Were we raped? That depends on what Is “IS!”

It is time we all look a little harder for the truth!


“Not my child!  My child would never do XYZ the parent decries before presented with the evidence from the officer.”

Today a memo was released from Congress that depicts a trail of deception and outright lies and corruption perpetrated against the American people.  Non-elected officials in the highest levels of government colluded with their pick for president, on ways to keep Trump from getting elected.

While her crimes were evident and egregious, those people gave her a pass, while going after the opposition who will not play ball with the power brokers.

Big business and Insurance companies banked on and made plans for Hillary winning the White House.  The fix was in.

As a writer of fiction, I am not sure I could come up with this.

Hillary first cheated Bernie out of the primary.  CNN’s Donna Brazil gave Hillary an advance copy of the debate questions, and she later wrote a book telling about how Hillary controlled the entire process at the DNC breaking all the ethical rules with only one goal in mind, winning at any cost.

Paying for a fake Dossier full of Russian created propaganda, they leaked it to the FBI and other news agencies.  Once a news agency printed it “Yahoo News” they used it as corroboration that it was a real story even though they leaked it to Yahoo and others.

Armed with fake news they sought to get a judge to allow them to “wiretap” the Trump campaign which they did.  They never told the judge that it was based on a dossier paid for by the DNC.  They, in fact, lied to a federal judge, not once but three times.

Colluding with Russians and others, they misused people at the top of the food chain to try to overthrow an election.

This was and is a three-pronged approach.

  1. Discredit Trump, so he does not get elected.
  2. If he gets elected, use the fake dossier to get him impeached
  3. Failing that, get a special counsel appointed to keep Trump occupied and on the defensive until the mid-term elections so the Dems can take back the House and Senet.

CNN MSNBC ABC CBS and others are all in bed with some power brokers to continue the attacks on Trump, the GOP and you and I.  The idea is to continue to divide the country keeping the vitriolic rhetoric forefront and center.  The rhetoric is so hateful that opposing views cannot even be discussed with friends as emotions have been injected into the process making it impossible. The narrative is not about Trump’s accomplishments but instead about a fake dossier and Russia.

The MSM goes out of their way to make this personal and emotional to keep you the public stirred up.

Those of you who watch those news agencies got an entirely different picture of the facts and truth.  You, in fact, have been lied to and brainwashed.  Late night comedians and actors of all strife are engaged in the process as well.

An example of emotional manipulation is this. Sarah Silverman stated, “with all this talk about an abortion she thinks she would like to eat a fetus!”

Take an emotionally divisive topic like pro-choice or pro-life and then interject hyperbole and you can get someone’s attention.

From wearing Vagina Costumes to pussy hats media attention for the Trump Hating crowd becomes easy.

A dislike for this president has jaded many and made the truth impossible to swallow so many would rather believe the lie, “not my kid!”

Close friends of mine did not believe that their kid was taking this poison smuggled across our border. “Not my kid!”

Not at breakfast one Sunday morning before church, they went to find him in his bed, dead.  He had drowned in his own vomit!  Drug overdose!

Moral of the story, “yes your kid.”

“Yes, CNN and others are pawns for someone who wants to destroy those that will not play ball or those that cannot be purchased.”

The truth of the matter is the power brokers don’t care if it is a democrat or republican who is in the White House, they just have to be open to being purchased.  If they are a public Servant and they are rich, follow the money! Everyone has a price unless of course, you are Trump!

Yes, Avenue K is real, and the power brokers are real, and the deep state with all its corruption is real.

Our country was set up to give most of the power to the states.  (it is called federalism) Democrats want all that power in DC so they can control where your money goes and to whom.  All of it! Some in the GOP are still Republicans, but some are just as corrupt as the other side and want the power too!

We need Term Limits to clean up the corruption, and that is where things need to go next.

Once we clean up the corrupt men and women who don’t play by the rules, we then need to fix some other things like term limits.

While CNN and company would have you believe that this is nothing, I promise you that it is much larger and more serious than Watergate.

A tiny percentage of the corruption was made public today, and it was interesting to see the Dems try to spin it.  Sycophants of the left will buy it.  They will fall lock step into line ignoring the drug paraphernalia and other tell-tale signs as the truth is too hard to swallow.

  • Could Trump really be putting America First?
  • Could he actually care about undoing the damage done by previous administrations?
  • Is he really trying to bring industry back to the USA?
  • Does he really want to help the middle class who has been screwed for decades?
  • Look at your 401, the stock market and unemployment figures.

I know it is an inconvenient truth, and there are those on the left that give OBAMA all the credit but, “yes your kid!”

“Hate is a poison that you take expecting it to affect someone else.”

Hate kills, let it go!

I am working on my latest Thriller Gods and Insects! I think some of this will be fodder for a chapter or two. Diamond Jo is on Sale for the month of February, only $2.99!

Happy Valentines Day!

Much Love!


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