when Hitler came to power?

“Hitler Hitler he’s our man….”  I can see it now!

Twitter or Facebook would be singing his praises while downplaying the atrocities that they were committing. They would, in fact, be distorting the truth and making the Jews out to be disserving of extinction to protect their anointed one.

What would it have looked like when Stalin was killing millions of his people by starvation?”

“We need to send our food to other countries and starve to death as that is the thing to do! We need to sell it for more guns and weapons so our fearless leader can keep us safe!  If you don’t starve to death for our leader you a racist or whatever the evil term was in the day.”

The hell of it is there will some that read those last two sentences and will not know what I am talking about.

Had this country had the gun laws that Australia and other countries have now you might very well be speaking German or Japanese.

“Oh TW you are mellow dramatic!”

“No, don’t think so.”  The reason we are not speaking Russian is that we have nukes that are aimed at them like they have them aimed at us.  One nuke detected sets off the end of the world.  How is that for a cheery thought?

That is no joke, that is why rogue nations must not have them as one nuke launched would end the world period.  There are no winners with nukes, even “strategic nukes whatever the hell that is?” By the time we went to sort it out and discover that a mouse ate through a control cable shorting it causing the nuke to launch, we would all be dead.

Stopping the Japanese in world war II with two very inefficient nukes worked, we were the only ones that had them.  Had Japan had them I dare say that this planet would look much different.  Yes, they would have had their revenge but would probably not have been around to witness it. There is always that chance, had they had them they might have been smart enough to realize that they should not use them?

Do you know how the Russians got them?  Hmmmm?? Yes, a spy gave them the plans who was working with J.Robert Oppenheimer. Klaus Fuchs was one of the guys caught and only received 14 years for his treason. The only reason he did not get killed was that Russia was classified as an Ally back then.  What do we do with our treasonous people now??? Shit, you know what we did.. He is now a girl on the taxpayers’ dime and an activist.  PFFT!

“What does all this have to do with Guns TW?”

Japan did not even think about coming on shore on the mainland because they knew that every farmer in the land was armed and dangerous.

If those who are being manipulated with their emotions had their way, they would disarm the American people in a heartbeat.  Just like they did in Australia and Mexico and countless other places.

If you want to fix Mexico, give the people their guns back! I dare say drug traffickers and gangs might think twice if they thought that they might get shot.

Know why it will not happen??? C’mon take a guess…

The government any government loves a disarmed public so they can do whatever the hell they want!  90% tax rate, no problem what are the peasants going to do about it, we will have CNN tell them it is for the good of the country!

“Still thinking more gun laws as the answer?”

If the signs saying this is a gun-free zone would not work, why would more gun laws work?

Who obeys laws?

Honest people obey laws.  Criminals do not, nor do they have any respect for them.

“Ok TW you are so smart what is the answer to the problem?”

“Wow, glad you asked.”

The solution is not as simple as there is no “do this” and it will stop.  That is another reason why these stupid, inane arguments about gun laws are a waste of time.

“If it is a waste of time why are they mentioning them, look those actors are spending their time telling us that we don’t need guns!”

“Yes, those actors with armed bodyguards are telling you the peasants that you don’t need a gun.” “Are they telling you to eat cake too?”  Just curious.

Every time there is a shooting these sycophants for the Democrats parade out the same old tired arguments that anyone with a brain knows are useless.  So why are they doing it?”

They know that more laws are pointless too.  The idea is to paint the other party as the bad guys and make it appear that if it were not for the Republicans, those 17 innocent children would be alive today.  They do this so when election time rolls around they can paint the NRA and the Republicans as white, gun loving, god fearing, beer drinking, misogynists, good old boys, and, get you to emotionally vote against the very people who are trying to protect your rights.  It is a high stakes card game with you the American people as the chips.  Those playing the game don’t care who gets killed or hurt, in the process.  To them, it is about money and power!  The party in power takes the money from lobbyist and large companies to write laws that help them, not you.

If they cared there would be no sanctuary cities anywhere!

If they cared they would focus on immigration and fix it.  They don’t want it fixed.
This is in fact so transparent even the most dimwitted of voters should be able to see through it.  CNN and their ilk will create propaganda until the story cools down and have it ready again once another loon does something stupid.

“These gun free zones seem like a good idea?”

“Actually I would and will argue that there should not be one gun free zone ever!” If I was a bad guy that is where I would go as it is a soft target.”

Here is the skinny whether you like it or not.

Mental health is the most significant part of this equation.

If I could be involved with the forensics of this case, I would want to know several things.

  • What is this kids background
  • What was his home life like
  • Was he a good student
  • Was he social or an introvert
  • Did he have friends
  • If so who were they
  • Did he play violent video games
  • Did he give any warnings on social media
  • Were there any triggers?
  • Did he have a girlfriend?
  • Was he on drugs, legal or otherwise?

In short, I would develop a profile of this kid and compare it to the other loons that have shot up places.

Yes, then I would take that data and provide it to school counselors and other mental health professionals who could look for similar profiles or traits among their students.  I realize that this is thinking outside the box of being politically correct but, what we are doing is not working for us, so why not try something new?

I would develop programs where social media of the students was monitored by the school.  It is public, so if that program saved just one life, it would be worth it. These kids are constantly bombarded with crap and in many cases don’t have a father and or mother around to talk with.  The family unit needs help Hollywood…Do you care or is it all about ratings???

We still don’t know why the guy shot up Las Vegas.

Why that case is still in the dark is beyond me.

My heart breaks for these families.  It truly does.  I am also distraught with the Hollywood ilk who want to take your guns away!  Shit, arm the teachers and administration in all the schools.

As far as this kid is concerned, when they are finished extracting any useful information from him, I would have him executed by some other method than putting him to sleep. I would want to make an example of him to copycats. Classify him as a domestic terrorist and send him to Gitmo.  If you think you are going to do this and you don’t get killed in the process, you will not be treated well once you are found guilty!

I know it seems brutal and it is.  Instead of pussyfooting around with brain dead misfits, make it known to them that the consequences will be dire!

To you elite knuckleheads who think that gun laws are the answer, please learn some damned history!  You are wrong, and you are selling the country down the road to hell.  People look up to your pedantic verbiage because you can read a script and emote!  That my thespian friends place the burden of more responsibility on your heads so be careful of what gobbledygook comes from your narrow view of the world as it is.  Not everyone can afford a bulletproof limousine and an armed bodyguard!

While they totally ruin the state of California with their vacuous ideas, I would not put much stock in anything some nighttime comedians or other personalities have to say.  Without good writers, they are probably fairly dull individuals.

The enemy is inside the courtyard and is attacking us with our own ignorance! And boy are we dumb!  Anyone who cannot see the forest for the trees needs to get the hell out of the woods and take a look around.  “Yes, that is a metaphor for you MSNBC CNN zombies.  They are feeding you poison. Russian poison to be factual.

If I seem upset, it is because I am.  This miscreant did have all sorts of warning signs, and they were all overlooked.  He legally bought the gun which he used.  With the warning signs he produced, how the hell is it that when he applied for the gun ownership, something was not triggered?

Speaking of white, when did it become a crime to be white?

And god, when did having faith in god turn into a mental illness? They will say anything for ratings.

I am sorry Hollywood, but you have lost my patronage on anything that you turn out.  I happen to think seeing people in person has much more value than spending money watching what you turn out.


Were we raped? That depends on what Is “IS!”

It is time we all look a little harder for the truth!

“Not my child!  My child would never do XYZ the parent decries before presented with the evidence from the officer.”

Today a memo was released from Congress that depicts a trail of deception and outright lies and corruption perpetrated against the American people.  Non-elected officials in the highest levels of government colluded with their pick for president, on ways to keep Trump from getting elected.

While her crimes were evident and egregious, those people gave her a pass, while going after the opposition who will not play ball with the power brokers.

Big business and Insurance companies banked on and made plans for Hillary winning the White House.  The fix was in.

As a writer of fiction, I am not sure I could come up with this.

Hillary first cheated Bernie out of the primary.  CNN’s Donna Brazil gave Hillary an advance copy of the debate questions, and she later wrote a book telling about how Hillary controlled the entire process at the DNC breaking all the ethical rules with only one goal in mind, winning at any cost.

Paying for a fake Dossier full of Russian created propaganda, they leaked it to the FBI and other news agencies.  Once a news agency printed it “Yahoo News” they used it as corroboration that it was a real story even though they leaked it to Yahoo and others.

Armed with fake news they sought to get a judge to allow them to “wiretap” the Trump campaign which they did.  They never told the judge that it was based on a dossier paid for by the DNC.  They, in fact, lied to a federal judge, not once but three times.

Colluding with Russians and others, they misused people at the top of the food chain to try to overthrow an election.

This was and is a three-pronged approach.

  1. Discredit Trump, so he does not get elected.
  2. If he gets elected, use the fake dossier to get him impeached
  3. Failing that, get a special counsel appointed to keep Trump occupied and on the defensive until the mid-term elections so the Dems can take back the House and Senet.

CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and others are all in bed with some power brokers to continue the attacks on Trump, the GOP and you and I.  The idea is to continue to divide the country keeping the vitriolic rhetoric forefront and center.  The rhetoric is so hateful that opposing views cannot even be discussed with friends as emotions have been injected into the process making it impossible. The narrative is not about Trump’s accomplishments but instead about a fake dossier and Russia.

The MSM goes out of their way to make this personal and emotional to keep you the public stirred up.

Those of you who watch those news agencies got an entirely different picture of the facts and truth.  You, in fact, have been lied to and brainwashed.  Late night comedians and actors of all strife are engaged in the process as well.

An example of emotional manipulation is this. Sarah Silverman stated, “with all this talk about an abortion she thinks she would like to eat a fetus!”

Take an emotionally divisive topic like pro-choice or pro-life and then interject hyperbole and you can get someone’s attention.

From wearing Vagina Costumes to pussy hats media attention for the Trump Hating crowd becomes easy.

A dislike for this president has jaded many and made the truth impossible to swallow so many would rather believe the lie, “not my kid!”

Close friends of mine did not believe that their kid was taking this poison smuggled across our border. “Not my kid!”

Not at breakfast one Sunday morning before church, they went to find him in his bed, dead.  He had drowned in his own vomit!  Drug overdose!

Moral of the story, “yes your kid.”

“Yes, CNN and others are pawns for someone who wants to destroy those that will not play ball or those that cannot be purchased.”

The truth of the matter is the power brokers don’t care if it is a democrat or republican who is in the White House, they just have to be open to being purchased.  If they are a public Servant and they are rich, follow the money! Everyone has a price unless of course, you are Trump!

Yes, Avenue K is real, and the power brokers are real, and the deep state with all its corruption is real.

Our country was set up to give most of the power to the states.  (it is called federalism) Democrats want all that power in DC so they can control where your money goes and to whom.  All of it! Some in the GOP are still Republicans, but some are just as corrupt as the other side and want the power too!

We need Term Limits to clean up the corruption, and that is where things need to go next.

Once we clean up the corrupt men and women who don’t play by the rules, we then need to fix some other things like term limits.

While CNN and company would have you believe that this is nothing, I promise you that it is much larger and more serious than Watergate.

A tiny percentage of the corruption was made public today, and it was interesting to see the Dems try to spin it.  Sycophants of the left will buy it.  They will fall lock step into line ignoring the drug paraphernalia and other tell-tale signs as the truth is too hard to swallow.

  • Could Trump really be putting America First?
  • Could he actually care about undoing the damage done by previous administrations?
  • Is he really trying to bring industry back to the USA?
  • Does he really want to help the middle class who has been screwed for decades?
  • Look at your 401, the stock market and unemployment figures.

I know it is an inconvenient truth, and there are those on the left that give OBAMA all the credit but, “yes your kid!”

“Hate is a poison that you take expecting it to affect someone else.”

Hate kills, let it go!

I am working on my latest Thriller Gods and Insects! I think some of this will be fodder for a chapter or two. Diamond Jo is on Sale for the month of February, only $2.99!

Happy Valentines Day!

Much Love!