We Hold these Truths to be self-evident …

I was amazed to read that Louis Lerner wanted her testimony sealed.  The head of the IRS that targeted conservative groups during the 2012 election process now wants her statements sealed as she is afraid for herself and her family if the public were to have access to them.

Let’s think about this one.  She used the most powerful agency in the United States, the IRS to swing the outcome of the 2012 Election to the Democrats, and she is only now worried about her actions?  The New York Times in a show of actual journalism should publish the entire transcript on the front page!

If Hillary had won would the public know about this blatant attack on democracy by our own government?

She is a criminal and has forfeited her rights to ask to have her crimes hidden. Why is she not behind bars? Her safety from upset citizens should be the least of her worries!  I bet Martha Stewart is pissed.  Her crimes were child’s play in comparison to that of this person.

CNN and MSNBC have been talking Russia for the last ten months, and now we have actual proof that the IRS targeted conservative groups to stop them from helping Romney and other conservative candidates in 2012. Yes, that is collusion with the then current Obama administration.

It makes no difference which side of the political divide you find yourself, you too should be aghast by this, and demand that people like Louis Lerner are exposed and prosecuted.  One of the things that make the US such a great place to live, is we have fair elections.  Don’t  we?  Are they truly fair?

Hillary said in an interview not long ago that if Fox News had been around when her husband was running, he would not have won.  Now let that sink in for a moment.  What she is inferring is that Fox news is not fair and balanced, that they are not journalists.

What she really is saying or admitting to, is that they would have investigated his every dealing, and just possibly talked more about his predatory sexual predilections, which have dominated the news these last few weeks.  Women do not like men who are in power to rape them.   I know of no woman who likes being raped in the first place!  Had Fox news been around then, she is right; he would have been exposed as the creep that he is, and Monika would not be a household name associated with a semen stain on her blue dress!

The larger question is, where were ABC, CBS and CNN and MSNBC?  Why were they not on top of this story?

Fox news like all news agencies has journalists who are biased, but if you look at their stories, they will call out the Republicans as well as the Democrats.  Do they play to their base, of course, but they do report more middle of the road, than does their competition.  This fact has been statistically proven, it is just not my opinion.

If it is truly about money and market share one would think that CNN would be more middle of the road instead of so far left leaning.  If Fox is doing so well, why not lean right?

Negative stories garner more attention so spinning the news in a negative format sells more air time.  CNN and MSNBC are two of the companies who have more negative coverage on our current president than anyone in that market. If you hate Trump and want to feel good, watch them.  If you would like the actual truth you might look elsewhere.  Russia Today is more unbiased than they are.

News like anything else is all about ratings.  Ratings attract advertisers. Commercials pay for the airtime that the talking heads use to pontificate on their particular take on the stories of the day.  CNN and MSNBC I don’t believe are as biased for political reasons that many think that they are.  What they are doing is playing to their base, keeping their ratings alive through spewing out reasons to hate Trump.  Emotions are easy tools to manipulate you with.  People love bad news about someone that they do not like.

“Gees TW that is a harsh claim!”

Really? If a football team that you don’t like has a key player that is injured, do you not get some feeling of joy from that as now your team which will be playing them next might have an advantage?  It is our secret but, think about it.  We love bad news when it is about someone we don’t like.

Not only do we eat up bad news but we will more readily spread the bad news on social media if it will play to our base.  That is a sad commentary on the human race, don’t you think?

If you have made it this far, good for you.

The only way to fix a problem is to admit that it exists and then identify it.  Once you can identify it, you can name it and figure out how to dismantle it. People who are what I call “asleep” don’t want to hear it.  They certainly don’t want to read it.

The truth of the matter is that if people are biased one way or the other, they do not want to hear opposing thoughts. It does not make a difference if it is the truth, they don’t want to listen to it.

Still don’t believe me???

How many times have you heard some parent say, “not my kid!”  Maybe you have said it yourself, “my kid would never do that!”

Some good friends of mine said that about their kid.  It is called denial… When they heard that he was seen doing drugs with some other children, they asked him about it. “Oh no mom, when I saw what they were doing I left them, I will never even see them again!  Drugs are stupid just like you always say mom.” They believed the lies because to quote Jack Nicholson; they could not handle the truth.

Two weeks later they went up to his room to get him up, as he was late for Church.  They found him dead in his bed.  Cause of death, he drowned in his own vomit due to overdosing on the very drugs that he denied he was taking.  True story, very sad. I grieved with them but, I knew the problem then as I do now.  We don’t want to hear the truth!

It is our nature not to want to hear that which we find repugnant unless it is about the other guy.  The scream from his mother was indicative of the looks on the faces from the Hillary supporters the night that she lost to Trump.  Ten months later we still have a divided country because many cannot handle the truth.

Some perfectly dishonest politicians are still trying to float impeachment proceedings to play to their base so they will get re-elected.  It is foolish showmanship but some hateful folks out there will buy it.

Hillary was a flawed candidate and never should have been the DNC pick!  They underestimated the appeal of a populist and were more worried about Bernie, than Trump.  The mere fact that she rigged the election to screw Bernie is more than the proof you should need.  The Billy Bass tape was their ace in the hole.  They were wrong.

Today we read that many of the FBI agents that were investigating Hillary’s emails were huge supporters of hers.  They hid the evidence against her, rather than do their jobs.

Government officials just like white cops cannot be prejudiced against the other political side, or different colors of humans.  The tapestry of America is weaved together with all different kinds of humans who appear and think a little differently.  It is called diversity.  From race to political affiliation they are all necessary and make up the whole of who we are as a people, Americans!

I don’t have to hold your beliefs to be kind and respectful of you as a human.  The converse is also true.

Why is that concept so hard to embrace?

We hear all this talk about racism and bias but, we do nothing about it other than perpetuating the atmosphere that begat it in the first place.

  • Journalists are to report the events, not create them.
  • The IRS is to enforce the tax laws as they are, not make them up for different groups.
  • Judges are to enforce the laws and the constitution, applying them equally to all with a blind eye to race, sex or political affiliation. They are not to change the meaning of the constitution for some political agenda.
  • Police are to protect and to serve without any racial partiality or bigotry.

You the people, the citizens, are who pay them, they work for you.

You cannot fix what you cannot or refuse to identify.  With many, it is a heart issue.  If you do not believe what I am telling you, and I get that many will want to write and tell me how full of it I am, do this first.

If you are a Fox news person, watch CNN and MSNBC.  I know that you will be angry and upset at watching the hate and contempt from the other side but listen for any truths.  Could there be some truth to what they are saying?

Mika Brzezinski was caught on camera talking about what they do.  She said and I quote, “We tell the American people what to think.”  That my friends is arrogance run amuck! No honey, you report the facts whatever they are period.  It is called journalism.  Anything else is called propaganda!

If you are in the camp of CNN and MSNBC and of course Bill Mahar and the other nightly comedians that pass off their acts as news, you watch Fox News and do the same exercise.  Could there be any truth in what any of the folks are saying?  Sit through the evening line up and make notes. Yes, watch Hannity as well.  He is entertaining at least.

When you are all sick of the biases that you will have no doubt spotted, go and find OAN news.  The news media that both sides of the spectrum hate.  They are doing whatever they can to get them removed from the cable lineup.  Why???  They merely report the facts, no spin.  Some of their talent is rather sophomoric but, the facts are just the facts.  You are smart enough to make up your own minds.

The press is indeed our eyes and ears on the goings on in our country.  We depend on them to report the facts.  We need the true facts so we can make informed decisions.  Folks we are not getting that.  Journalism is all but dead in this country, and we as a people need to demand better.  How?  Stop watching them, watch or listen to OAN.  Support agencies that provide the unbiased truth.

Back in the early days of civilization, there was one entity which all came from. Do you know what it was?  No, not god but close, it was the Catholic Church.  They were the spiritual leader of all the people.  They were the teachers of everything that they thought you needed to know.  They were also the government which would have you killed if you defied them.  I kid you not, this was one powerful bunch of people and the citizens were slaves to them.  They did tell them what to think, with death or prison being the option for anyone that dared not fall into lockstep agreement.  Did you know it was illegal in the day to own your own bible?  It is true, can you guess why?

They did not want you thinking for yourself much like it was illegal to educate slaves in early American history, the same was true back during the early church.  Today in N. Korea this is still true.  Not the church but the government is the ultimate supreme authority with brainwashing as their main industry.

How do we fix this country???

We start by hearing and accepting the truth no matter how ugly it is. You cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge.  It is like going to the doctor with pain, and he tells you that you have cancer.  Do you say ok, I have cancer what can we do about it?  Or, do you say, that is not possible and leave his office not dealing with the diagnosis?  Many in this country are leaving cancer untreated, which will be the death of this country as we know it.  Many who have pain will not go to the doctor for fear that it is cancer.  They just don’t want to know the truth.

Learn to look for and embrace the truth no matter what it is.  If some facts are unbelievable, check many sources before you re-post on social media a lie, perpetrated by some other country or a hate-filled moron.  Snopes is not a reliable source of information BTW.

These ANTIFA criminals are one more symptom of this cancer.  They believe that what they are doing is anti-fascism, but in reality, they are the fascist and also criminals. They have bought the lies from hate-filled professors who are spewing it and are acting on it. All they have to do is trigger them emotionally, and they will respond.  Their actions will seem just, so that they will commit to them and act on them.  They will destroy their own campus and prevent the very free speech that they say that they are fighting for.  They are in fact misguided youth under the control of evil people.

The men who flew the planes into the twin towers killing thousands felt that their actions were just, and were determined to their cause.  They too believed in their mission.  There is no difference. If you think that there is, you are mistaken.

Civilized debate on the topics are necessary, and that cannot start until you are ready to listen!  You must be willing to hear that you have cancer.  Until then, the violence and unrest will continue, and the barbarians both in DC and in positions of power elsewhere will continue to prevail.  The useful idiots of the power brokers will fight their battles, helping cancer to win.  The power brokers must be identified and held accountable. Mrs. Lerner is one and needs to be behind bars.  An example needs to make out of her and her ilk.

Her testimony needs to be on the front page of some paper, that has a smidgeon of integrity left.

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“Screwed”  Food for thought

We have become too dependent on “services” to rescue us.  Services which cost money and leave you at the mercy of said service.



In as many weeks, I have had two sheet metal screws extracted from my tires.  This time I had the windows down when it happened.  You ask, what does that have anything to do with it?


When you drive in an alley, the sounds emanating from your car bounce nicely off the fences on either side.  This is a great diagnostic tool if your vehicle is making any noises that it should not make.  At slow speeds with your windows down, you can hear not only squeaks and other sounds that you may never otherwise hear but also if your tires have picked up a rock in the tread, or, in this case, a screw you might hear it tapping away on the pavement.


Halfway down the alley headed toward my house I hear this “tap…. Tap…. tap, that should not be there.


Much like taps on one’s shoes, a screw or other hard substance that does not belong embedded in your tires possibly will alert you to its presence…


Why?  Why do I waste your valuable time telling you about screws in tires?


Firstly, try it.  When you are about to enter your alley or leave your home as most of us do, roll your windows down.  Yes, the allergens are there, and this is still Texas in the Summer. It is hot but, if something is going on with your tires, or maybe your brakes, you might hear that metallic scraping sound of the “feeler” telling you that you need new brake pads. If you have something in one or more of your tires, you might hear that too.  You could possibly hear that incessant squeak of your CV joint or U joint that is ready to leave you stranded someplace.

Ideally, your car should not be making any sounds when not in motion other than that of the engine.  On the move, there should be minimal sounds too.  Any metallic squeaking or tapping is an indicator of something that might need attention.

Like the insurance commercial with the stranded kids holding a crowbar asking if this is a lug wrench, it is a sorry feeling to have a flat in the middle of nowhere.  Even with Cell phones, you are still stuck!

I hesitate to ask how many of us these days would even know how to change a tire or where to place the jack or possibly where the lug nut key is or how to use it.  Are your kids driving?  Have you had them change a tire? Can you safely change a tire?  Does your spare tire have air in it?  Do you know where the spare tire is? Don’t laugh; many cannot or do not know.

We have become too dependent on “services” to rescue us.  Services which cost money and leave you at the mercy of said service.

Removing a screw in your tires immediately might save you a tire as in my case, one of these was too near the edge of the tire to be safely repaired, they would not have fixed it. Had the screw violated enough of the tire’s tread, it would have been $250 plus, shot to hell for a 5 cent screw carelessly discarded or lost which will mess with your attitude as well as your wallet.  Removing it before it hammered itself into the tire saved me that money, as well as the aggravation and lost time.

If you remove a screw and hear a hissing sound, you’re screwed.  Mark where it is before you remove it.  Listen for escaping air, if none then apply soapy water to the area and watch for bubbles.  If none appear, you are ready to go, if bubbles appear you will need the services of an NTB or Discount or one of those other tire places.

A can of fix a flat might get you to the next tire place but do not rely on that stuff.  Like any tool in your arsenal, it is a tool that might get you off the side of the road.

If on the other hand, that little light on your dash appears days later, then at least you know where to tell the technician to look for the leak.

What else might we do?


These types of screws are prevalently used by air conditioner type people, but any handy man might use them for something including the use of plumbers tape.

If you look at the picture, you will notice that the end of the screw is very sharp and indeed made to pierce sheet metal and make its own pilot hole.  That is why these types of screws are very good at flattening tires.

If you are having any home repair, of any kind, as a courtesy to your neighbors and as a favor to yourself, you might want to inspect the area where the person was working and, where they were parked.

A quick peek inside their trucks, you will most probably reveal something that looks a child’s closet with an unkempt pile of stuff, including boxes of spilled screws on the floor.  I once had a man show up in a truck to give me a roof repair quote where a half bottle of Gin “the large size” rolled out and hit the ground.  While the gin is another story, the roofing nails and other screws could not only ruin your day but your neighbors as well.


No, not upset or angry and this is certainly not a rant. 


I walked the alley this morning picking up yet another screw, pointing straight up, while looking for anything that might ruin someone else’s day.  This is a habit with me at gas stations, parking lots, frankly where ever I am walking. If I see something that might mess up someone’s tire, or perhaps their foot,  I pick it up and trash it.

On a recent trip, I stopped at a gas station in Raton.  This was the least expensive gas station in New Mexico, (per gas buddy) so it was busy.  In front of me were some border patrol agents getting ice and other supplies as well as gas.  Opening the rear side door to put the ice into a cooler, all sorts of “stuff” came crashing out of the vehicle onto the ground.  I pulled out of that lane and moved into another beside them.  I offered them a hand as they were scooping up the rest of their stuff.  My assistance was declined, and I went about getting my gas.

After they left, I noticed the sun glinting off of something still on the ground.  Walking over there while simultaneously stopping another customer from pulling into their spot were several live rounds of 38 S ammunition.  Can driving on top of live ammo set it off?  Probably not but, do you want to be standing next to it when several tons of pickup truck drive over it!  I picked it up and then tried to garner the agent’s attention before they pulled out onto the highway headed south.  No such luck.  If federal agents can be that lackadaisical about leaving live ammo on the ground for anyone to find or drive on top of, what does that tell us about the fastidiousness of two men and a truck handymen or air conditioner repair people?

About services.

I had my oil changed at one of those places not far from here.  They offer a free brake inspection and tire rotation.  Well, of course, their goal is to replace your brakes, but mine were not needing replacing.  Using my lug nut key to remove and replace my tires they neglected to return it.  Of course, I did not think to check for it, so weeks went by without it in my car.

Offering a friend a lift to Grand Prairie in the middle of the Texas Summer, I managed to pick up a large bolt in one of my tires on the return trip.  Broken down in the midst of summer on the side of the road is no place to be.   I jacked up my car.  Sweat is now pouring off me without as much as a bottle of water in the car. I then went to get the spare tire out. Making sure it was inflated now all I had to do is remove a half dozen lug nuts swap the tire and get to the tire store to get it fixed.

“No lug nut key!”

After tearing the car apart looking for it, I could only conclude that the bozo that worked on my car last did not replace it.

Calling the place that rotated my tires, the technician admitted that he had a “few” in his toolbox and one of them “might” work!

That is like saying I have a few keys on my key ring and one of them might open up your car.  Those are not generic they are keys just like the key that goes into your car or home.  Either it was made to fit my locking lug nut, or it was not.

Translated, he knew he had it among others and was rather crappy about calling and admitting his screw up.  They, of course, had no way to send it to me or get it to me on the side of the road, so I now needed “the service” which I paid for monthly.

Calling the service, they could not find a record of my account.  I ask them just to send out a wrecker, and we could deal with it later.  “Nope if you are not a customer we cannot help you! Click”

I was indeed a customer with “WAS” being the operative word but, the side of the road is no place to litigate with idiots.  Calling 411 getting a number to a wrecker service, finally, I had one on the way.  Five hours later a wrecker shows up.  Did I mention it was over 100 degrees and I was on the side of the road now for over 8 hours without food or drink!


What can we learn from this little story?  “A true nightmare endured by yours truly.”

When someone works on your car, always make sure that they replace the tire key.  Without it, you are screwed.  Carry water in your vehicle as even hot or warm water is better than no water.  Don’t depend on any service, as it is only as good as their employees, who as you can tell were not shining examples of intelligence.


Things that I should have considered are phoning a friend.  With all of the friends that I have, I did not want to burden them with my problems.  Had I any idea that a wrecker driver would take over five hours to show up, picking me up after six p.m. on a Friday night off the side of a busy freeway, I might have just left the car there, and phoned that friend.  I might have gone and picked up that lug nut key in person, which probably would have ended badly.  One should never deal with idiots when one is “upset.” Things tend to work out as they should and just possibly this is one of them.

As I conclude this series of short skirmishes with vehicular mishaps, I might also add that one should never ever under any circumstance argue with a cop when they are being pulled over.  “Yes sir, thank you sir, my hands are in plain sight sir,  I am not moving sir until you tell me!” All of this is with lights on inside the car.  The side of the road is no place to litigate your case with a cop.  Are they idiots?  Who knows.  Probably not but, what they are is anxious.  Their adrenaline is pumping when they turn on the lights.  They know who the car belongs to before they approach your window.  What they don’t know is who you are.

Once they have your information then they know something about you as in “no wants or warrants.”  At this point they are probably a little less tense as they know that you just messed up, and will take their ticket, maybe grumble a bit, and go about your business, and allow them to hunt for their next prey.

Now let’s say that you are not a model citizen.  You have been in trouble before.. You my friend need to even be more purposeful in complying with him or her and not giving them any reason to put their hand on that gun.  Again, yes sir or ma’am, with hands in plain sight not moving unless instructed to do so.  The side of the road is where more bad things happen! You do not want to be the reason an officer is on administrative leave.

Yes, I said prey.  Let’s face it, these people have tools that resemble ray guns from some Sci-Fi movie shooting invisible laser beams while hiding behind some bush or in some darkened bridge shadow while hunting their next victim.  If they cannot tell by visible looking, that you are driving recklessly and indeed need sophisticated technology to see that you are going a few miles an hour faster than the posted speed, that is just crap.  

Before they changed their radio technology to a scrambled or encrypted form of communication I would listen to them.  Young men and women bored I suspect made games out of “hunting” for their next victim.  It is kind of an adrenaline charged game to some of them.  These are people’s lives and a game it should not be.  

I get why some are upset with cops.  Some cops need to find another vocation.  They are there to protect and to serve, and anything else is not part of the job description.  It is a job like any other job however; at the end of their shift they deserve to go home and live life like anyone else.  Full disclosure, I have many friends who are cops or are first responders.


Have a great rest of the day.