HR 5087 Another Decoy

HR 5087 is not designed to do anything for Americans.  It is designed to manipulate them.

The surest way to manipulate the voter is to do so with emotionally charged issues.

HR 5087 is designed to pit Democrat against Republican in a politically charged and motivated attack on the 2cnd Amendment. The NRA will undoubtedly step in causing Republicans to side with them.

The battle line is drawn with the American people used as fodder caught in No Mans Land.

With this strategy in place, all they need is a few willing sycophants from the Hollywood Armed Bodyguard community to step in and point the finger at the NRA and the Republicans for the school shooting in Florida.

Stir some emotionally charged parents and children up blaming guns and Trump adding the NRA into the argument and public opinion will be whatever CNN and MSNBC tell them. We might even get a break from Russia.

The issue of mass shootings which we all would like to see resolved does not revolve around guns. That is the reason it has not slowed down or stopped. When you are putting out a fire, you place the stream of water on the source or the fuel. Democrats are aiming at the smoke.

This latest “suspect” in the Florida shooting played violent video games up to 15 hours a day. All of the shootings at schools, in fact, were carried out by miscreants who played violent video games several hours a day thus “training them” to be hardened killers.

If you take the right personality type and combine them with technology that is a simulator for death and destruction, you get unhinged crazy people. Now you emotionally charge them with some kind of injustice whether actual or fictitious, they will be motivated into action.

Florida was a failure of the legal system, the FBI and a failed policy to get kids through their teen years without a police record. The idea being one day perhaps, they would grow out of their evil ways, and they might avoid prison. This strategy is the root cause of the issue, but Democrats needing a big win in 2018 are using this as emotional leverage to once again pit American against American in yet another useless debate on Gun Control.

The Root Cause and the reason for so many lost lives were, in fact, another Democratic brainchild of the Obama Administration trying to stop the path from School to prison. They were idiotically pushing the idea that troubled kids would grow out of it. If we don’t report them or let the law know about them eventually, they will be in MIT or Yale.
This MIT bound (prison bound)  brainiac killed 17 and ruined the lives of many.
Instead of addressing the root cause of the troubled kids, they set things in motion to leave those with criminal intent among the sheep or in this case, decent people.
This is the same insipid thinking sanctuary cities are employing leaving criminals loose on the streets of decent law abiding citizens. It is doomed to failure as it is terribly defective and reckless thinking. It is also blatant lawlessness.

The left is so desperate for a new voting bloc, they are quite literally throwing the sheep (you and I, and other law-abiding people) to the wolves. To feel right about pitting the wolves against the sheep, taking all the guns away they think is a partial victory.

Criminals don’t obey laws! “They are criminals!”

The answers are there, but nobody wants to go up against a more powerful industry than the NRA…The Gaming industry.

If I were a parent of one of the victims I would secure a large law firm and go after the gaming industry.  The suit would be about as useful as HR 5087 in that it would put a spotlight on the issues and create a conversation in America and around the world that needs to be had.

Please feel free to copy paste and spread this article. I am confident that many on the left will attack it but it is the truth no matter what the gun grabbing nuts have to say, and it is also the way out of this nightmare that we find ourselves in.  At least consider that there are more ways out of this minefield that putting Americans against Americans to secure a democratic win in 2018.

HR 5087 is about the midterms, nothing more.

Why don’t Democrats address the gaming industry? They support the left and are the secret weapon of the left.

If Democrats truly wanted to win for the American people, they might consider going after the true root cause of the issue instead of this false narrative that they continue to push. Trust me, Americans will vote for those who have Americans back! Democrats used the be the party of heart. Now it is all about the money and power.