What if you did something that caused the death of someone?

What if it were the death of 4 million someone’s?

I don’t know about most people, but I hate being lied to.

The mainstream media in the US and I suspect elsewhere is spinning yarns most probably created by the Chinese ministry of propaganda. If Anderson Cooper tells me it is sunny outside, I am going to look for myself.

I don’t believe a word I hear on CNN or MSNBC. That also applies to Apple News, Amazon news, and a host of other mega-media conglomerates who control the narrative around the globe.  

Those who pander to the overly emotional non-critical thinkers among us disserve what they get. Yes, good sheep, keep nibbling the grass; soon, all your troubles will be over…as you fall off the cliff.

People need to learn to think and know when they are being manipulated.  It’s very easy.  Sally Struthers if you remember back that far was excellent at it.  Walking among squaller and mostly naked children she would cry, how can you just turn a blind eye, help these children!!!

Of course, about 8 cents of every dollar actually fed the children.  PFFFT

If any news anchor makes some emotional plea, you are being manipulated.  The goal is to snag your emotions, hook your child, and get you to do some action.  If nothing more than develop anger for some opponent through lies and deceptions.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

There is a preponderance of evidence that the US-funded the lab in Wuhan, but Fauci was instrumental in what they were doing. There is this whole semantical argument he is making about what gain of purpose means.  

If you are old enough to remember Clinton telling the world he did not have sex with that woman, it depends on the definition of IS IS…it is the same argument.

While Fauci might not have stained a pretty blue dress, he might be instrumental in the death of over four million people and the utter decimation of the economies of over 180 countries.

In his mind, and he is on record saying this…

“If that is the case, the research was worth it.”

I have lost loved ones. I cannot speak for you or the other 4,000,000 who have died but, I don’t think Fauci can speak for us either.  With the Delta Variant still rampaging around the world, now we have the Lambda variant, what new horrors will it bring?

Viruses are harmful to play with as they are single-strand RNA.  They morph too damned easy.

His e-mails and papers are out there, but you might need to use Mozilla or Dogpile.com to find the correct metadata. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are filtering it so you will never find it.  Anything Covid related comes up to the official government script, created by God knows who.  I suspect China.

Before this is over, someone besides governments beholding to the communist party of China is going to demand answers. 

The truth is out there; we are just not getting it because we don’t need to know. 

“There is the grass sheeple, go eat.”

Just wear your mask, obedient slave. Take any shot we offer, and don’t ask questions.  The research will be worth it, eventually.

If again, you use another search engine and research mRNA virus research, you will see that those players today have been at it for years.  They were relegated to using humanized mice as lab rats. Now they have the whole fucking world as their oyster.

While the research might be worth it, someday, and Moderna, Pfizer and J&J might have a new cancer drug they can use to target cancer specific DNA, at what cost will the research come?  

Yes, I am a sci-fi writer. This stuff is morally bankrupt, and creepy.




Blinding light or slow and sickly, what is your choice of death?

Would you like to play a game?

Only in the annals of fiction do we see something so idiotic.  Let’s play a game, shall we?  Um, I will send a thousand or so nuclear-tipped missiles at your country while you send a thousand or so at ours.  The rest of the nuclear world will get involved because, why not? It’s the only game in town.

China just lobbed a threat of Nuclear War against the US.  Why?  The Biden administration is being forced to ask the tough questions?  Where did the covid virus come from?

With emails from Fauci to the scientists at the lab recently surfaced, we now know that the likely source was the lab in Wuhan. 

Let’s put that into perspective.

3.69 million people have died because of this virus.  We need to have Nuremberg-style trials, and Fauci should be among the people to testify.  

It’s not just the US that wants answers; the rest of the civilized world wants to know where it came from, who authorized it, and how do we stop it from happening again.

This virus, unlike those viruses that target certain ethnicities knows no boundaries.  The folks that created it are just as vulnerable as those farmers in parts of the world that don’t even have electricity. 

Megalomaniacs need to be held to account. That is what a tribunal is for.  We don’t threaten our adversaries with nukes for asking questions. 

The game is high-stakes poker with no winners, should you make one mistake. 

Maybe some scientist like AOC could tell us how many nuclear explosions it would take to change the climate.  The squad seems to know everything about climate change but, perhaps they should bring in the other expert from England, Greta, you know, the girl with the deadly scowl. 

Even as our military seems focused on the correct clothing for pregnant officers and political correctness, I would not want to test them when it comes to who is offended by some woke bullshit.

There are no winners in this game.  Only losers.

Stoking the flames of racism as a distraction for what is happening in this world only goes so far. People are watching actions and not the news; they know it is propaganda for the woke bullshit.

They see that their paycheck does not go as far, and Gas is right back to pre covid prices even though many are still not driving. Why did someone kill our energy independence and give it to Russia and the Emirates again?  Why Joe?  Why weaken the US at the expense of strengthening our adversaries?

Do you think that the American people are that stupid as not to notice, or are more race wars your answers to the distractions?  There are many useful idiots out there that can occupy any city you like for a price.

Speaking of Race, did you know that the Tulsa Race Massacre was perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan, democratic society for the advancement of whites. Yes, the Democrats were behind the massacre, and yet Biden foolishly shined a light on it, I would guess in hopes that nobody would figure it out.  

Many believe the Civil War was between the north and the south, but not so.  Democrats loved their slaves and did not like Lincoln and his ilk trying to say that the Black man was equal to the White man, which he is.  Can you imagine being so full of yourself that you think your skin color makes you better than anyone else? I cannot.

The Civil war was between the ideals of Democrats vs. Republicans. 

It took a war to sort out the facts from fiction, costing Lincoln his life in the process.

As recent as LBJ (Democrat) who famously said, I’ll have those N**** voting Democrat for the next 200 years.  Care to bet if he knew any KKK members?

Biden admired Byrd a famous KKK leader.  True story.

Snopes and others try to downplay it, saying there is little evidence of it but, there is a video of him saying it.  Nice Try Snopes.  BTW Snopes is run by democrats, biased much?

Why racism?

Our emotions control us, and everyone that is in power knows this.  That is why just about every news blip you see on your phone has an emotional hook in it. 

If we wanted to stop racism, we would stop talking about it. I know of nobody that judges someone by how much melanin they have in their skin.

Knowledge is power, and education is the key to a successful life.  Hate will shorten your life.  Hate only hurts you.  BTW, I would go to the library for your knowledge as the internet is constantly scrubbed of things that liberal-leaning folks don’t like.   Much like Facebook, google, youtube and Twitter, it will never see the light of day if it does not fit the narrative.  

When they shut down Parlor, anyone who is the least bit fair-minded should have gone ape shit bonkers. Much like the Robin Hood app pulling the plug when the GameStop fiasco began.  Those that were bidding were playing by their rules, and someone in control stopped them.  IS the stock market fair? Not for thee, only for them.

Paper books from the time are more reliable than anything you read on the internet.

As far as nuclear war… Well, that would take care of all of the hate in the world as the cockroaches would be the only creatures to survive it. Radioactive fallout, much like the coronavirus, knows no boundaries either.  Your best bet would be to learn where the targets would be and go there before the first blinding light occurs.  Better to go out quickly than die a miserable lingering death of radiation sickness. No, there are no safe places on this planet if anyone is that stupid, demented, or just crazy.

I was speaking with a friend of mine about current events when we touched on the UFO stuff that is supposed to be released.  I said, “I hope there are aliens, it would be nice to have some intelligent life to speak with.”

Obviously, I was overstating things but the point is, if you read the news blips and dare, I say it, watch the news you too might conclude that we have gone bonkers as a people.  Who in their right mind pulls a gun on cops?

If China created this virus, which it looks like they did, someone needs to be held to account.

It’s not the people, it’s the government who gave their blessings.

If Fauci was involved, he too needs to be held to account.

Those are my thoughts for today, I hope you all are well.

Assuming China was saber rattling to clatter the bones of a rather geriatric basement dwelling executive who often is not sure what day it is, I will continue writing my latest thriller.

Told from the eyes of an unreliable narrator, with some paranormal activities, it should be a good read.

Much Love -TW

Open letter to Dr. Fauci

Are you ready for 2021?

Firstly, I want to thank you for all that you do and have done. 

You have undoubtedly witnessed the chaos in our country’s streets, not only in the USA but also in London and elsewhere.  Much of the turmoil stems from fear, anxiety, and an uncertain future.  Sadly, much of the anarchy stems from the mainstream media hyping the virus, using it as a political cudgel to manipulate an election.

Many deaths I fear are due to misinformation.

Anyone who has ever worked in PR knows the way to manipulate the masses is through their emotions. Emotions such as fear, hate, and revenge are the go-to emotions to stir people into action.

As a writer I use them to engage the reader.  It would seem the media does the same thing.

I wanted to put some things into perspective. This open letter, addressed to the good doctor, is available for intellectual debate and not emotional pandering.  The time for emotional opinions is over.

I think we have seen enough of this childish behavior in the last four years.  The uneducated talking heads read the same script, and spew opinions from people who have no idea what a micrometer is, much less a nanometer.

‘Stay six feet apart and wash your hands!’

Is that you the best you got?

While many pundits are pleasant to look at, they appear less intelligent than the virus. They are actually screaming fire in a theatre.

It worked, the crowd stampeded while burning cities, killing innocents, and the pundits placed the blame on those trying to stop it. They told us that the virus was not an issue to the rioters but for those who want to go to church, the virus was evil and would attack them.

In speaking with people worldwide, when you boil it down, we all pretty much want the same things. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the virus.

The virus can only be seen with an electron microscope.  The virus is, in fact, .001 to .004 nm.  Compare the virus with a perfume ester or a molecule of smoke; you will see that they are sized around .4 to .7 micrometers. 

Here is a more descriptive measurement for you. 001 Nanometers is exactly 1e-5 micrometers. Your mask looks like chicken wire to the virus.

Put in laymen’s terms, if you can smell perfume, smoke, or anything wearing a mask, the virus can easily penetrate it, in either direction.  Yes, that includes when it is encapsulated in moisture.

Will a mask, not a bandana, blunt the distance a virus can travel during a cough or sneeze? 

This is another misconception we need to deal with.

When this first started, I believe you, Dr. Fauci, were telling the truth.  A mask would offer no help or protection. 

When we wear a mask, or even a cloth covering, we force our exhaled breath to travel as if on a jet toward the ceiling or along the Y-axis. This is why our glasses fog up.

If you have ever sat near a shaft of sunlight in a room, you undoubtedly noticed the specks of dust leisurely tumbling as if suspended in a zero-gravity environment.  Had you patted the couch, pillow, or what have you, you would have seen a plume of these tiny particles escape the surly bonds of earth’s gravity to float around the room until once again gravity caught up with them, hours to days later.

Even with the moisture, that virus goes like a rocket.  The virus goes up like a mushroom cloud or through the sides of your mask.  If you got a thermal imaging camera, you would see just how ineffective a mask is.

The media does not want you to realize this, because complete submission to the powers that be seem to be the goal.

If you want to fight the virus, I think education and the truth are the right places to start, don’t you?

You might say, well, let’s get everyone to wear a spacesuit or walk about in a bubble.  I am certain that Amazon will have a link to such a thing, right after it is mandated from the government.  Five will get you ten the Chinese are already creating such a thing to sell on Amazon.

By the way, how much have you spent on masks, hand sanitizer, and such this last year?  How much of your lives have been disrupted?

We should address the lifecycle of a virus.  Yes, I know a virus is not ‘alive’ in the most real sense of the word but, for argument’s sake, let’s pretend that it is.

As the virus finds lovely warm moist places to thrive, ‘your sinuses,’ the excess viruses the body sheds. This is how we spread the damned thing.  Might this also be the way that the virus does not kill its host?

If we wear something that does not allow us to shed the virus, this is a question, does it not make sense that we are taking in more of the virus, allowing it to be much more effective than if we were to get rid of it?

Lastly, we need to find a way to determine just how airborne this virus is. I propose we invent some dust buster equipped with a material that will collect virus samples and other viruses and bacteria in an area to be tested.  The device’s purpose would be to find the PPM of viruses in different settings and elevations such as high rise buildings.

I have ideas on how this would work; if interested, ask.

I want to search elevators, offices, hospitals, yes, sports stadiums, grocery stores, etc.

The problem is, the virus is invisible.  We need to find a way to shed light on it, to know where it is safe.

We look at the airport terminals, and everyone is standing 6 feet from each other in line.  Once in the plane, they are all next to each other like sardines in a flying coffin.  

What is the PPM of the virus on an airplane?  What sense does it make to social distance in the terminal?  Are we all that stupid?

I think you will find that the virus is airborne, and there is no safe place to be.  My gut tells me that is how it made it to Antarctica.

If dust can stay aloft for hours on end with much more mass than the virus, what effect will gravity have on something so tiny you need an electron microscope to see it.

For my usual readers, thanks for hanging in there with me.  We need to get this to our leaders.  I can think of no better way than to get it to go ‘Viral.’  Yes, that means to press it, blog it, retweet, and so on.

If I am wrong, tell me with facts that you can back up.  Not because ‘I said so.’

China should be taking the lead on this, but I suspect they do not want to appear inept and certainly don’t want to admit this is their screw up. 

Oh, and there are politics involved, so they need to take polls, canvass the people, and have countless meetings to draft thousands of pages of a bill including money for gender studies in Pakistan before they come up with funding to research how to see the virus.

Do you ever feel that we could do without DC? Just possible each state should leave the US and become the country of…  I live in Texas, I like the idea of Texas as a country.

The virus is the enemy, and we need to learn all we can, including where it is in the highest concentrations.

It is not rocket science; think outside the box.  We need to find a way to ‘see it.’

For laughs I did some research on the size of the virus.  It would seem that some reporter has completed some research and the virus is much larger than what we have seen and witnessed.  It is now larger than smoke molecules so you are safe to wear the mask and fly the friendly skies.  A reporter has said it is so and you know they would not fib.

Hey reporter, can you show me the virus in an optical microscope and not an electron microscope? Pretty soon the virus will be larger than beach balls…  PFFFT Anything to get your fifteen minutes.

There is one thing the reporter and I can agree on.  An improperly worn mask will allow more contaminants in and out.  So, how exactly do you properly wear a bandana?

Here is one last item for thought.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The world has spent the last nine months sequestered from the normal things we would encounter.  We have avoided bacteria, viruses and alike.  As we continue on the track to flatten the effing curve are we not also lowering our immunity to other things that normally we sluff off with a runny nose or perhaps feeling ‘icky’ for a few days?The world has spent the last nine months sequestered from the normal things we would encounter.  We have avoided bacteria, viruses and alike.  As we continue on the track to flatten the effing curve are we not also lowering our immunity to other things that normally we sluff off with a runny nose or perhaps feeling ‘icky’ for a few days?

Are we not setting ourselves up to be floored by the common cold, which is also a corona virus?

BTW, if we can come up with a vaccine for the Covid virus in less than a year, which is a corona virus, why do we still have no vaccine for the common cold? Is money the reason?

I won’t hold my breath for a reply.  I know the answer.  It revolves around politics and money.

Much Love -TW

Open letter to the presidential team on Covid-19

It appears we know less now than we did.

Dear Dr. Fauci and company,

I think it is fair to say that information and guidance regarding COVID has at best been inconsistent.

Early on, I asked if the virus was airborne.  We were told no.

The virus is .004nm in size; you need an electron microscope to see it.  If we were to examine a mask under such a device, one must wonder what a mask would resemble.  Instinct tells me if one can smell anything wearing a mask, the virus will go right through it.  Most esters and smoke particles are much larger, around 4nm.  If you can detect the scent of hand sanitizer or the Sulphur from a lit match, either the mask is ineffective, or you are not wearing it correctly.

If your breath is fogging up your glasses, guess where your virus is going?  Yep, into yet another orifice, your eyes. Of course, it is now vertical or on the Y-axis.

Do you feel like people are too stupid to grasp this concept, or perhaps you think the mask is a psychological placebo, giving the masses the illusion they are doing something?

Is the virus airborne?

Have we attempted to trap air samples in crowds to determine the virus’s PPM?

I read where you have said that vitamins and other costly efforts are ineffective against COVID. Let’s look at the converse, are there things we do that make us more likely or susceptible to the virus?  

At this time of year, typically, many of us get a flu shot.  Usually, after we take one, speaking for myself and others I have talked to, we develop mild cases of flu-like symptoms afterward.

Does this scenario not make us more susceptible to catching COVID since we are now less well?

Even though the virus is dead, our body becomes a factory of sorts for antibodies that act as if they are attacking a live virus.  It appears our body is creating tiny ‘soldiers, antibodies’ to stand at the ready.  Is this an accurate portrayal of the immune response?

Since our body is creating antibodies, I suspect that it lowers our immunity to other viruses besides COVID.   Why do we feel horrible after a flu shot if it is not the flu? Does the response to the virus trigger those same mechanisms like a fever? Are we more susceptible during this time?

While on the mask’ philosophy,’ here is another question.  If we have a virus and are shedding it, if we are continually inhaling our breath, are we not adding more viruses to our system?  

Instead of shedding it as our body most likely does in self-defense, wouldn’t wearing a mask make the symptoms worse?

Lastly, I would like to visit with you about re-infection. Let’s assume the reports about re-infection are accurate. 

If one is infected and their body builds up antibodies, is this not what a vaccine does? 

My understanding of vaccines is this.  An antigen is introduced into the body.  This act triggers an immune response, which I have loosely talked about previously.  The body’s response develops antibodies which will identify and destroy invaders like Covid-19. 

If this is factual, either the re-infection is due to some anomaly with this virus or, we are overwhelming our bodies with the virus by inhaling large quantities of it, which would otherwise be shed through normal respiration.

Is the mask a good idea or not?

If I understand the physics of the virus and the body as laid out, I would think a mask is a terrible idea.

Now I realize some non-medical people will question my logic of wearing the mask and the size of the virus. 

For you, the explanation is straightforward. 

Once the virus becomes part of your respiration, the moisture, you know that humidity that fogs up your glasses will contain much of the virus.  While that which escapes on the X-axis will be blunted, remember that a percentage of your breath travels on the Y-axis both up and down past your chin. Your breath will moisten the mask over time as water droplets are much larger than the openings in your surgical type mask.

I am dying to see if we get an answer.

I will tag him, but if you want a response, re-blog this.

Re-tweet it, and so on.

We need to know these things.  I am sorry that journalism in this country is dead.  One would think someone in the media would have asked this.

Much Love -Tw

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