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Update 5/22/2018

So the Satan worshipper cannot get the death penalty as he is too young and not responsible for his actions.  17, too young to be responsible… Do you all have a full appreciation of this?  Now we have a number of 17-year-olds trying to affect gun legislation but they are not old enough to really know what they are doing…

I just found that odd and thought I would share it.


That is all…


Original post below…


I think outside the box.  That is one reason that my novels are so entertaining.

Since Friday my thoughts have been with the families who lost loved ones.  My thoughts have been with those that are still in Hospital hurting, wondering if they will ever be normal again.

My thoughts are also with those that have endured this PTSD causing event that will never be “OK” again.  Realizing that Ok is a relative term, their lives have been indelibly altered.

The Satan worshiping animal in jail who stupidly gave up his Miranda rights just shows how much of a fool that he really is.   I am sorry for his parents and family.  Their lives too must be absolute hell.  If this person gets the death penalty his parents will most certainly endure more hell and it is certainly not fair to them.  It is my hope that this person understands how much pain he and his actions have caused those around him and of course the rest of the civilized world!

His family is most certainly asking themselves “what if?”

  • What if we did not do this or that?
  • Why did I have those guns?
  • Why were they not in a safe?
  • Why did we have the kid?

What if…..?

As some small amount of solace to his family had he not managed to get your guns he was actively working on making explosives.  Now truthfully, he does not seem that bright so the odds are good he would have blown himself up trying to make a working device but… With all the information out there on the Internet and with the anarchist of the world, just a google search away he might have made something that worked.  A working IED might have taken far more lives than it did.

We need to learn from this.  Our goal should be to figure out what triggered him, what were the warning signs and where did he go off the rails.  Worshipping Satan was probably a good first clue.

The ripple in the “pond” from this event goes far and wide.  Many today and even now are troubled by these latest events.  That creative spark which allows me to create realms with aliens has been subjugated by a more pressing, a more altruistic endeavor.

I have been thinking “What If?”

I have tweeted out an idea for a gun that is BTO or Biometrically Triggered Only.  Maybe we should call it a BTG or Biometrically Triggered Gun or possibly BOG Biometrically operated Gun.

This is no longer in the realm of science fiction, which is what I write.  This is doable.

What if:

Ruger or Smith & Wesson or Springfield thought outside the box?  Can we make a gun that will operate with only fingerprints of the legal owner?

The answer is a resounding yes… “We have the technology, we can build it!”

Do you realize that if we could do this and I am certain that we can, the US could start the process of revolutionizing the world.? Countries like the UK could give their citizens their guns back so they could defend themselves.

Countries like Mexico could give their people their guns back so just possibly the citizens of that country could defend themselves from gangs.  Could you imagine what it would be like if Mexico could defend itself against the cartels and Gangs?  In 2017 26000 people were massacred and our MSM said little to nothing about it.  Instead, we have an invasion on our southern border and we are putting a Band-Aid on a hemorrhage. The Wall is a 20 billion dollar Band-Aid!

Give the people the tools they need to take their country back from the gangs and corruption that most certainly is going on south of our border.

You will never get all the guns off the streets that were not BOG but, What if you stopped making the ammo for them and only made ammo to fit the BOG?
How long would it take to put a huge dent in the non-BOG’s supply of bullets?

I realize that those NRA enthusiasts will scream bloody murder, sorry!

If you have a better idea I am interested but I don’t hear one.  I see one side trying to score political points blaming the Republicans and the NRA.  They don’t give a damn about you or your problems.  They have bodyguards and your issues are not theirs.  They need issues which trigger emotional outburst so they can blame it on the other guy.   I am telling you how politics work here so take it to the bank.

They tell you what is wrong with the world and who is to blame for it.  That is how you win elections.  In order to tell you what is wrong, something must be wrong.  Shootings are a made to order disaster which they never let go to waste.  Politicians suck!  The MSM sucks right along with them as they are their propaganda machines.

We should demand that they all have term limits but that is another argument.

What if we created this technology and then replaced those guns of legal gun owners with BOGs. You have ten guns we give you ten BOGs.  You want an AR style BOG you got it.  When you die, it dies with you.

We have the technology to biometrically allow guns to be functional only in the hands of the legitimate owner.  Apple already has developed the finger print technology so how about we use this technology and marry it to guns.  Your handprint becomes the key to take the safety off.

If I purchase a gun, it is assigned to my handprint.  Only I can make the damned thing work.  When I die, the gun dies.  No resale value, no loopholes, nothing.  They can bury it with me or melt it down as it has no value to anyone but me.

Gun shows could be free of rules as there would be no bullets for them.

To qualify for this BOG, of course, you pass background checks and what have you so the guns cannot any longer be used in the hands of cray cray’s!

Cool idea isn’t it?

What say you down under, would you allow such a program in your country? Would you allow your citizens of good moral character to own such a gun?

How about the UK, never mind asking that mayor in London, ask someone with who gives a shit for the rule of law. This mayor just told the people of London that terrorist attacks are a way of life, get used to it!”  FFS!  Do you want that in this country?  We need the 2cnd Amendment we just need guns out of the hands of mental midgets or animals.

The first gun manufacturer to come out with this will be one rich company.

I have given so many ideas away in the past, some of them to Apple who I am certain some employee said it was theirs. I am a starving artist and author but …if you use this idea and it all works out, how about remembering where it came from?

Do you know, I have sent ideas in the past to GE, Apple, Novell, Cisco, RCA..oh yes and Sony.  In almost every case they told me that they were already working on something like that… Yeah sure. Months to years later there it was.  Well, I got what I needed.

Listen, the world needs a solution and I don’t have a million dollars to spend on attorneys to secure a patent.

While I am certainly bright enough to make a prototype, I don’t have the dollars or time to devote to it.  Time being the main issue as this is needed yesterday!

Can you imagine the applications for the military alone?  The guy gets killed or loses his gun and it is of no use to the bad guy.

Do you know that if you file a patent here in the US is cost 10 to 15 thousand for just the US.  Then it is over $3,000 for every other country in the world.  There are a lot of them.

It is amazing that new technology is ever let loose by the little guy as it is cost prohibitive.

In summary…Invent the damned BOG… Should not take long, not rocket science.

Do away with all current sizes of ammunition which would effectively stop the gun trade and illegal possession of guns.

Look for and arrest anyone trafficking in black market ammo.  This market will go cray cray!  The good news is lead is a lot harder to smuggle then meth.

Create a substitute gun (BOG) for those that are of a good moral character and provide them free of charge.

Would not need a gun buy back as the ammo would become scarce and over time disappear.

You could certainly offer a buyback program however… Cash for clunkers II.  Instead of cars, it is guns.  I bet the liberals would fund it for you rather quickly!

If the gun makers are averse to this idea get me a bloody grant and I will do it!  I will stop my normal routines and create the BOG!  BOG for the Swamp, I like it!

Trust me, I can do this so I know it should not be a stretch for Gun Makers and companies like Apple to work together on a project that would save lots of lives.

If you just hate this idea save your vitriolic email.  I don’t need it, and I can ignore it with the best of them.

If you love it, go invent the damned thing and be rich!

If you have ties to the political swamp creatures who control the purse strings and can convince them that this would solve the issues, get me a grant!

I need enough for lawyers which is just crazy.  I can put together a business plan on request and come up with a non-DC related budget. It would be over a million dollars for the prototype which is nothing for DC.  For Ruger, it might be an issue.  Hell Ruger, you go get the grant!

I would bet that I could have a prototype in less than a year!

Now until I hear from someone, I am going back to outer space, there is a war going on between the Ularins and the Zenites.

All kidding aside this would work.

People would hate it because they would feel threatened but, I am here to tell you it has to be sold properly and for that, you need a good PR firm.

I am not talking about violating the second amendment. I am talking about saving lives and getting illegal guns off the streets.

Much Love


HR 5087 Another Decoy

HR 5087 is not designed to do anything for Americans.  It is designed to manipulate them.

The surest way to manipulate the voter is to do so with emotionally charged issues.

HR 5087 is designed to pit Democrat against Republican in a politically charged and motivated attack on the 2cnd Amendment. The NRA will undoubtedly step in causing Republicans to side with them.

The battle line is drawn with the American people used as fodder caught in No Mans Land.

With this strategy in place, all they need is a few willing sycophants from the Hollywood Armed Bodyguard community to step in and point the finger at the NRA and the Republicans for the school shooting in Florida.

Stir some emotionally charged parents and children up blaming guns and Trump adding the NRA into the argument and public opinion will be whatever CNN and MSNBC tell them. We might even get a break from Russia.

The issue of mass shootings which we all would like to see resolved does not revolve around guns. That is the reason it has not slowed down or stopped. When you are putting out a fire, you place the stream of water on the source or the fuel. Democrats are aiming at the smoke.

This latest “suspect” in the Florida shooting played violent video games up to 15 hours a day. All of the shootings at schools, in fact, were carried out by miscreants who played violent video games several hours a day thus “training them” to be hardened killers.

If you take the right personality type and combine them with technology that is a simulator for death and destruction, you get unhinged crazy people. Now you emotionally charge them with some kind of injustice whether actual or fictitious, they will be motivated into action.

Florida was a failure of the legal system, the FBI and a failed policy to get kids through their teen years without a police record. The idea being one day perhaps, they would grow out of their evil ways, and they might avoid prison. This strategy is the root cause of the issue, but Democrats needing a big win in 2018 are using this as emotional leverage to once again pit American against American in yet another useless debate on Gun Control.

The Root Cause and the reason for so many lost lives were, in fact, another Democratic brainchild of the Obama Administration trying to stop the path from School to prison. They were idiotically pushing the idea that troubled kids would grow out of it. If we don’t report them or let the law know about them eventually, they will be in MIT or Yale.
This MIT bound (prison bound)  brainiac killed 17 and ruined the lives of many.
Instead of addressing the root cause of the troubled kids, they set things in motion to leave those with criminal intent among the sheep or in this case, decent people.
This is the same insipid thinking sanctuary cities are employing leaving criminals loose on the streets of decent law abiding citizens. It is doomed to failure as it is terribly defective and reckless thinking. It is also blatant lawlessness.

The left is so desperate for a new voting bloc, they are quite literally throwing the sheep (you and I, and other law-abiding people) to the wolves. To feel right about pitting the wolves against the sheep, taking all the guns away they think is a partial victory.

Criminals don’t obey laws! “They are criminals!”

The answers are there, but nobody wants to go up against a more powerful industry than the NRA…The Gaming industry.

If I were a parent of one of the victims I would secure a large law firm and go after the gaming industry.  The suit would be about as useful as HR 5087 in that it would put a spotlight on the issues and create a conversation in America and around the world that needs to be had.

Please feel free to copy paste and spread this article. I am confident that many on the left will attack it but it is the truth no matter what the gun grabbing nuts have to say, and it is also the way out of this nightmare that we find ourselves in.  At least consider that there are more ways out of this minefield that putting Americans against Americans to secure a democratic win in 2018.

HR 5087 is about the midterms, nothing more.

Why don’t Democrats address the gaming industry? They support the left and are the secret weapon of the left.

If Democrats truly wanted to win for the American people, they might consider going after the true root cause of the issue instead of this false narrative that they continue to push. Trust me, Americans will vote for those who have Americans back! Democrats used the be the party of heart. Now it is all about the money and power.


Are we under attack?

Who is the enemy?


The trend we see today at least in the USA is alarming.  Using social media, groups can leverage companies to react to pressure changing how they spend their advertising dollars.

When Chick-Fil-A donated money to a pro-life group the LGBTQ group “community organized” to boycott them and shut them down.

The MSM gave them the free publicity that they needed to rile up the masses and a boycott was formed.

There was a slight problem with that.  Most of the population of the country realized that Chick-fila was being bullied by a left-wing group.  The action by the LGBTQ people was designed to inhibit Chick Fila from having a first amendment right to donate money as they so choose to do.  It backfired.

The LGBTQ community should have realized that the very thing they rail against most which is “bullying” is what they were doing to a company that happens to be Christian and pro-life.

We have seen many “community organizing tactics” during the last few years where the left tries to shut down the right by going after their advertisers.

Today we see a tragedy in Florida being exploited by people with an agenda. Using children as weapons to force companies to either bend to their will or face financial ruin. Companies who support the NRA are being bullied to no longer do business with them or suffer consequences.

“How would you like some group organized by your opponents to target you?”

While this group should be complaining to the FBI and others who dropped the ball, they target the NRA.


If they make the NRA the bad guy, then all they have to do is tie the GOP to the NRA. No matter if the devil him or herself is running as the Democratic opponent in the mid-terms, they believe it will affect enough voters to think that somehow an organization that protects your second amendment right Is to blame for all the gun violence in this country.

Since Trump has stated time and time again that the NRA supports him, it is a natural leap to think that if they just get those “Republicans out of office, all the school shootings will stop.”

“It is absolute bullshit, wrong on every level of wrong, and they don’t care!”

Exploiting children who play hours on end of role-playing violent video games blaming the NRA for their problems is just idiotic.  The problem is the idiots believe them as they are speaking their language.

The flawed message is :

  • Terrible tragedy
  • NRA to blame
  • Republicans supported by NRA
  • Democrats good, Republicans Bad..

What is worse is we have Russians and other nefarious groups whose sole purpose is to sow the seeds of discontent. They use social media creating fake news stories the people will click on and share assisting those that wish to take this country apart.

I would encourage those of you who support the NRA, to help these companies targeted by the anti-gun lunatics who think more laws will finally force the bad guys, to capitulate and stop being a criminal. Only support them if they resist these fringe elements of society who are not in touch with the American people.

Florida was preventable, and the FBI and others are to blame for it. They have accepted the blame.  Why blame the NRA when they had nothing to do with it?

No matter how many schools you walk out of, or how much you protest, the bad guy is out there.

The root cause of most of these shootings is not the gun or the knife of the truck, or the baseball bat or machete.

The root cause is mental illness.

If you want to march, march against mental illness.

  • How is it that people are mentally ill?
  • What happened to them?
  • Were they born mentally ill?
  • Did they turn mentally ill?
  • What was there home life like?
  • Did they have both parents?
  • Did the shooter play hours of violent video games?
  • Did they watch hours of horror movies?
  • Were they in combat?
  • Did they suffer from PTSD
  • Were they drug users?
  • What triggered them into action
  • Was it planned or spontaneous?
  • What were the warning signs?
  • Why were they ignored by the FBI
  • Why were they ignored by the local police?
  • How did this person not have his name on the list of not to sell a gun to?

Marching against guns is like marching against rocks.  When man was still living in caves, he hunted each other, killing them with yes, a stone.  (very much like cane and able) Hitting them on the head, they would then eat them, and their brain was one of the first things they ate.

It is a misguided concept to think that marching against guns and blaming an inanimate object is going to solve anything.

Looking at the problems in the light of day is not glorious.  Solving the issues, you must first identify them and then address them.

When an organization readily tells you what they are, and it turns out to be a gun, be very suspect.

The left for some reason wants to disarm Americans.  With the millions of guns in this country, it will never happen.  But they try and first they do this by attacking the NRA.  Those of us with a brain in our heads will make sure that will never happen.  You can attack their business partners but we the people will make sure that the NRA does not go anywhere.

You can link the shooter and his actions to the Republicans which is what you are attempting to do but, we will fight you there too.  We will fight you because it is not true.  The last lunatic who shot up the congressmen was a Bernie supporter, and we will not let the world forget that.  He was an ardent left wing nut job who watched and believed the hateful hyperbole spewed forth by the likes of the left wing media. He was enraged by their propaganda to the point of trying to kill people.

The logical debate will bring forth logical discussions.  The emotional debate will bring forth action.

Words have meaning.  You cannot go into an auditorium and yell fire, and you should not be able to spew out hateful rhetoric which is unfounded, as a news organization.

Journalism is objective reporting of the facts, not what you want the events to be.

Some people watch late night comedians and think it is news.  When vital news organizations have to pay airports tens of thousands of dollars to only play their news stations in the terminals, that should tip off the world that just maybe they have an agenda.

“Yes, they will say it is for their advertisers but, C’mon!”

If the FBI were not looking for Russians under every Republican bed, while trying to bring McCarthyism back to life just maybe, they would have paid some attention to the many red flags and warnings about this dangerous individual, and prevented it from happening.  Had the Local police after going out to this kids house 39 times on domestic disturbance calls, knowing he was violent were thinking just a little, they might have put the kid’s name on the list of those to not sell guns to.

The NRA is not the problem.

What I find interesting is when talking to liberals about this they did not know about the warning signs.  They did not know that the FBI messed up and accepted fault.  They were unaware that this kid had been visited 39 times by the local police for violent domestic disturbance calls.  This was universal among all my liberal colleagues.  How is that possible?

When conquering a country, the first thing you do is control the media or destroy it.

Are we under attack?

Social Media, a tool for Anarchist


We learned yesterday that several Russian Trolls tried to mess with the election process.  We learned that not only have they been active in spreading propaganda on Social media but they simultaneously staged rallies in the same town, the same day one for Trump, and one right in front of his building against trump.  These people were well funded so they could pay for protestors.  Did you know that you can rent a protestor?  Just tell then what to protest and pay them and off they go.
The goal is simple, stir up the emotions on both side of the aisle keeping Americans divided.

Many of you probably have, (had) friends that voted for the other guy, and you no longer are talking with them.  I am guilty of this, and I admit it!  I have blocked them as their hatred is intolerable!  The vile postings are unthinkable.  I don’t need friends like that.  Toxic friendships are a drain on your health, take my advice and shed yourself of them.

If and when they see the light, you can decide if you want them back in your life or not.

Truthfully I have more respect for those who vote, than those who don’t and then bitch about the turnout.  Many of these of which I spoke did not vote, they had some lame excuse.

If an anarchist ties an emotional debate to a polarizing figure or topic, they can create chaos in any country, not just this one.

Many of the volatile actions in 2017 were the work of this group.  Towns were destroyed, people were injured, one killed, and yet they don’t care.  Their job is to divide this country.

Last week we lost 17 beautiful humans to the acts of a cowardly nut job.   The FBI dropped the ball, and they admitted as much.  Americans had “seen something and said something” many times regarding this person, and nobody acted.  39 trips to his house on domestic disturbance calls and local law enforcement did not put his name in the national database so he could not purchase guns.  The laws that the left are pushing for, while exploiting any media or person that they can, failed.

Today “Emma” was trending on social media.  Emma has become the latest pawn for the left or possibly anarchist to sow the seeds of discontent even further.  She spoke to the crowd drawing cheers as she lambasted the president and the NRA.  Clearly, this is not the issue, but the people who exploited this child using her raw emotions to push voters to vote anti trump anti-NRA, in the midterm don’t care about the facts.  They have an agenda to disarm Americans, and the trolls were also there pushing their own brand of hatred.

Certainly, unwitting Americans will fall into the trap as this is an emotional time.  What happened is terrible, but the failure was not the NRA or Trump.  It was the higher-ups at the FBI and local law enforcement who are not communicating with one another.

Social media is helpful, but it is also a way for anarchists to screw up any country that has unfettered access to it.  To make matters worse, the MSM plays into the conversation, arguing that false premise that this is somehow a failure of the NRA or Trump.

I wonder, are there no levels of malevolence that the MSM will not stoop to, to destroy this president?  They are deliberately assisting in and spreading a false narrative while exploiting the raw emotions of a child! I guess they look at it as ratings and messing with the mid-term elections.  All is fair in love and war and defeating Trump!

The real issue or the cause was a failure at the FBI and local law enforcement.  This was a similar problem with the shooting in Texas at the church.  So Emma and CNN and anyone else that really wants to fix things; If the FBI missed this and others, what else is falling through the cracks? Start asking those questions and stop diverting the cause to something that it is not.

# StopTheHate, love one another and don’t do the job of the anarchist.  If CNN and MSNBC cannot help themselves, at least you the public can dig a little and find the truth instead of propaganda.

If Trump is the problem, I will tell you.  If he does something right, I may blog about that as well. I am no sycophant for any administration or denomination thereof!  I think it has something to do with journalistic integrity.  Just the fact ma’am just the facts!

The two-party system is a flawed design and we should re-think it! Shirts against Skins is hardly a way to run a country.

Much Love -TW


My heart breaks!


The evil that exists in this world never ceases to amaze me.  What kind of chicken shit coward goes into a church, and kills 26 people; women, children and old men?  Churches are welcoming places where anyone is welcome.

Many on social media are calling for Gun control.

Define gun control?

Unless you can wave a magic wand and make all 500 million plus firearms vanish, there is no such animal, like gun control.

While a good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun, those same advocates of gun control would take his gun away from him as well.  With that rather stupid logic, the only people with guns would be the criminals.  Criminals don’t give a damn about laws of any sort, just in case you did not know.

If bump stocks were outlawed, the criminals would still have them.  If machine guns were illegal, the criminals would always have them.  We have rogue nations with nukes pointed at the US!  That is illegal, immoral and probably going to get them all killed!

Me, You, and the rest of us are being manipulated by people who hate the US.

How or why do I say that?

Anytime something happens that evokes an emotional response the evil people go to work spreading hate and discontent.  The memes are all ready to go just waiting for the next crazy person to react to some trigger.

If I want to manipulate you I just “trigger” your emotions.  Then I pour gasoline on the fire by using expletives and calling you names.  I may have several twitter accounts, picking a fight with myself that others see, and think it is between several people.   Those others chime in and before I know it I have tens of thousands fighting a Twitter war that I am having with myself!

Dividing us, pitting us against one another through social media is what they do best.  Some of them are just robots spreading hate word salad.  Some are trolls of a foreign government. Some are just really misinformed or radicalized miscreants hiding in their mother’s basement, using her internet feeling all big and powerful in their anonymity.

  • The NRA had nothing to do with this, nice try.
  • The GOP or the DNC had nothing to do with this.

Many out there are using the F-word calling anyone that is not a gun control fanatic a Nazi.

Your vile rhetoric is lost, as is your argument.  You are probably one of the trolls of which I speak.

Since the guy is dead, we may not understand why he did what he did.

There are early reports that he was discharged dishonorably from the air force. If that fact disqualifies him from owning guns, then we need to find out why he had one.

I will cede one point with the gun control crowd.

I believe that if you choose to own a weapon, you should be required to submit to a background check by the FBI. I don’t know what the laws are currently, but I think you just have to full out a form and answer all the questions correctly.

The hate in this country is reaching new levels, and I genuinely believe that social media plays a large part.

Just possibly we should shut it all off!  Zuckerberg and the other Twitter moguls would lose money, but just maybe we might talk with our neighbors again instead of tweeting to the world en masse!

This is so far past anything that I have ever seen before.  Maybe they do need to legalize pot so everyone could just take a few hits and chill!

We are all the same, we all bleed red, and there is no excuse for the vitriol we see today.

A town of 400 people will be devastated perhaps from now on.  We need to learn the root cause analysis, or genesis of this persons anger, and try to unravel the events which brought him into this town with the large cache of weapons that he had.  I do not believe this was his only target.  It is just possible that the church down the road was his next target.

Our words carry weight, and they matter.

Much Love -TW



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