The Poison Within


We take it, we live it, and it kills us… What is it?

I don’t really care what side of the political spectrum you are on.  I hope that you are not so full of hate and vitriol that you cannot see the forests for the trees which are blocking your view.

I want to tell you straight up that I am not a Trump sycophant.  I just watch the news, read the reports, research the facts, so I know what is real and what is fake news, and I have come to some conclusions.

There is significant news this week which we all should be rejoicing.

  • There is a real chance that North and South Korea may not be at odds with one another. There is also a real possibility that they will denuclearize, which is enormous! Yes, this is because of President Trump. Sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth.
  • Our Gross Domestic Product or GDP is the highest it has been in years. Yes, Trump again.
  • The Stock Market is at all-time highs Trump…
  • Black unemployment is the lowest in all of history … Yes Trump
  • Poland and other countries are finally paying more into NATO yes Trump.
  • Factories are coming back into the US …ah huh…Trump.
  • If you are working, odds are high that you saw an increase in your paycheck..
  • Trade deficits with other countries are now not only on the table but are being addressed… Trump.

I could go on for this entire blog about how this country is in a better place, but yet if you listen to CNN or MSNBC, they would have you believe that we are on the brink of nuclear holocaust with everyone. They are so corrupt and so biased it begs the question of why anyone still watches them.

I think it is because it feeds their hate.  They want to hate. What CNN and MSNBC offer is food for the demon inside them that cannot accept the possibility that just possibly God can use someone like Trump to straighten up the ship.

In fact, the loons in fantasy land tell us that if you are a Christian, you are delusional and should be locked up.

Jim Acosta gave an interview regarding peoples opinion of the “free press.”  He lamented that because of Trump, people might become angry with them and want to hurt them.  He then went on to say that Trump supporters had elevators that did not stop at all the floors.  Did he learn nothing from the Basket of Deplorable’ s comment? Does he not understand that talking shit to half the country just might piss them off! Why he still has a job is fascinating.

Why did he say nothing about his news agency which prompted the DC shooter to try and kill the Republican senators on a baseball field?  That was the result of “Fake News.”

Yes, Jim when you mess with people’s emotions you can prompt them into action, and that is what fake news does. You feed their anger demon and stoke the flames of hatred.

The problem is, we Americans don’t want the truth.  We are happy being upset and angry because the shirts or the skins lost, pick your metaphor.  They have been told lies about the results of the election, and they think it is not fair.

The group ANTIFA, which oddly enough is a fascist organization consisting of spoiled college kids and loony professors out of touch with reality, cannot accept that the world does not revolve around them. They have been lied to by idiotic professors who have probably ruined their brains by smoking too much pot or just possibly they too are drinking the Kool-Aid of CNN and MSNBC or Marx.

This is not, however, a friendly game of dodgeball. In the end, we are all on the same team.  We, you and I are on the same side.  Only when we recognize that there is incredible bias in the media can we look at the facts and not what some talking head tells us to think.

It is as simple as this.  If you want to take over a country you merely take over the media.  You don’t allow outside voices in to distract from your message touting your agenda. You must, in fact, control the narrative while discrediting the opposition at all cost.

When the dust settles, we will learn that the FBI and the DOJ were horribly corrupt during this last election and complicit in the now current Russia probe which is distracting the president in terribly dangerous times.  We will find that those that are crying the loudest are most probably the most corrupt and they are afraid of being discovered, much like the Clinton dynasty or the Kennedy Dynasty was.

This will be about more than a blue dress but about millions of dollars for pay to play opportunities.  This will be about money laundering and a whole host of illegal activities by a class of people who live by a different set of laws than you and I. This, in fact, would be the swamp.  The swamp creatures protect their own and they are ensconced in the highest of offices in the land, and that includes places outside the US.  You can tell who they are by how they truly feel about the constitution. Not so much by their words but by their actions.

Currently, this is all about the mid-terms and polluting the voters’ minds with falsehoods and outright lies. I suppose this is politics, but I must tell you that it stinks! Americans are the victims of this false narrative.  The schism between family and friends who differ on political ideologies, most probably formed by what news channel you watch is real. Ask yourself why the coasts are blue and the heartland is red.

I watch social media and people that were once mildly interested in politics are now so easily triggered and are so polarized that they will spit on you if you disagree with them.  Whatever happened to social discord?  Why can we not openly and calmly talk about the issues?  The answer is simple.  When the facts come up, those on the extreme left only have how they feel about it, and the facts do not support their feeling.

I have been unfriended by some as I don’t hide my beliefs.  I have been called names by some which when it gets to that point it is because they don’t have a good argument, so they just call names. It is, in fact, childish and petulant and I have no time for such foolishness.

I am happy to debate the facts just make sure that you have them and not some garbage from the destroy Trump media outlets.

If you look around, you can see that things are better.  You can see that it is like a dark shroud being removed from over us while dismantling the lies from many past administrations.

When you discover that the wealthiest counties in the country are all around DC where the politicians live you would think that someone with more than a few neurons firing would ask how politicians get so rich?  If you are a public servant, and you are getting rich, it is because you are a crook!

No, we blindly go along not worrying about the lobbyists who purchase favors from those that we send to DC to represent us.  They don’t serve you, and they don’t give a damn.  They are power brokers whose sole purpose is to modify the tax code, so it helps those who the lobbyists represent.

They don’t really care about peace in the world because war is profitable.  If there were no wars, there would be no need for trillions of dollars of military stuff.  If there were no need for that then there would be little opportunity for those who grant the final say so on which companies get what bid, to be purchased.

When it came out that your tax dollars were being used to pay off sexual abuse complaints by your elected officials why did you not scream bloody murder?

You knew about the casting couch,  even Oprah who arranged for young girls to go to Weinstein’s hotel rooms said, “They were all big girls and knew what it was about.”  Why are you so shocked!? Why are you not demanding that those who do such things be impeached? Why did Hollywood turn a blind eye to all of the abuse of women and boys?  Why now are they saying hey, this is not right?  Will the pendulum swing back to the casting couch in the future?

How is it that Facebook and other social media can remove content at its sole discretion?  Did you know that a majority of Americans get their news from Social media?  In this country, we have the first amendment.  That my friends is free speech.  That means that you can stand on a corner and spew out fake news or hate speech and I can do nothing about it.  Indeed; I will defend your right to do so.

Isn’t it possible that is too much power in the hands of companies which are not held to any standards?

Here is the truth…Hate kills us!

Hate and anger are like a poison that you take in hopes that it will affect someone else. 

When the media and other pundits spew out hate, it has a ripple effect shortening your life. Hatred and Anger produce something called cortisol which is the fight or flight hormone.  The more emotional that you are “, the easier that you are triggered” hence, the shorter your life will be.

In fact, anger and hate really are a poison.

I watched C-Span yesterday for a bit.  Elizabeth Warren was asking questions of Secretary Mattis  “Maddog Mattis” She spoke to him like he was a first grader and she the teacher.

How he managed to contain himself from bitch slapping her, I have no idea.

The people that she was condescending to have more class in their little fingers than most of those senators who were trying to score political points.

How much of the poison will you continue to take?

These are my Friday Night thoughts which I needed to get out of me so I could be more creative with another task which includes writing something besides political stuff.

If you like this sort of thing follow me as I usually talk about things which are just over the top. If on the other hand, you follow me because I write really great books, I appreciate that as well.

If you have a comment about any of this, please feel free to do so in the section below.  If your comment is thoughtful and convivial, I will respond in kind.

Much Love and have a Super Weekend!




Social Media, a tool for Anarchist


We learned yesterday that several Russian Trolls tried to mess with the election process.  We learned that not only have they been active in spreading propaganda on Social media but they simultaneously staged rallies in the same town, the same day one for Trump, and one right in front of his building against trump.  These people were well funded so they could pay for protestors.  Did you know that you can rent a protestor?  Just tell then what to protest and pay them and off they go.
The goal is simple, stir up the emotions on both side of the aisle keeping Americans divided.

Many of you probably have, (had) friends that voted for the other guy, and you no longer are talking with them.  I am guilty of this, and I admit it!  I have blocked them as their hatred is intolerable!  The vile postings are unthinkable.  I don’t need friends like that.  Toxic friendships are a drain on your health, take my advice and shed yourself of them.

If and when they see the light, you can decide if you want them back in your life or not.

Truthfully I have more respect for those who vote, than those who don’t and then bitch about the turnout.  Many of these of which I spoke did not vote, they had some lame excuse.

If an anarchist ties an emotional debate to a polarizing figure or topic, they can create chaos in any country, not just this one.

Many of the volatile actions in 2017 were the work of this group.  Towns were destroyed, people were injured, one killed, and yet they don’t care.  Their job is to divide this country.

Last week we lost 17 beautiful humans to the acts of a cowardly nut job.   The FBI dropped the ball, and they admitted as much.  Americans had “seen something and said something” many times regarding this person, and nobody acted.  39 trips to his house on domestic disturbance calls and local law enforcement did not put his name in the national database so he could not purchase guns.  The laws that the left are pushing for, while exploiting any media or person that they can, failed.

Today “Emma” was trending on social media.  Emma has become the latest pawn for the left or possibly anarchist to sow the seeds of discontent even further.  She spoke to the crowd drawing cheers as she lambasted the president and the NRA.  Clearly, this is not the issue, but the people who exploited this child using her raw emotions to push voters to vote anti trump anti-NRA, in the midterm don’t care about the facts.  They have an agenda to disarm Americans, and the trolls were also there pushing their own brand of hatred.

Certainly, unwitting Americans will fall into the trap as this is an emotional time.  What happened is terrible, but the failure was not the NRA or Trump.  It was the higher-ups at the FBI and local law enforcement who are not communicating with one another.

Social media is helpful, but it is also a way for anarchists to screw up any country that has unfettered access to it.  To make matters worse, the MSM plays into the conversation, arguing that false premise that this is somehow a failure of the NRA or Trump.

I wonder, are there no levels of malevolence that the MSM will not stoop to, to destroy this president?  They are deliberately assisting in and spreading a false narrative while exploiting the raw emotions of a child! I guess they look at it as ratings and messing with the mid-term elections.  All is fair in love and war and defeating Trump!

The real issue or the cause was a failure at the FBI and local law enforcement.  This was a similar problem with the shooting in Texas at the church.  So Emma and CNN and anyone else that really wants to fix things; If the FBI missed this and others, what else is falling through the cracks? Start asking those questions and stop diverting the cause to something that it is not.

# StopTheHate, love one another and don’t do the job of the anarchist.  If CNN and MSNBC cannot help themselves, at least you the public can dig a little and find the truth instead of propaganda.

If Trump is the problem, I will tell you.  If he does something right, I may blog about that as well. I am no sycophant for any administration or denomination thereof!  I think it has something to do with journalistic integrity.  Just the fact ma’am just the facts!

The two-party system is a flawed design and we should re-think it! Shirts against Skins is hardly a way to run a country.

Much Love -TW


Were we raped? That depends on what Is “IS!”

It is time we all look a little harder for the truth!

“Not my child!  My child would never do XYZ the parent decries before presented with the evidence from the officer.”

Today a memo was released from Congress that depicts a trail of deception and outright lies and corruption perpetrated against the American people.  Non-elected officials in the highest levels of government colluded with their pick for president, on ways to keep Trump from getting elected.

While her crimes were evident and egregious, those people gave her a pass, while going after the opposition who will not play ball with the power brokers.

Big business and Insurance companies banked on and made plans for Hillary winning the White House.  The fix was in.

As a writer of fiction, I am not sure I could come up with this.

Hillary first cheated Bernie out of the primary.  CNN’s Donna Brazil gave Hillary an advance copy of the debate questions, and she later wrote a book telling about how Hillary controlled the entire process at the DNC breaking all the ethical rules with only one goal in mind, winning at any cost.

Paying for a fake Dossier full of Russian created propaganda, they leaked it to the FBI and other news agencies.  Once a news agency printed it “Yahoo News” they used it as corroboration that it was a real story even though they leaked it to Yahoo and others.

Armed with fake news they sought to get a judge to allow them to “wiretap” the Trump campaign which they did.  They never told the judge that it was based on a dossier paid for by the DNC.  They, in fact, lied to a federal judge, not once but three times.

Colluding with Russians and others, they misused people at the top of the food chain to try to overthrow an election.

This was and is a three-pronged approach.

  1. Discredit Trump, so he does not get elected.
  2. If he gets elected, use the fake dossier to get him impeached
  3. Failing that, get a special counsel appointed to keep Trump occupied and on the defensive until the mid-term elections so the Dems can take back the House and Senet.

CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and others are all in bed with some power brokers to continue the attacks on Trump, the GOP and you and I.  The idea is to continue to divide the country keeping the vitriolic rhetoric forefront and center.  The rhetoric is so hateful that opposing views cannot even be discussed with friends as emotions have been injected into the process making it impossible. The narrative is not about Trump’s accomplishments but instead about a fake dossier and Russia.

The MSM goes out of their way to make this personal and emotional to keep you the public stirred up.

Those of you who watch those news agencies got an entirely different picture of the facts and truth.  You, in fact, have been lied to and brainwashed.  Late night comedians and actors of all strife are engaged in the process as well.

An example of emotional manipulation is this. Sarah Silverman stated, “with all this talk about an abortion she thinks she would like to eat a fetus!”

Take an emotionally divisive topic like pro-choice or pro-life and then interject hyperbole and you can get someone’s attention.

From wearing Vagina Costumes to pussy hats media attention for the Trump Hating crowd becomes easy.

A dislike for this president has jaded many and made the truth impossible to swallow so many would rather believe the lie, “not my kid!”

Close friends of mine did not believe that their kid was taking this poison smuggled across our border. “Not my kid!”

Not at breakfast one Sunday morning before church, they went to find him in his bed, dead.  He had drowned in his own vomit!  Drug overdose!

Moral of the story, “yes your kid.”

“Yes, CNN and others are pawns for someone who wants to destroy those that will not play ball or those that cannot be purchased.”

The truth of the matter is the power brokers don’t care if it is a democrat or republican who is in the White House, they just have to be open to being purchased.  If they are a public Servant and they are rich, follow the money! Everyone has a price unless of course, you are Trump!

Yes, Avenue K is real, and the power brokers are real, and the deep state with all its corruption is real.

Our country was set up to give most of the power to the states.  (it is called federalism) Democrats want all that power in DC so they can control where your money goes and to whom.  All of it! Some in the GOP are still Republicans, but some are just as corrupt as the other side and want the power too!

We need Term Limits to clean up the corruption, and that is where things need to go next.

Once we clean up the corrupt men and women who don’t play by the rules, we then need to fix some other things like term limits.

While CNN and company would have you believe that this is nothing, I promise you that it is much larger and more serious than Watergate.

A tiny percentage of the corruption was made public today, and it was interesting to see the Dems try to spin it.  Sycophants of the left will buy it.  They will fall lock step into line ignoring the drug paraphernalia and other tell-tale signs as the truth is too hard to swallow.

  • Could Trump really be putting America First?
  • Could he actually care about undoing the damage done by previous administrations?
  • Is he really trying to bring industry back to the USA?
  • Does he really want to help the middle class who has been screwed for decades?
  • Look at your 401, the stock market and unemployment figures.

I know it is an inconvenient truth, and there are those on the left that give OBAMA all the credit but, “yes your kid!”

“Hate is a poison that you take expecting it to affect someone else.”

Hate kills, let it go!

I am working on my latest Thriller Gods and Insects! I think some of this will be fodder for a chapter or two. Diamond Jo is on Sale for the month of February, only $2.99!

Happy Valentines Day!

Much Love!


From ShitHole to Covfefe, have you had enough?

A politician cannot spew verbiage from their lips.  A politician cannot just extol their thoughts whatever they may be to the public or in President Trump’s case to anyone ever.  If you are in the public eye what you say matters.  As President of the USA, every word you say must be judged because it will be judged and spun by your detractors.

President Trump is a polarizing figure.  There seems to be little middle ground with this man.  Is it truly Trump, or is it something else?

The swamp is full of creatures that got there by eating each other.  They sell their soul to the devil to get there, and they do it for power.  The monsters of the swamp will say or do anything to keep their thrones with the ultimate altar being their bank accounts.  Selling the country or the values of the nation for more power or money is nothing to these creatures.  Not all politicians, however, are swamp monsters.  How do we tell the difference?

  • Is the country divided?
  • Are there people that you used to speak with that now you don’t?
  • Can you openly say who you voted for among your friends?
  • Were you surprised by the results of the 2016 election?
  • Are people looking for anything to offend them?
  • Can you watch the news at all?
  • Does it bother you that this Russia scandal is a creation of the swamp creatures?
  • Is ignorance truly bliss?
  • Does it trouble you that young voters think socialism is a good thing?
  • Do you have personal friends that are a different race than yourself?
  • Do you secretly under your breath call them names?
  • Did the ShitHole comment offend you?
  • Did he actually say it?
  • If he did or even inferred something like that, was it about the people?
  • Do you really think in your heart of hearts anyone in that position would say such a thing about people of color?
  • Do you care?
  • Are you in the hate Trump category, no matter what?
  • Is Trump the real Swamp buster and is it time to throw the rascals out?
  • Do you feel that the government owes you everything that you might need?


I don’t have all the answers.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have all the questions. I do know that we don’t have a politician in the white house, at least not one that occupies the Oval Office.  I know that he is crude at times and unpolished when it comes to communicating with the folks.  I also know that he is the President of all Americans.  That office is to be respected, and for that, I will do it.

The country is divided, and we need to fix it.  How we do, that is up in the air.  It is unpatriotic to make fun of, taunt or tease someone who voted differently than you did.  When you cut off communication with those that think differently than yourself you are part of the problem.  Maybe you don’t care.  Possibly you think it is excellent that your hate of this president now has an outlet, a target or place you can vent your frustrations.

“Hate is a poison that you take hoping that it will affect someone else.”

The results of 2016 did not surprise me.  Staying in touch with reality and not some fantasy world created by Hollywood, or some in the news media; I was not surprised at all.  People that voted for this president were quiet about it as the nation was brought to a boiling point by the media elite.

When a real Socialist ran on a platform of socialism against a person who is a deep state swamp creature, I was not surprised.  You may not appreciate what I am saying, and maybe you cannot handle the truth, but the Democrats ran a campaign that was terribly flawed and with terribly damaged candidates. Even with the backing of the press and cheating Bernie out of the race, she still lost to a businessman who is as politically correct as the slang we hear in most rap music.

If she wanted to tell the truth of what happened, that is what happened.  When you joke about deleting 33K emails which were under subpoena in a campaign speech and are still clueless how you lost, there is a problem.  Now that the Clintons are irrelevant you will see them tossed under the bus by the swamp. I predict that Bill and Hillary will finally figure out what the meaning of  “IS, IS.”

I am not a sycophant for Trump.  I read, watch and listen and research as I am a writer after all. Journalism is a big part of who I am. Objectivity is part of writing, and that, unfortunately, is lost in this country at this moment in time.

The truth takes a back seat to what will sell the most airtime or copies of some periodical.  That my friends is unfortunate and is a disservice to the people.

The people disserve the truth no matter how ugly it is.  We are not getting it.  When the press has an agenda, it is propaganda.  We have a twenty-four hour a day news cycle to fill.  Every time the president farts, it is newsworthy. Trump is a gift for the rating game as he is full of pithy comments that drive the press crazy.  Spinning everything that he says to mean something that it does not, for some agenda, is what they do.

Looking at the governments of the countries that may or may not have been called “shitholes” I can tell you that is what he was probably referring to.  They are banana republic countries and treat their people like insects. They don’t care about them.  Their swamp is shittier than ours, and that I believe is what he was referring to.  I was not there nor were the reporting news agencies so in truth we don’t know what was said.  The facts have been disputed along political lines, surprise …!

Calling their governments corrupt is not as glorious or newsworthy as Trump calling all people of color shit holes, which is what many of the news media want you to believe.  So his detractors spin it that he is a super racist and needs to be impeached.

Trump is not a politician but he is not stupid!

Half the country believes one thing and half the other.  We are the insects, and they are the gods.  Someone needs to clean up the swamp, and that includes the news media.

  • How can you help?
  • Do you want to help?
  • Do you want to put this country back together again?
  • Are you happy with the vitriol created by the media and Hollywood elites?
  • Do you like hating your neighbor or old friends?
  • Have you enjoyed blocking your Facebook friends that might have voted for Trump or Hillary!
  • Was it a nice feeling or cathartic feeling to “block” your friends?
  • Do you enjoy being angry!?

You have two choices, well three, if you count, do nothing.

  • Unblock your friends and reach out to them.
  • Be willing to listen to what they have to say.
  • Look for common ground and build on it. You had it once find it again.

Your other choice is to perpetuate the hate and vitriolic rhetoric by throwing your voice into the mix.

As a writer, I talk to many of you on every side of the aisle.  We are all smart people. Some of us may not be as informed as others, but that is not a matter of intellect, it is a matter of choice.

This president like the last one was, is my president.  Like it or not I will respect that office and the man who holds it.  Disrespecting him would be in fact disrespecting half the country.  Just maybe I don’t have all the facts.  Maybe my news source of late-night comedians have an agenda and are not objectively telling the news or actual facts.

I will not block anyone.  We have a right to agree to disagree, but I want to know your feelings about the facts.  That is the correct attitude that we should all strive for.  Keep in mind that the swamp creatures don’t want that.  The swamp creatures wish to tell you what to think and for you not question it.  Folks that is “shithole politics” and you disserve better!

Thanks so much for reading my blogs!  Whether you agree or disagree with me is irrelevant.  Open and honest communication is paramount to the people of the world.  Many countries do not have that right or freedom.  Think about that, you could be jailed for voicing your opinion.

Some countries do not allow your voice to be heard by their people.  Some have it blocked in such a way that only the voice of the government is the one that they hear and abide by.  Why do you suppose it is that some countries limit your speech?  Do you think it might have something to do with controlling the narrative? Do you think that just possibly that the Great and powerful Wizard is hiding something?

Novel number 26 “Ghost Signals of Colorado Springs” is making its way around the globe.  Thanks so much for reading my books!  What a great honor it is when I see the reports from Amazon and Smashwords!  That inspires me to press on.


Much Love -TW

Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Ciao and even Aloha… and … my thoughts on Virginia

We need to teach critical thinking, not indoctrination.


Welcome new followers!   Thanks so much for following me.

I spent so much effort and time creating novels that I am afraid I am way behind the eight ball where marketing is concerned.  Blogging is marketing.  Blogging is also a nice way to get to know you, and you, me.

Here is where you get to know me outside of my novels, and I can get to know you if, you will take a moment and say hello.  While English is my chosen language and the only one that I know fluently, I love to speak with those who read my writings or would like to engage in some dialogue of a philosophical nature.

Many of you are fellow bloggers, and that is wonderful.  I love reading about what you are up to.

Those of you who follow me know that I don’t shy away from subjects that are controversial. 

I had some thoughts about the recent events here in the US that are troubling.  I sent out a tweet the day of the riots in Virginia and some “person” asked me rather snarkily if I just started watching the news.  My tweet simply stated that “I was amazed at the level of evil that we are capable of.”

I do not respond to snark, or jerks, or what have you. His or her loss really but I refuse to get into the dirt with them.  Keep it civil, respectful etc., no problem.  I don’t require you to agree with me.  I do require that you are respectful.

I despise the media and have for years.  To them it is all about ratings and as a people no matter what country you happen to be in, that is propaganda.  The media may have started this simply for ratings but when you look at the “who is who charts” and find that someone way up in the media food chain is tied to some government official or worse yet, some mega multi conglomerate “special interests” group, one has to wonder.

No, I don’t watch the news, it is a waste of time.  Mostly it is either opinion or conjecture or just damned lies.  The cable companies have hundreds of channels to fill with something from swamp people to DIY this or that.  They all compete for ratings.  When you say or promote audacious programming for ratings, the viewer should probably use their brain and think about the validity of what they are watching.

When children’s programming has messages in it which are politically charged, one has to wonder if you really need TV at all! We need to teach critical thinking, not indoctrination.

I found a twitter post that was a recruiting tool for paid protestors for this event over the weekend.  If the riots had paid actors in there to stir things up, that is wrong on so many levels of wrong.  People were supposedly paid $25 an hour to go and egg on the protestors and take whatever side needed to be egged on whether it was the Antifa or the Nazi’s or KKK or even BLM.  It is kind of like the devil had a hand in it.

There were tweets of pictures of two men who were AntiFa one time, and Nazi’s the next, same two men.  WTF?  Are we being played by someone with a god complex?

Somone died, as emotions are raw as was the purpose of the agitators to make sure that emotions were kept raw.  Who paid them?  Who thinks it a good idea to send paid protestors to go to these protest and make things worse?

No, I don’t watch the news.  There are anarchist everywhere, and someone with deep pockets is funding it to make sure it keeps us all divided.  If I want to spur you or anyone into action, all I have to do is trigger you on some emotional level and bingo!

I prefer intellectual, logical debate.  Keeping an open mind, I might learn something and make some new friends along the way.  Even if we don’t agree we can agree to disagree and remain, friends, can we not?

When you fail to listen to the other side of the same coin, you will never understand why they do what they do or say what they say.  You might also learn that you are wrong, so it pays to listen.

Ignorance without EGO is an opportunity learn.  Ignorance with EGO is simply propaganda.

So what was this all about anyway?  What was the protest about, how did it start and who was there?

It started out with the proposed demolition of a Statue.  The White Nationalist party went to protest the removal of this statue peacefully.  Ever since Dylan Roof shot up the church to start a race war, we have been practicing revisionist history.  That is exactly what it is but, the left calls it something else.

History is history no matter what it is.  To remove statues and flags is nonsense but you might see that differently.

Dylan Roof may have started more than he ever could have hoped for as this gave more fuel to a racist few who see racism everywhere.  The interesting part of this whole story is somehow it is blamed on Trump and by proxy anyone who happens to be a conservative.

History 101 TWScott’s abbreviated version.

The first Republican president was the 16th, and for those that don’t know, that was Abraham Lincoln.

He ran on equal rights for all colors of peoples and of course to free the slaves from bondage.  After he completed that task, he was gunned down in a theatre by guess who, a Democrat, who was not fond of his idea of freeing the slaves or allowing them to vote.  The VP took over who ran on the same ticket with Lincoln who also happens to be a Democrat.  Talk about reaching across the aisle.

Andrew Johnson, the 17th president, was not fond of Lincolns ideas and halted much of what he had started.  Democrats started the KKK and were very much against freeing the slaves or allowing them to vote.  The Democrats tried to stop them from voting by charging them a poll tax.  Many Democrats in the south did not want them to vote so they decided to institute a literacy or intelligence test before you could vote.

Remember, it was illegal to teach a slave to read much less anything else other than picking cotton or other menial task.  Knowledge is power, and the Democrats knew it.

Fast forward to LBJ the 36th president who was as much a racist that ever was.  While history is being re-written on many web sites, the truth is that since the blacks were allowed to vote he was going to make sure that they voted Democrat.  Turning his black hating attention to using them as useful idiots, he pushed through legislation that would keep the black man down for centuries by buying their vote with just enough in the way of entitlements to keep them from having any desire to do better for themselves.

Removing their desire for self-improvement by turning them into a welfare society, he was quoted as saying, That will keep them N****gers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!

Now you can get all upset, but those are the facts.  Bear in mind that you might have to go to the library and do some research as revisionist are indeed changing the history on individual websites.  Even the History channel web site has been altered leaving out the quote that he was rather famous for making!  While admitting he was a racist, they don’t spell it out, as I have here or as history has many times.

So who else was in Virginia and why were they there?

Antifa was there who are extreme left-wing miscreants who are in fact, true fascist.  Their strong opinions on a misguided philosophy by someone who is bad at history, which pretty much defines them as fascist.  That is rather funny in an odd way if you think about it.

Antifa was there to stop the White Nationist, not to be confused with the Nazi’s or KKK, also lefty organizations.  The Nazi’s and Antifa were working hand in hand which was rather strange and along with BLM  to go after the White Nationist (conservatives).  The white nationalists are saying history is sacrosanct, you don’t alter what you don’t like, hence the protest.  If you want to erect another statue, buy the land, pay an artist and have the thing situation on your land and dedicate it but, you don’t simply rewrite history that you don’t like!

The simplicity of the argument is you don’t subtract from history but, you can add to it as long is it is truthful.

Then, of course, you had the professional agitators who came and made sure that it got ugly.

No, I don’t watch the news, but I do go and get the facts!  The news is so biased that you cannot believe them at all.  If they tell me it is a pretty day outside, I am going to look to make sure.  They have an agenda.  Ratings are their first agenda but remember this; there are many things one must do to destroy a country, or take it over.

First, you divide everyone in every possible way.  With social media, it is easy as there are robots on Twitter putting out hate word salad.  Then you have the paid for trolls who spout out hate garbage and get those that are already polarized to retweet it, to their friends and so on.  If you tell a lie or hear a lie often enough, you believe it.  Many who listen to comedians are regularly exposed to garbage, based on hate.

The next thing you do to control a country is, control the narrative, in this case, the media and of course the beloved people on the silver screen who we know so intimately as we have been in their bedrooms.  That, of course, is the fallacy of it, but they depend upon you thinking that way.  Trust me; you don’t know them! If you did, you might be surprised to learn just how vapid and narcissistic that some of them are.

Once you control the media and keep the masses divided, you get someone, oh like Hitler to come in and identify with you and point out all of the problems in the world and place the blame on someone and offer to fix it all for your vote and a minor re-write of your constitution.  If you think this is some dystopian plot for one of my books, I only wish it was.  That is the plan of someone with a huge megalomaniac, god complex, and deep deep pockets!  Do you think it is Trump?  Do you think it is Putin?  Who would you suspect of such an evil plot to transform America into something it is not?

That beloved Movie star that most girls dream about, Mathew McConaughey said not long ago, “that second amendment, we can live without that.”  Just a minor rewrite of your Constitution, right?

No, Mathew, you body guard surrounded misguided fool, we need our second amendment, and our first, and all the rest of them.  They were written by people much wiser than you.  Memorize your script, remain sexy, and emote; so your misguided sycophants who think they know you can fantasize.

Just food for thought here but Trump, the American President, is your president if you are an American. He ran on draining the swamp.  At his inauguration, he stood a few feet from President Obama and said that the Washington elites are screwing you the people, and I am here to stop it!  Say what you want, but that took balls!  The swamp monsters are fighting back, which is what we see in the media daily.

Those on both sides are fighting him because they don’t want to be exposed for the frauds that they are.

“As a senator, you don’t spend millions of your dollars for a job that pays $100K a year!  That is insanity unless of course, you are going to steal from the taxpayer’s piggie banks, all that you can.”

Ever wonder why many of those senators are now millionaires living the good life while filling you full of lies? Why are they still working in their 70’s?  Why not take their millions and enjoy what years they have left? Riddle me that Batman?

“If you become wealthy as a public servant, you are most probably a thief or crook.”

America, your enemy is not Trump, it is the media and the career politicians.

No, not a Trumpian, just a patriot who reads one hell of a lot, when I am not writing one hell of a lot.  I think about things like “why.”

Occam’s razor comes into play with many of these things, but you must have a little critical thought process, and be willing to watch something other than the MSM and research things.

As always I am interested in your thoughts.

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