The Gun Debate, A Solution.


Let me say this about that!

Did you ever just want to scream?

I am not given to fits of outrage.  I am just not.  I am old enough and wise enough to know that some people are just not as intelligent as their dog.  In fact, their dog should probably put them on a leash.

I could write this blog in one sentence.  I could save you the few minutes it will take to read it by just telling the American people much less the world how to solve this issue.  The answer is simple!  The problem is people.  People who think that they know better than you how you should live, think, etc.  That is the problem, and those people want to continue to be empowered to control you, so they muddy the waters with absolute bullshit!

Here, try this solution.  Put those signs in every school or every building that say “This is a gun free zone!”  It will work because it is a law!

Now, who among you thinks that will work?”

“If you think that is the solution you seriously need to read some history, not the redacted version but actual history.  Study the real unvarnished history of man.” How about the rise and fall of the Roman empire for starters, how many of you have studied that?

No, we have pansies walking around looking for things to be offended about.  Oh, my this history is so terrible let’s just take those statues down and remove them as they are horrible.  If nobody sets the people right, this country will fall without one shot fired.

There is actually something very dark going on in this world, and it has to do with destroying this country.  This country is the best country to live in bar none. Sorry, my international friends, I still love you but, where I live is the best place to be, so far.  It will be until the people that want to destroy it are successful in doing so.

I am not going to give you a history lesson on this blog as you would stop reading it, and that is a problem.  Don’t confuse me with the facts!

What would twitter or Facebook look like if it had been around when Hitler came to power?

“Hitler Hitler he’s our man….”  I can see it now!

Twitter or Facebook would be singing his praises while downplaying the atrocities that they were committing. They would, in fact, be distorting the truth and making the Jews out to be disserving of extinction to protect their anointed one.

What would it have looked like when Stalin was killing millions of his people by starvation?”

“We need to send our food to other countries and starve to death as that is the thing to do! We need to sell it for more guns and weapons so our fearless leader can keep us safe!  If you don’t starve to death for our leader you a racist or whatever the evil term was in the day.”

The hell of it is there will some that read those last two sentences and will not know what I am talking about.

Had this country had the gun laws that Australia and other countries have now you might very well be speaking German or Japanese.

“Oh TW you are mellow dramatic!”

“No, don’t think so.”  The reason we are not speaking Russian is that we have nukes that are aimed at them like they have them aimed at us.  One nuke detected sets off the end of the world.  How is that for a cheery thought?

That is no joke, that is why rogue nations must not have them as one nuke launched would end the world period.  There are no winners with nukes, even “strategic nukes whatever the hell that is?” By the time we went to sort it out and discover that a mouse ate through a control cable shorting it causing the nuke to launch, we would all be dead.

Stopping the Japanese in world war II with two very inefficient nukes worked, we were the only ones that had them.  Had Japan had them I dare say that this planet would look much different.  Yes, they would have had their revenge but would probably not have been around to witness it. There is always that chance, had they had them they might have been smart enough to realize that they should not use them?

Do you know how the Russians got them?  Hmmmm?? Yes, a spy gave them the plans who was working with J.Robert Oppenheimer. Klaus Fuchs was one of the guys caught and only received 14 years for his treason. The only reason he did not get killed was that Russia was classified as an Ally back then.  What do we do with our treasonous people now??? Shit, you know what we did.. He is now a girl on the taxpayers’ dime and an activist.  PFFT!

“What does all this have to do with Guns TW?”

Japan did not even think about coming on shore on the mainland because they knew that every farmer in the land was armed and dangerous.

If those who are being manipulated with their emotions had their way, they would disarm the American people in a heartbeat.  Just like they did in Australia and Mexico and countless other places.

If you want to fix Mexico, give the people their guns back! I dare say drug traffickers and gangs might think twice if they thought that they might get shot.

Know why it will not happen??? C’mon take a guess…

The government any government loves a disarmed public so they can do whatever the hell they want!  90% tax rate, no problem what are the peasants going to do about it, we will have CNN tell them it is for the good of the country!

“Still thinking more gun laws as the answer?”

If the signs saying this is a gun-free zone would not work, why would more gun laws work?

Who obeys laws?

Honest people obey laws.  Criminals do not, nor do they have any respect for them.

“Ok TW you are so smart what is the answer to the problem?”

“Wow, glad you asked.”

The solution is not as simple as there is no “do this” and it will stop.  That is another reason why these stupid, inane arguments about gun laws are a waste of time.

“If it is a waste of time why are they mentioning them, look those actors are spending their time telling us that we don’t need guns!”

“Yes, those actors with armed bodyguards are telling you the peasants that you don’t need a gun.” “Are they telling you to eat cake too?”  Just curious.

Every time there is a shooting these sycophants for the Democrats parade out the same old tired arguments that anyone with a brain knows are useless.  So why are they doing it?”

They know that more laws are pointless too.  The idea is to paint the other party as the bad guys and make it appear that if it were not for the Republicans, those 17 innocent children would be alive today.  They do this so when election time rolls around they can paint the NRA and the Republicans as white, gun loving, god fearing, beer drinking, misogynists, good old boys, and, get you to emotionally vote against the very people who are trying to protect your rights.  It is a high stakes card game with you the American people as the chips.  Those playing the game don’t care who gets killed or hurt, in the process.  To them, it is about money and power!  The party in power takes the money from lobbyist and large companies to write laws that help them, not you.

If they cared there would be no sanctuary cities anywhere!

If they cared they would focus on immigration and fix it.  They don’t want it fixed.
This is in fact so transparent even the most dimwitted of voters should be able to see through it.  CNN and their ilk will create propaganda until the story cools down and have it ready again once another loon does something stupid.

“These gun free zones seem like a good idea?”

“Actually I would and will argue that there should not be one gun free zone ever!” If I was a bad guy that is where I would go as it is a soft target.”

Here is the skinny whether you like it or not.

Mental health is the most significant part of this equation.

If I could be involved with the forensics of this case, I would want to know several things.

  • What is this kids background
  • What was his home life like
  • Was he a good student
  • Was he social or an introvert
  • Did he have friends
  • If so who were they
  • Did he play violent video games
  • Did he give any warnings on social media
  • Were there any triggers?
  • Did he have a girlfriend?
  • Was he on drugs, legal or otherwise?

In short, I would develop a profile of this kid and compare it to the other loons that have shot up places.

Yes, then I would take that data and provide it to school counselors and other mental health professionals who could look for similar profiles or traits among their students.  I realize that this is thinking outside the box of being politically correct but, what we are doing is not working for us, so why not try something new?

I would develop programs where social media of the students was monitored by the school.  It is public, so if that program saved just one life, it would be worth it. These kids are constantly bombarded with crap and in many cases don’t have a father and or mother around to talk with.  The family unit needs help Hollywood…Do you care or is it all about ratings???

We still don’t know why the guy shot up Las Vegas.

Why that case is still in the dark is beyond me.

My heart breaks for these families.  It truly does.  I am also distraught with the Hollywood ilk who want to take your guns away!  Shit, arm the teachers and administration in all the schools.

As far as this kid is concerned, when they are finished extracting any useful information from him, I would have him executed by some other method than putting him to sleep. I would want to make an example of him to copycats. Classify him as a domestic terrorist and send him to Gitmo.  If you think you are going to do this and you don’t get killed in the process, you will not be treated well once you are found guilty!

I know it seems brutal and it is.  Instead of pussyfooting around with brain dead misfits, make it known to them that the consequences will be dire!

To you elite knuckleheads who think that gun laws are the answer, please learn some damned history!  You are wrong, and you are selling the country down the road to hell.  People look up to your pedantic verbiage because you can read a script and emote!  That my thespian friends place the burden of more responsibility on your heads so be careful of what gobbledygook comes from your narrow view of the world as it is.  Not everyone can afford a bulletproof limousine and an armed bodyguard!

While they totally ruin the state of California with their vacuous ideas, I would not put much stock in anything some nighttime comedians or other personalities have to say.  Without good writers, they are probably fairly dull individuals.

The enemy is inside the courtyard and is attacking us with our own ignorance! And boy are we dumb!  Anyone who cannot see the forest for the trees needs to get the hell out of the woods and take a look around.  “Yes, that is a metaphor for you MSNBC CNN zombies.  They are feeding you poison. Russian poison to be factual.

If I seem upset, it is because I am.  This miscreant did have all sorts of warning signs, and they were all overlooked.  He legally bought the gun which he used.  With the warning signs he produced, how the hell is it that when he applied for the gun ownership, something was not triggered?

Speaking of white, when did it become a crime to be white?

And god, when did having faith in god turn into a mental illness? They will say anything for ratings.

I am sorry Hollywood, but you have lost my patronage on anything that you turn out.  I happen to think seeing people in person has much more value than spending money watching what you turn out.


Elephant in the Room


I don’t talk much about it, but, the church is an essential part of my life.

Today, stepping foot inside a “soft target” was unnerving for me, but I went just the same.  When someone does something that causes you to change your behavior, they win.

I have an LTC.  There were hours and hours of training on different things regarding this subject, including merely unholstering the weapon and being ready to pull the trigger if the situation called for it.  I was saddened to wear as part of my Sunday go to meeting clothes, a gun.

We live in a time when we can no longer expect others to defend us. Last Sunday when so many died at the hands of a madman, my heart broke.  Unfortunately, you know that there will be copycats.  Church’s are traditionally soft targets.

Nothing in this world is sacrosanct when it comes to lunatics hell-bent on destroying our way of life.

If you are able, I would encourage you to get your license to carry.  Once you get it, take the training to become very proficient with it.  Know the laws in your state or country and then live your life!

In the USA we have laws which are somewhat arcane when it comes to civil litigation.

I have written about this in some of my books as part of the story.  Some lawyers are worse than the shooter themselves in that they would seek to fatten their wallet by finding survivors of the killer and convince them to take the “hero” to court.

The lawyer would find pictures of the person when they were younger, perhaps in scouts or some other school-sponsored athletic event and paint the picture of that kid as a good kid; and not the person who shot and killed 26 people in the church and injured 20 more.  They would paint this person as a saint that had some issue and did not disserve to die at the hands of vigilantes.

That is the tact he would take. He would paint the heroes as red necks or vigilantes. He or she would use the high-speed chase as an adrenaline-charged cowboys and Indian game, that the red necks engaged in.  There was no longer an imminent danger, and yet they chased him down and killed him in cold blood!

Happily, for them, the shooter killed himself, taking the cowards way out.

While the shooter’s actions are indefensible, this lawyer would do his best to try and create a more human picture of the bad guy, flipping the story around making the heroes the bad guys. He or she is working on a contingency basis.  The heroes will need to hire attorneys, or the lawyer, in this case, the knuckle-dragging, greedy, asshat of a lawyer, could get a judgment against the guy that stopped the bad guy with a gun.

Lawyers, trial lawyers are actors.  They should have an award program for them like the Oscars or such as they can make the jury “feel” like they should side with them.  I know many and trust me, they can act.

I use the word “feel” because that is how you and I are manipulated.  They use our emotions or an emotional appeal.   Heaven help them if the perpetrator is black and the good guy is anything else but black, because then it will be all about race.  People use the race card when nothing else will work, or merely as insurance.  If the Devil were black, some race-baiting activist would defend him. If you are not going to the satanic church, it is because you are racist.

There needs to be an oversite of such cases.  If the guy is clearly in the wrong, there should be no way that the good guy or hero should have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend him or her self in some civil litigation trumped up by greedy lawyers.

Churches, like all soft targets, should have a plan in place to defend their occupants from such lunatics.  Having said that most don’t.  It is up to you to protect yourself and your family.

It takes on average eleven minutes for the police to respond to a 911 call.  Where will you be in eleven minutes after the shooting starts?

Much Love -TW


We Will Not Go Silently Into the Night

The history of humanity is punctuated with evil events perpetrated by despots from all walks of life.  The appeasers or pacifist are usually the first to succumb to the intent of barbarians.

History is replete with examples of genocide.

Torture, rape, murder in the most insidious of ways lie deep within the heart of man.  To take delight in the torture or killing of another is just evil.  We are all affected by this.  If you watch movies depicting such things and take some pleasure in it, the works of evil resonated with that part of you that is evil.

If you are human, you are not immune to its sway.

That is one reason that violent video games are so prevalent today. People can feed that part of them that is evil without actually killing people.  Much like the plant in the little shop of horrors.  Seymour had to feed it to keep it alive.  The evil that lives in your soul must be fed to keep it alive.  Don’t put that garbage into your head! Defeat it with love!

From the earliest of days of recorded history, the meek, weak, or ignorant, are silenced by death or forced into slavery by megalomaniacs.  That is one reason why we should never tear down statues, as history is a blueprint for the future.  You cannot know where to go if you don’t know where you have been. With history obliterated by the autocrats, you now must trust them, which is foolish.

The difference between animal and man is a man should be able to keep his proclivities for evil in check.


Six days ago we saw an animal unleash hell on earth inside a house of worship, virtually exterminating a church.  The tiny town in south Texas will probably never be the same, as this agent of the devil himself did more damage to not only family and friends, the town, and even the state, but to Christianity as a whole.

If we were to take a census of the believers that attend tomorrow the 12th, one has to wonder what we would find.  I hope that I am wrong, but I suspect many will elect to stay home.

We are in a war, and the enemy is winning.

The minions of evil are out to destroy our history, thus making our future malleable to their twisted idea of what it now must be.

No one race holds the ownership of the word or title of slave.  All races have suffered under the brutality of those in power.  Even Joseph suffered and was sold into slavery by his own blood, so many thousands of years ago.  Slavery existed on every continent with all peoples either being the gods or the insects.

On this Veteran’s day, we salute the men and women who have ever worn the uniform, or who currently are wearing it.  Those brave people keep the megalomaniacs of modern day, at bay.

No more will we see a Hitler or Genghis Khan murder millions for their own twisted sense of glory.  While some tyrants still breath air on this planet, good will overcome evil, and they will be defeated. We can only pray that good will keep that darkness from having its way over the multitudes of slaves in those faraway lands.

What can you do?

Stand up for what is right.  Do not let your voice be drowned by the masses chanting for the dumbing down of the people.  History whether pleasant or not is what it is.  History must be sacrosanct, and not blotted out by the will of those that seek to change it, for some ideological ends.

Understand that you are not immune from evil or those that practice it. Arm yourself and demand that you can do so if you so choose.

Evil is determined and will find a way.  The police respond on average 11 minutes after the call is placed.  A lot can happen in 11 minutes.  First, someone has to make the call, who is it?  Is it a neighbor that hears the gunshots or screaming, or is it some survivor gasping for their last breath of air?

Do not be a conformist! Guns are not evil, they are a tool much like a hammer or saw.

You can belong to God without letting evil win. Heaven is a great destination, but life is about the journey, not about how fast you can get there.

Much Love -TW

My heart breaks!


The evil that exists in this world never ceases to amaze me.  What kind of chicken shit coward goes into a church, and kills 26 people; women, children and old men?  Churches are welcoming places where anyone is welcome.

Many on social media are calling for Gun control.

Define gun control?

Unless you can wave a magic wand and make all 500 million plus firearms vanish, there is no such animal, like gun control.

While a good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun, those same advocates of gun control would take his gun away from him as well.  With that rather stupid logic, the only people with guns would be the criminals.  Criminals don’t give a damn about laws of any sort, just in case you did not know.

If bump stocks were outlawed, the criminals would still have them.  If machine guns were illegal, the criminals would always have them.  We have rogue nations with nukes pointed at the US!  That is illegal, immoral and probably going to get them all killed!

Me, You, and the rest of us are being manipulated by people who hate the US.

How or why do I say that?

Anytime something happens that evokes an emotional response the evil people go to work spreading hate and discontent.  The memes are all ready to go just waiting for the next crazy person to react to some trigger.

If I want to manipulate you I just “trigger” your emotions.  Then I pour gasoline on the fire by using expletives and calling you names.  I may have several twitter accounts, picking a fight with myself that others see, and think it is between several people.   Those others chime in and before I know it I have tens of thousands fighting a Twitter war that I am having with myself!

Dividing us, pitting us against one another through social media is what they do best.  Some of them are just robots spreading hate word salad.  Some are trolls of a foreign government. Some are just really misinformed or radicalized miscreants hiding in their mother’s basement, using her internet feeling all big and powerful in their anonymity.

  • The NRA had nothing to do with this, nice try.
  • The GOP or the DNC had nothing to do with this.

Many out there are using the F-word calling anyone that is not a gun control fanatic a Nazi.

Your vile rhetoric is lost, as is your argument.  You are probably one of the trolls of which I speak.

Since the guy is dead, we may not understand why he did what he did.

There are early reports that he was discharged dishonorably from the air force. If that fact disqualifies him from owning guns, then we need to find out why he had one.

I will cede one point with the gun control crowd.

I believe that if you choose to own a weapon, you should be required to submit to a background check by the FBI. I don’t know what the laws are currently, but I think you just have to full out a form and answer all the questions correctly.

The hate in this country is reaching new levels, and I genuinely believe that social media plays a large part.

Just possibly we should shut it all off!  Zuckerberg and the other Twitter moguls would lose money, but just maybe we might talk with our neighbors again instead of tweeting to the world en masse!

This is so far past anything that I have ever seen before.  Maybe they do need to legalize pot so everyone could just take a few hits and chill!

We are all the same, we all bleed red, and there is no excuse for the vitriol we see today.

A town of 400 people will be devastated perhaps from now on.  We need to learn the root cause analysis, or genesis of this persons anger, and try to unravel the events which brought him into this town with the large cache of weapons that he had.  I do not believe this was his only target.  It is just possible that the church down the road was his next target.

Our words carry weight, and they matter.

Much Love -TW