What Radio Station do you listen to?

From shortwave to Facetime around the world..

The world continues to shrink.

Years ago, I got into Amateur Radio.  Now that was back in the early ’70s.  Before, there was the internet.


Earlier than that, I had a shortwave radio. I still have it. 

Radio to me was magic.  As a child, I could not understand what magic happened for this voice to come out of this box.  Television was just FM!  Effin Magic…

Anyway, a shortwave radio back in the day opened the world up to me. I fell in love with accents. To get your license to operate the Ham Radio back in the day, you had to learn a lot, including Morse Code.

I wanted it, so I did it.

You and I know that the internet screwed all that up.

Computers were a natural evolution for me.  Spending thousands on an IBM PC with a green screen and floppy was just one box in a transition of many computers.

I would imagine that I owned over the years just about every kind of computer that was made.

They are a horrible investment, but if you wanted to make a career out of it, the time and money were a good investment.

Once the ham radio was part of my daily routine, I met many people worldwide.  I talked to a king of a country that no longer exists.

Now IHeart Radio has been around for a while, but I have not investigated it. Today while doing the regular Happy Birthdays on social media, one of my friends mentioned Radio Garden.

There is an app for that BTW…

A picture of the globe appears, and then it says it is planting seeds.

Hover over a green dot, and Viola, voices from anywhere in the world are now blaring into my office.

Currently, I am listening to a station from York, Australia.

Folks, the world got a little smaller.

Here is my challenge for you.  Tell me in the comments what radio station you listen to and where to find it.

There are so many of you who I see comment or like my posts regularly, let me hear what you hear.

From music to talk radio, tell me about what you listen to.

I have long held the belief that we are but the sum total of our environment.  Our mores and attitudes on life all come from our environment.

Currently, I am working on several projects.  This radio thing might be a distraction; however, I want to know you a little better.

If you are a writer, as I suspect many of you are, what music, if any, do you listen to when you are writing?

This station right now is playing fifties and sixties music.  The DJ sounds like a version of Julia Childs. 

It’s 206 AM on Tuesday here, and it is 406 afternoon Tuesday in York. 

Wrap your head around all that, take a deep breath, and tell me how you are doing.

Much Love -TW

XM Radio Is it worth it?

We are sorry for the longer than expected hold time.  All of our operators are busy, but your call will be answered in the order it was received.

There was a time when HP had the worst customer service.  I am beginning to think XM has surpassed them.  Over a year ago, I noticed that I was driving very little.  My insurance is a total waste of money as the car sits there unless I go pick up groceries, and by pick up, they bring them to my vehicle pre-ordered.

With COVID, I have used less than 8 gallons since New Year’s Eve.

Satellite Radio was my way of keeping up with the news from one of the major stations. 

Last April 2019 (before COVID) I called to cancel, and of course, I went through the usual song and dance, and then they put you with a ‘retention specialist.’

Here is this great deal, blah blah blah.  Instead of $438 a year, you can have it for $99 for each radio plus fees, taxes, and other charges that are non-specified.  ‘A recording artist fee..?’

I acquiesced.  Going through my statement later, I found out that they charged me the full amount anyway.  Pfft…Next year I cancel.

The time of year comes amid COVID.  Nope, call and get put on hold for much too long, so I write them a letter.  That was weeks ago.

Today I get another bill in the mail for $438 plus late charges.  Umm, no, I wrote you a letter asking you to cancel the services.  The agent cannot deal with that; she can only cancel the service after the song and dance about the special price and pausing my subscription until July.  Hello, it is June.  WTF?

What part of ‘the car is not going anywhere?’ does she not get?

I am assuming they are going to send me some bill for services not used even after I sent them a letter to terminate my service.  Do I fight it?  Do I pay them and talk about how crappy they are on every blog I can find? 

Here is the deal…There are too many streaming services out there, which my car stereo can incorporate through the cell phone.  From Iheart radio, Amazon Prime, and Pandora.  I am sure there are others, not to mention iTunes and how about the regular broadcast.  Why XM?  Why pay some exorbitant price for a service that gives you non-commercial commercials?  What is this fee for the recording artist?  Do they see any money from that collected bit of extortion?  

I would be willing to pay a nominal fee for such a service but, when it is this damned hard to kill it, why go through the grief?

Your mileage might vary, but I think my cable company is going to be my next one to scrutinize.  There are more options to TV than you might imagine.

Stay tuned for more details.

Much Love -TW

Update 3/2021

After forcing me to call them and stay on the phone forever, I finally got someone on the phone. They tried everything to get me to stay on with them.

No, I cancelled and I would rip the damned radio out of my car and hit it with a hammer posting it on every social media outlet not controlled by them. I realize that COVID has cost them much of their support but, their business model sucks. (in my humble opinion)

In order to move their customer service team out of the country, they put such onerous demands on the call centers still in the states, those who worked for them were miserable. ‘If the customer cancels you get written up. If you don’t get their credit card, you are in trouble.

Yes, I know people who worked there and I must confess, that anyone who treats people as they did needs to go out of business. Now, during this time when money is tight they sign a contract with Howard Stern. They pay him millions to be on their service.

Never been a fan of that foul mouthed person but, when money is tight is he really the best you can do? This is a man that told all Trump supporters to go kill themselves. He suggested that all Trump supporters should go drink bleach.

No, sorry I will not support anyone who supports him and thinks his rhetoric is ok.

We need people to bring the country together not further rip it apart with bullshit hateful rhetoric like that. When they can put hateful emotional things on the air and captivate your attention that means ratings which are dollars. That is why they don’t mind destroying the country, as long as they can cover the destruction. This is why they play the race card. “He is a racists, sells.” Yelling fire in a theatre will cause tons of destruction why not go do that too?

Never give XM a credit card number.

But, I like radio in my car….

I dropped Pandora as they are owned by XM. I purchased a phone plan with unlimited data and signed up with Apple Music. It streams through my car radio just fine.

No, not a Trumper but, business and politics are horrible bed fellows and I happen to think you can vote for who you like, and like the color of your skin, it should make no difference among your friends and peers.

At least you voted, which is a damned sight better than not voting and bitching about the outcome.

Reagan said vote with your feet. XM with their horrible business practices, treatment of people, and choice of paid entertainers, I have voted.

I sent them a check for their free month of XM with extortion in the memo. They cashed it. They still send me email for what I should be listening to. Pffft!


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