Mass Shooting Revealed, The Perfect Storm!

Who needs a gun like this?


I have been waiting to comment on this until the facts came out.

If one were to dig no deeper than the veneer on the surface of the desk in front of you, it is a clear-cut case of “Gun Control.”  Yes if you don’t look at any of the facts, you go after the guns of law-abiding citizens.  You get corporations to stop doing business with the NRA as they are  “Obviously a state sponsor of terror!”

If it were not for the NRA, there would never be another gun death in the United States and somehow the Republicans and more to the point Trump is to blame so says the learned Barbara Streisand. “Trump just brings out the hate in people.” “Could it be that narcissist who tells you how great they are with their own special award shows, who are also out of touch with Americans, bring out the hate in people?”

Got all that?

  • Collect the Guns
  • Do away with the NRA
  • Only vote Democrat from now on, as Republicans are evil.
  • There will be no more problems with violence of any kind, ever.
  • We will then all hold hands and sing I would like to buy the world a Coke ….It will be great!

If any of this rings true for you personally, maybe you should let up on the cocaine.

Anytime the media offers answers that are this simplistic, they are making an emotional argument to manipulate the masses.  They have an agenda.  While it may not be the media itself with the agenda they are most certainly a puppet for someone who does.

The facts of this case are stunning.

Straight from Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky  “Never let a good crises go to waste!”

For reasons one can only speculate on, liberals hate the 2cnd amendment.  They hate the 1rst amendment too, but not nearly as much as the 2cnd.

Other world leaders in the past did not want an armed society so they went about taking the guns away using crises like Florida to justify it. Hitler, Stalin, Mao to name just a few.

When a young French Jewish teen shot a German diplomat “A crisis was used to confiscate the guns.” German Jewish people were stripped of their guns and then any other rights as well as their property.

Many argued for common sense gun legislation including registering all firearms.  Without the aid of computers or the Internet, the Nazis collected all the guns, even rusty revolvers from “the great war.”  Failure to turn over a weapon was a death penalty offense. Millions of Jews were later massacred anyway.

1932 to 33 Stalin engineered a mass famine by increasing the grain production quotas to be shipped elsewhere.  Millions of his people “peasants” starved to death.  Without a way to defend their selves against a repressive regime, they were doomed.

Mao took their guns away and then slaughtered 20 million of his own people.

History is rife with these examples, but you may need to find it in books, as a quick search of the internet shows sites which are re-writing history to put a different slant on it, or denying it happened all together.  Sound familiar?

So what happened in Florida?

Cruz was a ticking time bomb, and everyone knew it.  His teachers, his family, and the local police, all knew it.

An argument was made not long ago that there is a school to prison pipeline. In November 2013 policy was created. Stop reporting the violent behavior of students as a record might impede the student from getting into Yale or Harvard later on in life.

It wasn’t their behavior that was the problem it was the evidence of an arrest.

It was about this same time a teacher in California was beaten by a black student as she dared to ask for his homework.  She was encouraged not to file charges by the administration of the school as a police record would hurt his future success as a student and a citizen.  The excuse given was that “Blacks are more emotional, you must give them more latitude!  What is a broken jaw or black eye compared to a kid like that ending up in prison?”  FFS, no wonder you can’t find good teachers!

Cruz was caught up in this same moronic thinking.  He threatened to kill on many occasions, fellow students.  He kicked in doors, started fist fights, threatened to kill people around him, killed small animals in wicked ways, drank gasoline, cut himself and pulled a rifle on his mother among many other issues that should have had this kid locked up.

Many of his fellow students reported his crazy behavior.  All of this psychotic behavior never even got him expelled as they did not want it on his record.

Had his behavior been dealt with appropriately and not under some brain-dead policy of “targeting people of color or minorities” This shooting would not have ever happened.   He never would have been able to buy a gun.

The time bomb went off, and people died.

The experiment of not holding people accountable for their behavior failed miserably, and lots of folks are dead.  But Wait…. CNN knows the real reason…

Gathering up a bunch of emotional students they quickly told them it was the fault of the NRA and Trump and of course Republicans.  They gave the kids some talking points and pointed the camera at them.  Giving these passionate kids a microphone, hell a town hall on national TV, they talked trash to a sitting president of the United States!

As the shooting is taking place, we learn that first responders don’t enter the school.  I guess they were waiting for him to run out of bullets or people to shoot.  Maybe they were waiting for him to have a moment of sanity and just stop what he was doing.  Whether it was training or cowardice, we may never know why they didn’t stop the kid from killing people.  They also did not go in and try to save a life with whatever methods that might have worked.  We learned that they stopped the EMT’s from going into the building.. We also learned that it was police from another district that came in and went into the building.  No, it is the NRA and Trump…according to CNN.

Whatever spin they try to put on this is just nuts.  They screwed up!”

Tips about this kid had been made to the FBI, and they did not follow up.

The citizens of Broward County did the right thing.  The government, both local and federal failed them!

Straight from Rules for Radicals CNN jumps on the bandwagon bringing in “experts on Guns!”

The AR style gun is “Fully Semi-Automatic!”

Experts my ass!

A gun is either fully automatic or semi-automatic.  I don’t know what the hell a Fully semi-automatic weapon is.  I guess that is like saying Clam Chowder Soup!   It is either Chowder or Soup.

There are many semi-automatic guns.  You pull the trigger, and it goes “bang!”  The gas from the explosion operates a mechanism which ejects the empty cartridge and puts another new bullet in the chamber making it ready to pull the trigger again….That is semi-automatic.

Fully automatic is you pull the trigger, and the gun continually fires another round until you take your finger off the trigger, or you run out of bullets.  Without a special license, you cannot own a fully automatic weapon.

“Why would you want to?”

There are those that would want to, however.  Those same folks might want to buy a version of the AR that is semi-automatic.

Many rifles are semi-automatic.  The only difference between an AR style rifle and a deer rifle or one used for hunting is the AR looks “bad ass!”

Why do you want a sports car when Volvo will do the same thing?

Why do you buy designer clothes when clothes from Walmart will cover you perfectly?

Why do you want to buy designer shoes or bags when Inexpensive options are out there?

Why do you want or have an expensive watch when a cheap Timex tells you the time of day?

The AR looks bad ass.

Just what are we teaching these kids in Broward County?

Not only did the legal system fail them, but some boneheaded policy to protect minorities from themselves failed them, and finally the teachers failed them.  Never mind not respecting your elders but not respecting the office of the president of the united states!  WTF?

Just to be perfectly clear, neither the NRA, or Republicans or Trump had anything to do with this.  Nice Try CNN!  #Emma, get the facts! “We get that you are upset, we are too!”  We here in Texas lost a lot of people to failures of the government, no not the NRA.  The people that we elect and those that are appointed by those elected failed you and they failed us.

Like those that fight in battles to keep you free, the NRA fights to protect your rights. That is why they exist. There are many on the left for some nebulous reason want to remove your rights.  If you would read history and not from Snopes, you will learn that stripping you of your rights comes first, before you become a subject, instead of a citizen.

The Chinese president currently is trying to do away with Term Limits in his country, leaving him the ultimate dictator of one of the if not the largest economies on the globe.  How can he do that you ask?

Control the media, control what people can and cannot say and of course remove any weapons that they have. Possession of a firearm is China is forbidden. A disarmed society is a compliant society.

When people scream gun control, be careful what you ask for.

Presidents have been running on enacting term limits for congress forever, it has never happened.  Why?

Do you really think Trump is that powerful or is it perhaps the people who make the laws that are the gods?

Those with the gold make the rules.

I will be working again on Gods and Insects in the near future.

Follow this blog for updates.


Much Love -TW


Are we under attack?

Who is the enemy?


The trend we see today at least in the USA is alarming.  Using social media, groups can leverage companies to react to pressure changing how they spend their advertising dollars.

When Chick-Fil-A donated money to a pro-life group the LGBTQ group “community organized” to boycott them and shut them down.

The MSM gave them the free publicity that they needed to rile up the masses and a boycott was formed.

There was a slight problem with that.  Most of the population of the country realized that Chick-fila was being bullied by a left-wing group.  The action by the LGBTQ people was designed to inhibit Chick Fila from having a first amendment right to donate money as they so choose to do.  It backfired.

The LGBTQ community should have realized that the very thing they rail against most which is “bullying” is what they were doing to a company that happens to be Christian and pro-life.

We have seen many “community organizing tactics” during the last few years where the left tries to shut down the right by going after their advertisers.

Today we see a tragedy in Florida being exploited by people with an agenda. Using children as weapons to force companies to either bend to their will or face financial ruin. Companies who support the NRA are being bullied to no longer do business with them or suffer consequences.

“How would you like some group organized by your opponents to target you?”

While this group should be complaining to the FBI and others who dropped the ball, they target the NRA.


If they make the NRA the bad guy, then all they have to do is tie the GOP to the NRA. No matter if the devil him or herself is running as the Democratic opponent in the mid-terms, they believe it will affect enough voters to think that somehow an organization that protects your second amendment right Is to blame for all the gun violence in this country.

Since Trump has stated time and time again that the NRA supports him, it is a natural leap to think that if they just get those “Republicans out of office, all the school shootings will stop.”

“It is absolute bullshit, wrong on every level of wrong, and they don’t care!”

Exploiting children who play hours on end of role-playing violent video games blaming the NRA for their problems is just idiotic.  The problem is the idiots believe them as they are speaking their language.

The flawed message is :

  • Terrible tragedy
  • NRA to blame
  • Republicans supported by NRA
  • Democrats good, Republicans Bad..

What is worse is we have Russians and other nefarious groups whose sole purpose is to sow the seeds of discontent. They use social media creating fake news stories the people will click on and share assisting those that wish to take this country apart.

I would encourage those of you who support the NRA, to help these companies targeted by the anti-gun lunatics who think more laws will finally force the bad guys, to capitulate and stop being a criminal. Only support them if they resist these fringe elements of society who are not in touch with the American people.

Florida was preventable, and the FBI and others are to blame for it. They have accepted the blame.  Why blame the NRA when they had nothing to do with it?

No matter how many schools you walk out of, or how much you protest, the bad guy is out there.

The root cause of most of these shootings is not the gun or the knife of the truck, or the baseball bat or machete.

The root cause is mental illness.

If you want to march, march against mental illness.

  • How is it that people are mentally ill?
  • What happened to them?
  • Were they born mentally ill?
  • Did they turn mentally ill?
  • What was there home life like?
  • Did they have both parents?
  • Did the shooter play hours of violent video games?
  • Did they watch hours of horror movies?
  • Were they in combat?
  • Did they suffer from PTSD
  • Were they drug users?
  • What triggered them into action
  • Was it planned or spontaneous?
  • What were the warning signs?
  • Why were they ignored by the FBI
  • Why were they ignored by the local police?
  • How did this person not have his name on the list of not to sell a gun to?

Marching against guns is like marching against rocks.  When man was still living in caves, he hunted each other, killing them with yes, a stone.  (very much like cane and able) Hitting them on the head, they would then eat them, and their brain was one of the first things they ate.

It is a misguided concept to think that marching against guns and blaming an inanimate object is going to solve anything.

Looking at the problems in the light of day is not glorious.  Solving the issues, you must first identify them and then address them.

When an organization readily tells you what they are, and it turns out to be a gun, be very suspect.

The left for some reason wants to disarm Americans.  With the millions of guns in this country, it will never happen.  But they try and first they do this by attacking the NRA.  Those of us with a brain in our heads will make sure that will never happen.  You can attack their business partners but we the people will make sure that the NRA does not go anywhere.

You can link the shooter and his actions to the Republicans which is what you are attempting to do but, we will fight you there too.  We will fight you because it is not true.  The last lunatic who shot up the congressmen was a Bernie supporter, and we will not let the world forget that.  He was an ardent left wing nut job who watched and believed the hateful hyperbole spewed forth by the likes of the left wing media. He was enraged by their propaganda to the point of trying to kill people.

The logical debate will bring forth logical discussions.  The emotional debate will bring forth action.

Words have meaning.  You cannot go into an auditorium and yell fire, and you should not be able to spew out hateful rhetoric which is unfounded, as a news organization.

Journalism is objective reporting of the facts, not what you want the events to be.

Some people watch late night comedians and think it is news.  When vital news organizations have to pay airports tens of thousands of dollars to only play their news stations in the terminals, that should tip off the world that just maybe they have an agenda.

“Yes, they will say it is for their advertisers but, C’mon!”

If the FBI were not looking for Russians under every Republican bed, while trying to bring McCarthyism back to life just maybe, they would have paid some attention to the many red flags and warnings about this dangerous individual, and prevented it from happening.  Had the Local police after going out to this kids house 39 times on domestic disturbance calls, knowing he was violent were thinking just a little, they might have put the kid’s name on the list of those to not sell guns to.

The NRA is not the problem.

What I find interesting is when talking to liberals about this they did not know about the warning signs.  They did not know that the FBI messed up and accepted fault.  They were unaware that this kid had been visited 39 times by the local police for violent domestic disturbance calls.  This was universal among all my liberal colleagues.  How is that possible?

When conquering a country, the first thing you do is control the media or destroy it.

Are we under attack?

Doomed!  We’re all Doomed! Or The Sky is Falling #DoomsDayClock

Does time dilation apply to the #doomsdayclock ?

Are you buying it?

70 odd years ago some scientist came up with a way to quantify when the world would end. They coined the phrase or dubbed their theory as the Doomsday clock.  As the cold war ended, we moved 17 minutes back from midnight which is the furthest away from MAD (mutually assured destruction) that the world has ever been according to these brilliant (cough) scientists.

Midnight is the precipice of cataclysmic destruction at the hands of E-MC2.  When all hands point north, the genii of atomic fusion will be released on the peoples of the world, which would indeed end the planet for eons to come.

Are you scared?

Man in his utter foolishness has created the ultimate weapon, and now every rogue nation on the earth feels the need to have the most enormous gun ever created! I think that they are overcompensating for the lack of a bulge in their pants.  Why just buy a Corvette if you can have an arsenal of nukes?

Here is a better question, why spend your countries meager dollars on something that you cannot use?  If you even think that these are a viable option well, just buy a Corvette! You will feel younger quickly in a Vette and it is much cheaper!

Look at this shiny object over here, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!  Oh, look the doomsday clock just moved 20 seconds closer to midnight!  Let’s talk about that!

Never mind that FBI stuff that is showing corruption at the highest levels of the government!

Chicken little of course thought that the world was ending immediately.  For the victims of the holocaust, their world did end.

With all of the genocidal events of this world, their world ended as well.  In many cases, history was re-written to cast a different face on times past than what actually happened.

Man is his own worst enemy.  Through the entirety of the “human race,” the human heart is central to the theme of doom!  Greed, Narcissism and the need to manipulate the masses are what we see on the news almost every day.

Those that go to DC poor as church mice, and soon become millionaires as a public servant should be the tale that everyone should judge by.  Where the hell is CNN on that story?  If you become rich as a public servant, you are a crook.

Politicians make decisions by polls.  Schumer caved shutting down the government because poll numbers showed that it made Democrats look bad.  Even with the #trumpshutdown hashtag running rampant by bots on Twitter, polls showed that Americans were not fooled.

Putting the needs of millions of illegal’s before the American Citizen was not polling well for poor old Schumer, so he backed down.

If the illegal people here in America had any smarts, they would leave.  What the Democrats have in mind for them is indentured servitude. Of course, with more supply, there will be less demand so citizens will also be slaves to the rich, wealthy and well connected.

California will soon have two classes of people, gods, and insects.  The middle class is leaving the state as the rulers (gods) are nuts.  So they will have the super wealthy and well connected in their ivory towers and the slaves to take care of them.

If polls were to show that all of America wanted pot legalized it would be sanctioned.  Politicians are controlled by two things, their donors (special interests groups) and poll numbers.

Mega-corporations, Unions, and other influential groups are the special interests which place their interests above yours.  Politicians are always in campaign mode. Everything that they do is predicated on how it will affect their chances at re-election.

Those bills that Congress writes are drafted by a lobbyist for special interests groups.

How is it that all of my government classes never mentioned Ave K?  Why is it that it took me getting involved with the process to learn that he who has the gold makes the rules?

Why did they not teach us about how there is one set of laws for you and I and another for the folks that make the rules or have the gold?

Why do you think we are just now learning that journalism in this country is dead?  News outlets are now propaganda outlets pushing false narratives feeding the late night comedians with talking points to further solidify their contempt for the American people?

Yes, I said American people, not Trump, not the GOP, or the DNC, they hate you and I.  They don’t respect our constitution or our system of laws, so they have no problems lying to us.  In short, they hate the people who provide the money that they need to live in their ivory towers while they look down upon the little folks.  They truly live like gods on the backs of Americans.

Some of the wealthiest counties in the country are all around DC.  How is that possible do you suppose?

This Doomsday clock is just a distraction from reality.  This corruption at the head of the FBI is taking over the narrative so they must change it.  Their lackeys at the news outlets are not having much luck swaying many people, as their credibility is toast, but they continue to push this Russia narrative hoping that those that do hate Trump will rally around them.

Hate is an easy emotion to control you with and they know it!

The latest talking point is Mueller wants to speak to Trump under oath.  Since there is no there there, they were in hopes that Trump would decline as this is now a perjury trap and anyone with a brain should know it. If Trump declines, that will be the narrative feeding the Russia collusion conspiracy tin foil hat network news.

Undoubtedly they have conversations taped of then-candidate Trump and they want to ask him them.  Did you ever say this or that?  If he says anything other than what is on the tape (illegally obtained) they get him on perjury.

This would then lead to impeachment which would make the left so happy they would be delirious. Even if the economy suddenly tanked, they would have a troublemaker out of the mix.  Then they could blame the GOP and everyone that voted for Trump.

Breaking News!  CNN and MSNBC we see through your bullshit!  We don’t care!

This is about deflection and distraction away from the evidence of corruption at the head of the FBI.  They are in fact playing a dangerous game of chess with the American people being the only ones to lose.  This is a no-win scenario for the American citizen!

No matter how this plays out we lose!

When the American taxpayer sees the increase in their paycheck what will the propaganda look like then?  When American’s 401K’s are much healthier how will they dump on that?

I heard one reporter giving all the credit to him who shall remain nameless.  The Overlord of DC who is still trashing his successor in very un-presidential fashion.

Henny Penny or the chicken little media trying to control the narrative, to plow the road for Democrats in the mid-terms will most assuredly keep up the tempo of their attacks.

I am not a sycophant for either side of this coin.  I am outside the forest looking in, and I can see the trees.  The question is, can you?

Those that only watch the propaganda networks become useful idiots for the gods.  These are the gods who want a good supply of insects (worker bees,) so they don’t have to pay them much to do their bidding.  These are the gods that make a new version of slaves out of the very people trying to flee from a government who already takes advantage of them.  They are indeed victims, and our gods don’t care.

If they import more insects, it does not only become about the economics of supply and demand, but these insects traditionally vote Democratic!  History is repeating itself!  Blacks will no longer be the useful idiots or relevant to the gods as they have found their replacements.

These replacements will also take from that limited supply of government assistance for their families leaving fewer resources for those that they replaced.  Oops.

Jorje Ramos and his ilk will feed the lies to them keeping them subdued and hospitable while doing slave labor for the gods.

Is this dark enough?  Sadly this is a well-traveled path in history, and we are at it again, this time coopting Mexicans and anyone else that comes through our southern border.

Hello Mexico, fix your damned country! Take your country back from those that have stolen it from you. Wait you cant?  Why not?  Oh, they took your guns away….

Do you folks in the UK see any parallels here?  How about Austrailia, how are you doing down there?

No, we will not surrender our guns here in this country.

Read and understand history or you will not see it coming when it happens again.  This can be the only explanation for the reason that so many Americans voted for a Socialist thinking that was a good thing!

My current project is coming along nicely.  Novel #27 of my library of books will be one of my best novels yet! 

My next novel is called Gods and Insects, and I am in hopes to release it late spring!

The story writes itself!

Having an outside nonpartisan view of the world and a really great understanding of history, I see the parallels and can extrapolate the tired old tropes of the rich and powerful vs. you and I and every other schlub just trying to get by in life.

For the record, I do not see us as schlubs or insects or any other pejorative term you might think of.  In fact, I think we are the generation who will rise up and stop the gods from fulfilling their dark, sinister attempts at enslaving an entirely new generation of immigrants and Americans.

  • We must resist PC speak.
  • We must resist removal of and deletion of our history.
  • We must fight for all of our amendments and the Constitution.

When the world seems upside down, you must have a knowledge of history so you can stop the cycle of madness!   We have been systematically dumbed down by the system, and it is time tell Chicken Little to finish crossing the road and stop spreading lies. We are on to you!

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Much love People!  -TW